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    Yes great exposure here Greenpeace!

    And also released today (see link below) was the story of Gisborne District Council and their local ECT holding of a Wairoa Dam broken has now polluted all Wairoa’s drinking water as they did not have a resource consent and HBRC had warned them several times to fix the leaking dam but never fixed it till best part of a year later. Awful falling standards we have under this government now we are getting a very bad name such as Unclean-ungreen NZ ”

  2. The Quality Jouralist hater Mark Weldon has resigned effective from today. Gee that sounded like Richard bnixon didn’t it?

    Now! – Johnkey doodle dandy you also please….

    • @ CLEANGREEN … seems “honest” John’s dark, contaminated, sordid little world is falling apart doesn’t it? Brilliant 🙂

      Going to look at Parliament now and watch the biased and very corrupt Speaker try to hold it all together for FJK!

  3. ‘Australia rejects large land sale to China’

    …”Selling the land is a sensitive issue for Australia due to concerns that foreign investors are buying up properties to meet the growing food demand in Asia…

    ‘LEAKED: Explosive TTIP documents expose plans for corporate takeover, dismantled climate protection’

    “Climate protection, jobs, food safety and online privacy rights will be whittled away under the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), an explosive tranche of leaked documents suggest.
    The leaked texts, which shed light on secretive EU-US trade negotiations, indicate TTIP could tear asunder environmental and consumer protections many Europeans hold dear.

    Greenpeace Netherlands published the documents on Tuesday to dismantle a veil of secrecy over the watershed deal and lay bare its implications for climate protection, human health, labour rights, internet privacy rights and the very social fabric of Europe itself…

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