Unbelievably racist Whaleoil cartoon


In the week where far right hate speech merchant Cameron Slater was outed as a hypocritical recidivist criminal, his hard right hate speech blog Whaleoil was publishing racist cartoons that make Al Nisbet’s infamous bigotry…

29052013 OPED cartoon, Thursday, May30, Meals in schools poverty

…look reasonable.

This is the cartoon…

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 6.16.39 pm

…it is sickening that something so despicable can be published in NZ and highlights the deep seated anti-Maori racism that Andrew Judd had to suffer.

We have a problem of wilful ignorance and blogs like Whaleoil feed that spite.

Ugly. Very ugly.

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    • my opinion is that why not bring this to the NZ public attention?
      These are the issues that highlight the racist attitude towards maori people and its hateful and degrading depictions of the Maori culture and Slater is grasping at straws with his latest racist rant.

      These are the issues that need challenging instead of sweeping it under the carpet as usual?

      It may be an uncomfortable feeling to confront (racism)? as entrenched values and beliefs are hard to change? and I would described racism as a national shame to this country legacy and we should continue to fight against intolerance.

      peace to us?

  1. Exactly you are just doing what he did. Why not send it to the race relations person officially with the complaint.

  2. This is not racist. It is merely an observation based on the latest news story of the day.

    Racism is discrimination based on race. When Maori are 4 times more likely than other races to feature in family abuse statistics and Pacific Islanders 3 times more likely, it is sad but inevitable that a cartoonist (using the shock factor to sell copy) will at some point draw a cartoon featuring Maori or Pacific Islanders.

    • Your point is maybe almost somewhat reasonable, but, in reality, for those who view such ‘cartoons’ on WhaleOil’s ego trip blog, images like these are just further red meat on which their vile prejudices feed.

      There’s no irony in the cartoon, no satire, no way forward, and there certainly won’t be any such in the srurrounding discourse; this image is cheap, nasty, vile race-baiting and it wouldn’t be out of place in Der Stürmer circa 1938.

      So, despite my invoking Godwin’s Law, no, your point is not maybe almost somewhat reasonable.
      Not at all.

      • You probably shouldn’t have made the 1938 reference, that certainly blew your credibility big time!

        Unfortunately the stats I referred to are true, and any attempt I may make at offering an explanation or suggest a solution would be viewed as meddling at best and vile racism at worst.

        On the whole, the people most offended by this family abuse are decent loving people themselves who merely care enough to want to offer a possible solution based on their own experience of growing up in a loving, caring violence free stable home situation & raising children in same said environs.

        Their frustrations lie in being helpless to stop this and watching as the relevant authorities with their ‘trained’ personnel seem powerless or unable to cope

        • Half of the children who die from abuse are White, where are the images and racist cartoons against whites…crickets!

          • But if a cartoon featured ‘whites’ it wouldn’t be racist now would it? That is the theory pushed by the academics, namely that it is only racism if it ‘discriminates’ against a minority.

            Black, brown, white, pink and blue stripes….I don’t bloody care, make an example of these despicable cowards. Stop paying primates to have children.

            • Nobody paid my father-in-law – a white farmer- to have children and to beat two of them so badly that they had to be regularly ‘excused’ from school until their bruises faded.

              Enough of your prejudices .

            • “Stop paying primates to have children”… bang goes your credibility right there, mate. And you were going so well with the pretense of reasonableness… you just couldn’t keep it up, could ya, champ?

              • Maybe you are right, primates deserve more credit than that.

                But seriously, what is interesting is that in most cases, across all races and situations, it appears to be the caregiver, not the biological parent, doing the killing. Almost always someone charged with looking after someone else’s kid. Interesting.

                • Simon, you are letting your side down. Your first contribution to this discussion need not include petty name calling.

                  Grow up and play the ball, not the player

          • Lara: “Half of the children who die from abuse are White…”

            True. But Maori make up about 15% of the population. Which suggests that there are issues within Maori society which differentially drive violence against children. It isn’t racist to point this out.

            Spokeswomen from Women’s Refuge have over the years repeatedly said that family violence is found across all sectors of society; it is no respecter of socio-economic or ethnic/cultural differences.

            We need to put the “racism” epithet back in its box. It’s been generalised out to the point of almost being meaningless, and in contemporary society is being used in an attempt to squelch debate.

            Racism is the preserve of governments which enact laws and regulations which discriminate against particular ethnicities. Ordinary citizens, such as those of us commenting here, can be ignorant, prejudiced or bigoted – call it what you will – but we aren’t racist.

            You don’t have to like that cartoon – and obviously many people don’t – but I come down on the side of freedom of speech. The cartoonist is free to draw this sort of thing and Whaleoil is free to post it. I never visit his site nowadays – most of the content is too odiferous for my taste, and I’m exercising my freedom of choice! – so, had this cartoon not been posted here, I would not have seen it.

            With regard to freedom of speech, we as a society could learn a thing or two from the US. And possibly from France as well.

        • Yes the stats are true but the inference that you make on the basis of those stats is racist (like the cartoon).

          Just because Maori are overrepresented in DV stats etc. doesn’t mean that being Maori is in itself, a causal factor. Based on what we know about DV and family violence generally, we can be quite sure that being Maori has no influence what so ever. But because Maori are themselves overrepresented in the factors that are known to be causally related to DV and so on, they are overrepresented.

          This is the thing that people such as yourself fail to grasp (despite the obviousness of it).

          The cartoon takes this vile racism a step further by explicitly stating that violence is intrinsic to Maori culture (‘Ta moko etc’).

          Remember, it is true that Maori are overrepresented in violence stats, but it is still a small minority of Maori that are implicated here.

          In sum, you’re racist, but you don’t know it.

          • Yes StinkyJim – you took the words out of my mouth. The cartoon implies that Maoriness is the cause of DV.

            • My impression is that it implies that the latest incident was committed by a suspect of Maori descent, that (statistically) reported cases of child abuse most commonly involve those of Maori descent on a per head of population basis, it has been acknowledged as the worse case of child abuse to date in NZ and that an opportunistic cartoonist is attempting to cash in on the public outrage at yet another case of abuse against an innocent child.

        • The stats don’t take into account simple data such as income, unemployment, broken families, family size, time in prison and a stack of important considerations when any stats have relevance.

          Cherry picking doesn’t make a case. Apples with apples

        • Using Ta Moko as a reference certainly makes this racist. If you truly honestly can’t see what’s so awful about it then you don’t know as much as you think you do about the subject. Also, have a look at the actual statistic of child abuse and race, there are recent studies on media portrayal of child abuse and Maori and it is very skewed. Let alone if you sat down and thought about it you would realise that it is racist cartoons and attitude like yours that keep Maori in poverty, that keep them from accessing great jobs, great education. It’s a cycle of poverty which racists like you are responsible for too, and it’s not like you or your ilk care. The second he would have been old enough to ride a bike you would have already labelled him a criminal.

    • Sadly agree Mike….When the stats prove the point, why do we all have to keep quiet in case we are called ‘racists’….ahhh racist, the name to call someone when the truth hurts (backed up with facts)

      • “Backed up with facts”?!

        Imright, since when does the Right rely on facts? Come on, mate, don’t pull the “facts” card on us. We’ve read enough right-wing garbage, based on dogma, faith, and parroted cliches, to know that facts are irrelevent when we read your drivel.

      • Whites kill children the same rate as Maori and those sad stats aren’t pounced upon by someone like you I wonder why?

    • Actually it is racist. The cartoon (like you) implies that the over representation of Maori etc in DV stats etc is BECAUSE they are Maori. This is the definition of racism. It is also wrong.

  3. This distasteful cartoon doesn’t deserve the oxygen it’s being given, by any media outlet.

    This is no joke for the poor little victims of brutal behaviour!

    • I would say that the cartoon wasn’t penned for any attempt at comedy, it is going more for the irony and thought provoking angle.

      And you’re right, they are victims of brutal behaviour. Cowardly, violent, unreasonable and undeserving behaviour….learned from the previous generation as an ‘acceptable’ way to deal with pent up anger and frustration brought about in most cases by a feeling of helplessness to know of a better way to deal with a problem.

      It was Lee Iococca who said that what is wrong with the developed world today can be related directly back to how we bring up our kids.

  4. I think [its] interesting. It’s interesting that to draw attention to the vile nature of such cartoons causes such consternation in certain individuals. It’s interesting that such indignation usually comes from that particularly vile section of society, the ones blessed, it could be argued, with a lack of conscience and unfettered by common sense, who, once having had those defining humanist characteristics psycho-surgically replaced by greed by the MSM doing the bidding of the self installed virus that is neo liberalism don’t like the truth when it’s rubbed in their face. Whaleoil using a ghastly cartoon showing a battered child, a product of the poverty foisted on us by they very same creatures Slater helps, guides and protects for his bread and butter income should not be underestimated and reviled as appropriate.
    Institutionalised family violence is DIRECTLY hard wired to poverty and anxiety. If you didn’t know that then you’re ignorant. If you refuse to believe that then your an idiot in the face of compelling evidence.
    It’s a bit like people being morbidly fascinated by a dead human body but no one wants to know what killed ‘im. All tut tut and no action. And while this cadre of swine remain in our parliament manufacturing cartoon fodder for those praying to remain in denial? Well, harden up. Here comes the truth.
    We’re all abusers and we’re all being abused. While we tolerate the likes of Slater and his friends childrens blood and tears stains all our hands.
    Good on you @ Martyn Bradbury for speaking out . Well done you.

    • It is shocking and draws attention to something people don’t want to think about. Could someone explain to me how it is racist, when it is highlighting a massive problem in the Maori community? Genuinely curious.

      • It is not highlighting the cause of issues in any way whatsoever. It is highlighting the outcomes of numerous problems in what seems to be at best an over-simplification, or at worst avoiding actual causes. Basically, a way of saying, “It’s not my problem.”

        Since Godwin’s law has already been invoked, let me draw you a comparison, it would be the same as identifying that Jews living in parts of Europe in the 1950’s suffered from low rates of family role models, whilst simultaneously implying that the root cause of that issue lies within the Jewish communities and no other answer could possibly be true.

      • “Could someone explain to me how it is racist,”

        “maori are over represented in DV stats”

        “all maori hit their children”

        you cant tell the difference between those two statements? – which one is the cartoon using?

        christs sake – enough with this BS where people dont know how to separate a statistical figure and how they then choose to engage with it

        • I can’t find one of your quotes. Where is it quoted that “all Maori hit their children” please?

  5. Moral courage is not a trait normally found in people who practice racism and hate merchandising.
    Cowards and lowlifes, the lot of them

  6. “Moko represented a person’s mana (status), and their importance is shown by the commission given to tohunga tā moko for their services. This mana is also highlighted by the reproduction of chiefs’ moko as signatures when they signed the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840.

    The correlation between the mana and tapu (sacredness) of moko indicates the status associated with the art form, and its significance for each recipient.” – from Te Ara – The Encyclopedia of New Zealand.

    An often used weapon by these people. Take something good/respected from a culture and convince the uneducated/biased it is bad. Nasty.

  7. It is racially offensive. Humour in bad taste. High rate of white paedophiles is a concern too, would it be offensive to have something similar? Of course. It doesn’t increase awareness, it only increases misconceptions of cultures and division not to mention fuelling hate. These people that want to be “famous” by any means of media really shouldn’t given any attention.

  8. What I want to know is…. why have all the right wing nutters remained for the most part silent on all articles about NZ being a tax haven?

    C’mon Gosman … what happened to you? . Too close to the bone? Where did all that ‘ America – land of the free ‘ shite get too all of a sudden?

    Check it out… all we got was a few feeble one liners and even then no substance at all… if that .

    Seems they have been given orders to avoid that issue… and issues like this are ‘ safe ‘ areas…watch as they scream deflection .


    And btw – the cartoon sucks balls.

  9. Whaleoil’s mate John Key could possibly come out and say that

    ‘…my friend Cameron was a “but sully” letting that cartoon be published, but let’s face it, most New Zulders are cumftible with free speech, as long as it doesn’t cross over or umpenge into racism. And let’s face it, if it is racist, then Dame Susan Devoy will hear about it and take some action. I’m cumftible with NZ’s race relations at thu momint and if those shitstirrers hadn’t threatened me at Waitanji, I would’ve had a korerorero about it and this sort of thing wouldn’t be appearing online….’

    “…but really, in teh great scheme of Nu Zuld, Cam is a better friend to Judith, so when she comes back from the corruption conference, I’ll let her have a look at it and blame her if there are any real problems with it..”

    “…so, summing up, it’s black, it’s white, it’s read, it’s grey really and I’m cumftuble with whatever Judith wants to do with it now she’s soon going to be PM back on the front benches…or as we like to call it in te National Party, te taumanu muas”

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