Key’s Parliamentary Tantrum


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It’s embarrassing when a Prime Minister is ejected from the Speakers Chamber, and rare.

Key was thrown out yesterday by the Speaker for treating Question Time like it’s a roast at a stag party.

Offensive, abusive and needlessly antagonistic, the boorish behaviour of Key in Parliament is a disgrace. His screaming at the Opposition last year that they were on the side of rapists and murderers was topped yesterday as he lashed out at Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Red Cross and the very kind Mojo Mathers to distract from the increasing heat he is facing over aiding and abetting the creation of a Tax Haven here.

He deserved to be kicked out, because we are facing serious questions from serious people about how much of a tax haven NZ has been allowed to become. Key was warned 7 times that he risked this, and not only did nothing, he weakened the law in 2011 and had his own lawyer contacting the Revenue Minister to stop IRD crack downs.

Pn the Panama Papers, the Pundits cry, ‘there is no smoking gun’ – FFS, this isn’t game! We are having our leadership against corruption eroded because Key thinks wealthy people avoiding tax is fine and an industry turning over $50million annually is worth being seen as a functioning Tax Haven.

This isn’t left or right, it isn’t boorish grand standing that’s required, we need real leadership to crack down on these vested interests.

We need the Prime Minister to be a leader, not a spoilt man-child.

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  1. No, this shouldn’t be about left or right politics, but we have a right wing PM who wants to obfuscate and keep us in the dark, and right wing ideologues in the media who are playing down the importance of New Zealand being a tax haven. Most of the pol’s benefiting so far, from Iceland’s PM (ex) to Cameron to Turnbull are all right wing. It’s society’s steady drift to the right that has brought this corrupt financialised global mess into being. And today we hear that Scenic Hotel Group founder and financial supporter of the National Party Earl Hagaman is threatening legal action against Andrew Little over Little’s questioning of Hagman ‘winning’ a government contract. It seems like every time there’s something in the mainstream media which may reflect negatively on the government there’s someone riding to Key’s aid. I’m thinking of the market trader who defended the dodgy carbon credit trading but there’s been others. I try hard not to fall into conspiracy theory but I imagine Key contacting his mates to help him chuck a few spanners into the narrative. Dirty politics again.

  2. Wy do so many commentators, along with the opposition, keep asking Key to either apologise or shape up?? It’s plain to see that will never happen, so why keep saying it?? We need a proper Opposition and a proper Media force to get the man out of the Beehive forever!!!

    • Oh, he’ll apologise alright: when it will give him political traction. A big stagey show of ‘mea culpa’ so the mugs will say, ‘whadda bloke, eh? We knew he’d man up. Not like those woofters on th’ other side’.

      The trouble with the Opposition (one of many small points) – they think they’re dealing with someone like themselves – a little venal and entitled but, basically your average Kiwi. And Key is not. And the more they froth, foam and demand PC behaviour – the more he’ll cross them, taunt them and not comply.

      They could try ignoring him for a very long spell. Starve him of his oxygen and stage time. Treat him as a tedious little brat pest, best avoided.

      He’s the sort that can’t abide being off the stage, out of the limelight. Make him work for it. Properly.

  3. There’s a few points surrounding this thing about Key being ‘conveniently’ kicked out of parliament.

    One is … The Left being so easily sucker punched . It happened yesterday with the obviously deliberate move by Key to get himself ejected . And the whole issue of NZ being turned into a tax haven under Key’s watch was subverted to…

    ” Oh look- this is the first time Keys been ejected ” .

    Never mind what the real issue was ( tax havens under Keys watch and Collin’s trip to the UK to speak at an anti corruption meeting ) … the garbage that calls themselves NZ ‘ reporters ‘ made a point instead of focusing only on Keys ‘ bad boy ‘ image.

    ‘ Oh look- Keys been sent to the back of the class to get the strap ‘.

    So here’s one for you crumb reporters :

    How do we know Key having worked through Merril Lynch hasn’t got a few good south american contacts ?

    Ever stopped to think about that , then ? Well ,…. have you ? did you ?

    You know … ” you scratch my back and Ill scratch yours”

    ” A trick or two with zero tax rates should do”…

    No,… of course you didn’t .

    Didn’t think you would have. And if you did … your too bloody gutless and craven to to even think about how much the pain of a crucifixion would feel, aren’t you… far easier to do as your told because a job selling hamburgers at MacDonald’s would be too much humiliation to bear in your social circles, wouldn’t it.

    So I got a song for you and shows you what you haven’t got :

    And like Martyn maintains and I believe as well ( and thousands of others : PLEASE READ WELL , … bullshit reporters ,THIS IS JUST FOR YOU !!!)

    This isn’t an issue of Left or Right – this is an issue of basic, transparent democracy you clowns.

    And to those in parliament who say they represent the Left in a society needing ethics, compassion and integrity :

    Sharpen your acts up and get some mongrel and get some reality .. if I was a General in the military and had to put up with incompetents like you as my lieutenants then watch you get your naive gullible arse’s handed to you on a plate every time I would’ve sued for peace years ago and retired to the hills in disgust and taken up pottery instead.

    But if you want to keep supporting a shower pissing , hair pulling , tax haven constructing jerk because your balls never dropped then fair enough – but at least do us the common courtesy of buying a permanent and one way air flight ticket out of this country.

  4. He got out of facing more heated questions though so I guess he achieved his goal. I am happy it made BBC news. I’d like the UK to see what a moron we have as PM. What I’d like even more is the US and EU to put sanctions on NZ until the govt fixes the tax haven problem.

    • Slumbergod, I watched the video of Key being ejected. Look closely at his face – he was smiling like a cheshire cat. Either it was all a huge joke to him – or he deliberately planned to be thrown out. All to avoid embarrassing questioons.

      And here was I thinking that the Speaker had suddenly re-discovered his spine.

      • Exactly the same sentiment Frank. Key’s puppeteers manufactured that “ejection” very well.

        Bit of rough for the PM being being “yellow-carded”.
        Outside the chamber he doesn’t have to answer questions.
        Appeals to the common bloke who’s had ONE speeding ticket.
        Outside the chamber he doesn’t have to answer tricky questions.

  5. Great Post ….”we are facing serious questions from serious people about how much of a tax haven NZ has been allowed to become. Key was warned 7 times that he risked this, and not only did nothing, he weakened the law in 2011 and had his own lawyer contacting the Revenue Minister to stop IRD crack downs.”

    imo Key’s arrogance and evasion shows he approves of New Zealand as a tax haven

    ….this means by implication that he thinks it is ok for wealthy New Zealanders to reciprocate and avoid/evade tax in New Zealand by using overseas tax havens

    …does he hide his money overseas and avoid paying tax in New Zealand?

  6. The more video and media footage of this baboon the better. The Nice guy image to joe public is unveiling.

  7. Agree Martyn and lets keep the light focused on this idiot more and more.
    Maybe someday the truths will sink in to the masses and the — ” Hundredth Monkey Theory ” will kick in and he will be gone.

    He is beyond an embarrassment now as he was kicked out of Parliament — T W I C E in two days. He smiles and leaves as if we do not see right through him. What a massive sick joke he is.

  8. Sorry Martyn, but when you say he is a man child – please don’t insult the children.

    • Yes I agree – to compare him to children when he should be compared to a big ; brown ; slimy ; piece floating towards the septic tank.
      Wake up all the brain dead and mind manipulated with heads in the sand.

  9. It’s the dead cat strategy all over again. He’s basically doing a Slater – burning off his face to spite his nose.

    He’ll end up the same way, pitiful, forgotten.

  10. JC tossed the swindling money-changers out of the temple. And for good reason.
    Now DC is tossing a 21st century version of them out of parliament.
    Why we – or anyone – ever trust the money-changers is a great mystery but it proves, yet again, that we never learn from history, so we are condemned to repeat it….

    • We didnt really trust Key because we didnt know him ,he was thrust upon us by Wall St to do their dirty work which is to sell NZ inc to them and their cronies.
      Goldman Sachs put into NZ to make sure Key complied,they had help from Paula wots it, another American to privatise everything.
      Key learnt his dirty tax dodging tricks from Wall St,Key made money from Irelands down fall because he was trained to watch the currency trend ,he sold his stake in Irelands currency because he knew it was going to drop like a stone,he never cared he was helping ireland to fail.
      I would call that insider trading,its how a big percentage of the rich get their money,and that money is put into tax havens so they dont pay anything in tax in any country, they just suck the wealth out of countries like a vaccum cleaner and give nothing back.
      Hence the 1% in most countries, including NZ getting richer with the help of “leaders ” like Key,
      while the ordinary people pay for services for these 1% out of average wages.
      Meanwhile Key smirks his guilt while the speaker helps Key get out of awkward questions , Carter has put up with Keys shouting and baulling in the past before. with a smile of support and a reprimand for the people Key is bellowing at in his smart assed way , what a team ,what a disgrace!

        • Here’s a few interesting explanations from a basic search :

          ‘How does a country benefit from from the rich storing their money there? ‘…

          You put the money into a bank in that tax haven.
          Banks, when they look after your money, don’t just leave it sitting in the safe doing nothing. They invest it! They might do this by lending it to other customers (for a fee), or by investing in the stock market or the currency exchange market. But that money is busy earring the bank money.
          (I don’t know the rules in Singapore, but in some tax havens – the Cayman Islands, for example, tax is very low for money earned offshore. But money earned in the tax haven is taxed, albeit not at a massive rate – but the money the bank makes probably will be taxed.

          Also to add that tax-haven states normally have some sort of sovereign-ties to a nice stable G8 country, often as a legacy of their colonial relationship. The Cayman Islands is a territory of the UK for example, and therefore has nice easy access to a large international-trading hub in the form of The City of London.
          This in turn explains why countries are often reluctant to close tax-loopholes or deal with tax avoidance in their off-shore territories; they bring in significant amounts of money to their parent countries in the form of investments which raises money for the parent country as well as keeping their booming financial services industries busy and employing a LOT of people.

          The internet is a wonderful thing, is it not?


          And so…we have a PM who rubbed shoulders with the elites in Merril Lynch and has shares in the Bank of America… the same bank that was done for corruption a while back ie: money laundering. And who also promised the Key led govt 2.5 billion dollars if there was a zero rate of taxation for foreign trusts in NZ …

          The Key govt who also could afford tax cuts for the rich ( settlors/beneficiaries? ) but has systematically dismantled our publicly funded welfare and health , prison and education etc by saying ‘ we cannot afford it ‘…

          So Voila !!!

          The problem to all our ills is to suddenly privatize the last vestiges of our welfare state ie : state housing as an example…

          Kind of obvious even to a child whats really going on now, isn’t it…

          Just watch them play Monopoly and you will see what I mean.

  11. Over the last few days I have been thinking about all the NZ political leaders that I have known during my lifetime (going back to Kirk and Holyoake) on all sides of the house.
    I have asked myself, have I known another leader quite like John Key?Can I remember another leader who so frequently and so fragrantly launches personal attacks, belittles people, resorts to childish name calling, lowers parliament’s integrity by shamelessly lying under parliamentary privilege and gets away with just about every time?
    Robert Muldoon perhaps comes the closest.
    What is worse is that everytime Key has one of his childish tantrums you can see Nathan Guy and other National ministers (although noticeably not Bill English) nearby grinning like deranged village idiots, egging him on.
    The entire National government is lacking in basic etiquette and maintaining professional standards.
    If I did that in my job I would be down the road pretty quickly.
    So should they.

  12. How can he do this? I manage to connect Mossad to Fonterra using the Panama Papers engine, anybody with five minutes could create any conspiracy theory they desired with this thing, but you would be missing the point. The IRD runs radio advertising threatening small businesses for not declaring cash jobs, yet the government clearly condones hiding your fortune and avoiding paying tax. The usual blame the little guy doing it tough for the unacceptable behaviour of the elite. Iceland’s prime minister lost his job over this, while Ao’s is skiting about breaking parliament etiquete? Embarrassed to be an Aotearoan since The John rolled in, flushing our magnificent country down himself.

  13. He’s either lost the plot or it was a cunning plan to engage in Question Evasion. Either way, it means he can’t handle the scandal.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the Preferred Prime Minister ratings after this debacle.

  14. Good points raised there Martyn and above posters.

    Now we wait and see if FJK will face up on RNZ next week.

    Parliament is in recess for a week, so will not sit again until Tues 24 May. I hope Opposition keep the Panama Papers and its associated issues on the boil, ready to go for FJK’s jugular once more the week after next.

    The Greens, in particular Shaw and Mathers gave FJK a bit of a blistering. Mathers soon cut him down to size, proving him to be the cheap, nasty creep he is. Shaw finally, although indirectly gave us the opportunity to see exactly how weak and lily livered FJK is, through deliberately having himself removed from the House, so as to avoid more questioning, thereby transferring the responsibility of responding to deputy PM, Bill English. The act of a coward.

    More of the same to come in the near future I hope!

  15. The reasons why he never changes his policies and effectively always does nothing even under pressure to do so is because he can’t, all his policies are already paid for by donors to the natz, and that money they are given is obviously tied to the policies they make.
    Whether something is good for NZ or not doesn’t even come in as an afterthought in the makings of their policies.

    • Thank you….I have more respect for people’s around the world like this

      who are still fighting in the land of free market neo liberalism to retain their standing and culture than I ever will have for so many of the mealy mouthed characters filling parliaments who twist and subvert things so simple … that even the most basic and obvious truths a child can understand…

  16. What is loud and clear is the born to rule attitude on display here.
    As Key left the chamber smirking he got applause from his laughing colleagues who think parliment is a joke obviously and his behaviour is acceptable.
    So much for his claim he would lift standards in 2008.
    That promise turned out to be another act of deception.

  17. ” We need the Prime Minister to be a leader, not a spoilt man-child. ”

    Well, yes, we do. But what we need more is a population of people, us specifically, to drag the fucker out of our parliament buildings and kick the shit out of him. And better bring your gummies because there’d be a lot of shit.

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