Waatea 5th Estate – Latest Panama Papers revelations



Joining us tonight to discuss the latest revelations in the Panama Paper Trust Scams…

In studio editor of the Evening Report, journalist and political commentator, Selwyn Manning

General Secretary of First Union – Robert Reid

And on Skype, Labour Party Finance Spokesperson, Grant Robertson and CTU chief economist – Bill Rosenberg and Investigative Journalist Nicky Hager

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  1. The mistake many make in their desire to see a change of govt is try to find tangible leads that implicate the current PM. This is just as much a mistake as the right wing fanatics who habituate TDB are making in trying to make this an issue of a personal attack on John Key.

    Where in fact , it is less of a matter of just what govt or leader facilitates the conditions named by the Panama Papers and more an issue as to why they enabled those conditions to continue in the first place.

    The editorial of Stuff.co.nz May 10th 2016 ( business day ) makes this abundantly clear.

    Keys pet dream of making NZ the banking hub and ‘Swiss bank’ of the south pacific seems to have overtaken him. And in doing so has led to a situation whereby he has either deliberately or by omission enabled tax evasion and/or criminal money laundering to go unchecked without due disclosure and transparency- or adequate laws to prevent criminal patronage.

    And as a byproduct of this… a gain of $25-6000,000 is paid towards the leaders of this foreign trust industry , which , once taxed ,… provides negligible benefits to this country.

    The loss of international reputation which translates into far many more future millions than the mere amount gained for this country that the foreign trust industry leaders gain ( and the tax on that ) could be viewed as a form of self sabotage… in the event of trying to create a lucrative industry , a scatter gun approach was used… an approach that has caused consternation here as well as highlighting this country’s role in enabling the global problem of international tax evasion and criminal activity.

    Anyone who try’s to deflect what is a global problem by either trying to defend or implicate the current PM is missing the point that the Panama Papers – is far more than a local issue and in is fact a global issue. Therefore the very existence of the Panama Papers is that which forces the hand of any voting public to insist on a thorough inquiry into their own govt’s conduct , any omissions or deliberate acts that may have enabled the criminality contained within the Panama Papers release.

    The general voting populace is therefore left with one of two options : Demanding that the incumbents change their laws on foreign trusts in a timely fashion to close legal loopholes or if they are unwilling to do this, then to step down.

    • You are going to a lot of effort to defend John Key and absolve him from any responsibility in his role in creating a tax haven NZ. Key is implicated right up past his eyeballs, he actively abused his position of power to create it. Its a given that this is a global issue, and Key has always been a part of that, he set up Ireland as a tax haven during his Merrill Lynch days for example, and it caused Ireland to crash.

    • You are going to a lot of trouble to defend John Key and absolve him from any responsibility of his role in creating “tax haven NZ.” John key is implicated right past his eyeballs, he actively abused his position of power to create it. Its a given that this is a global issue, and John key has always been involved and played a role in that, he set up Ireland as a tax haven during his Merril Lynch days for example, and as we all know, Ireland crashed.

      The average Kiwi pays far more in tax now right across the board under John Key, than what they were prior to National coming to power, whilst he orchestrated legislative changes to ensures that he and the rich and shamless avoid paying their fair share of tax. Effectively, its the average poor Kiwi who is picking up the tab and funding the lifestyles of the uberwealthy who are getting richer as a consequence. As always, dishonest John key is a self serving liar, and coupled with outrageous double standards and an outrageous level of hypocrisy, he deserves the finger pointing and the criticisms that he is getting. John key and his National government, and those that support its corruption has dragged us into the sewer with them.

      Vote of no confidence. Resign John key, resign

  2. Fantastic episode. Great panelists. Love the line from Robertson to the question when will John Key admit we are a tax haven “when Farrier and the polls tells him to”.

    Liked the idea of just making the NZ trusts public information like companies house.

    And that NZ should lead the charge to declare morally we will not be a tax haven.

    NZ is a very difficult place to start a business in, being such a tiny market, having tax cheats here undermining other businesses does not help. Compass is a perfect example, crap food, crap jobs and creative accounting, putting other vendors out of business by stealing the tenders through the above.

    NZ is no longer a fair country. NZ is not longer an equal country and it is not just money, it is also competing against corrupt cronies who are getting contracts through games of golf and “donations” to the National party and others.

    Our country and reputation is being destroyed slowly and surely and people who do not agree with that, have to do their bit to stop it.

  3. Enjoyed this episode. Comes down to morals, seems to be the main point. Do Enough New Zealanders still have these…?

  4. Great programme but I wish Martyn Bradbury would keep his minimal responses to a minimum – 1000 too many ‘yips’ and grunts of agreement for a 30 minute segment.

    • I think Martyn Bradbury come across well. He is very engaging to watch because he is passionate about the topics. If he had low energy it would not be as engaging.

    • Completely disagree with you Black Cat, Martyn is showing 100% engagement with the speakers, the show would fall flat if the host failed to do that. Martyn’s skills and his approach is what’s making this much needed show a success. Keep up your excellent good works Martyn !!

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