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It demanded a response…


from: Frank Macskasy <>
to: Dominion Post <>
date: Mon, May 9, 2016
subject: Letter to the editor


The Editor
Dominion Post


“It concerns me that Mark Weldon has become a scapegoat”, writes Gaylene Freeth (7 May) She asks, “why should all the finger pointing be directed solely at him, when surely the responsibility and accountability rest primarily with the Mediaworks chairman and board members”.

The reason is quite simple. As CEO, Mark Weldon carried out certain policies – policies ostensibly in accordance with Mediaworks’ Board directives.

However, no one forced Weldon to carry out those policies. No one held a gun to his head as he oversaw the mass-redundancies of highly skilled, experienced professionals from their jobs and cancellation of “Campbell Live”.

He could have resigned at any time.

The old argument that “he was only following orders” is one that was firmly rejected as recently as 1945.

When Ms Freeth – herself an experienced businesswoman – demands to know “why is Weldon the only one being targeted at present”, the answers are glaringly obvious;

1. He agreed to carry out Board directives
2. He was paid to do the job
3. CEOs are ultimately responsible for their actions

Ms Freeth says that “any board directive must be implemented regardless”.

No, Ms Freeth. Mark Weldon had a choice and he exercised it. The buck stops with him.


– Frank Macskasy

[address and phone number supplied]





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  1. Love it.
    Ms Freeth spouts more from the right wing mantra “it must be someone else fault, surely?”
    The same people hang draw and quarter beneficiaries because beneficiaries are there because of their own actions. So to Mrs freeth and co, you can’t have it both ways.

  2. Yep, when the right fail it is always someone else’s fault, never their own.
    My kinsman in the Mediaworks group won’t be missing any sleep because of Wealdon’s resignation, I am sure.

  3. He did the job JK wanted from him and has moved on, key point he removed Investigative Journalist John Campbell, politicans and high profile people do not like people like him-fact.

  4. So much for people in positions of power taking responsibility for their actions.

    “Nein, nein, I waz just following orders!!!”

  5. Yep – he just followed orders from our serial liar PM who did not want his dirty laundry to be exposed to the public. Now we have pathetic ; watered down shows that once were good productions like — Native Affairs etc.

    Campbell Live was another good show but it threatened the filthy rich and
    crooked politicians / lobbyists and Weldon is just another suck up puppet doing his job and doing it well. So well that now we have third class TV shows, that are not even entertaining, and most have switched them off. Brain numbing and propaganda machines.

    Thanks Frank for sending your letter to the Post. Hope they publish it.
    Many agree with you but sadly most just want to be put to sleep by bad quality TV and we sure have a bunch of it now.
    Weldon – what a greedy, sell out, poor business man who now has
    a horrific legacy not to be proud of.

  6. Is that article deserving of a reply. This is as usual as fish ‘n’ chups on a Friday in good old NZ, tax haven paradise of the South Pacific.

    Bored with the Bachelor? Next week….TV3 will be live streaming the first in a reality series. Solo parent thrown into pit with feisty young wannabe Nat Party listers for not turning up for a 1 hour jobseeker seminar.

    Seems you are very accountable and very obliged if you happen to be vulnerable and stressed out and in need of support in this society. The seminar is in a town 70k away. Who cares if the bus leaves at 7.30 am returns at 5pm,costs $50 and she’ll need childcare before and after school plus she’ll lose the morning’s wages and piss her boss off. By the way she already cleans part time and has 10 hours per week online research work plus she’s trying to study for a Dip from 5am before her kid wakes up).

    But hey, Weldon! CEO and it’s not his fault! Already articles in his defence. No better than Tony Veitch’s efforts. Do we really care, yeah..nah.

    Sounds like a bit of a rant, but hey it’s been a long day in my life yet I am still grateful at least I’m not a ditched Bitchelor, poor whatever her name is eh?

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