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Waatea 5th Estate – Friday night wrap up

By   /  April 30, 2016  /  6 Comments

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Joining us tonight for the Friday night wrap up

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from the Parliamentary trenches joining us tonight on Skype Green Party’s Marama Davidsonon phone Tamakimakaurau MP Peeni Henare also on phone National List MP Nuk Korako and in studio with me representing the Maori Party George Ngatai



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  1. saveNZ says:

    Very disappointing episode. Only made it to 13 minutes when bailed out when the Nat List MP said that homelessness was a choice.

    If I wanted to hear for 8 minutes what Nat list MP was up to, I would not expect it to be on Waatea 5th Estate. Glad to see the presenter thought he was doing a good job by being so busy (without doing anything or solving anything?) zzzzzzz

    Why have a debate about housing with Nat & Maori MP’s who have caused it by the most part and then Marama only now being concerned about Auckland’s housing because it is effecting other cities, like her friends in Wellington. sarc.

    As for Marama thinking housing affordability is about capital gains and not enough building consents -dream on. The number one problem in Auckland is lazy immigration and foreign investment which is driving up house prices and the number 2 problem is the houses being built are not affordable and often larger than the house bowled down – it is being rebuilt for a migrant market as wages in NZ are not at the level for a Kiwi to buy them. There are 4 bedroom 3 bathroom houses being build on SHA for over 1 million. It is a joke and it shows how out of touch so many ‘housing’ MP’s are if they constantly go on about the issue without having a clue what is actually going on in Auckland.

    Housing crisis is not about ethnicity, it is about mathematics and power and finance imbalance. A Kiwi can not out bid on a property if they are competing with others that have made their money somewhere else, probably pay no tax, maybe have 10 million to spend to get their NZ passport in the investor category of immigration.

    The slogan should be 100% pure NZ passport free with every 10million of NZ assets bought.

    Or maybe, are you a Chef or fruit picker that dreams of coming to NZ, don’t worry Kiwis are considered too lazy to do this job, you can get a passport after a few years in this country and then go on the dole and get super to boot!

    It is pretty clear there is a clear government agenda of financial social cleaning in Auckland. The poor are literally being driven out of houses.

    As for WOF, the Greens are in a group think about this issue. Wouldn’t fighting for state houses be more politically worthwhile than always talking about adding another layer of council bureaucracy? Being able to actually being able to reel off the real reason’s for housing unaffordablity?

    There are so many issues the Greens could really get their teeth into about housing affordability, wages, social cleaning in Auckland by price, government selling off state houses, lack of affordable houses being built, lazy immigration, foreign investors, Such as our building materials are 50% more than Australia? etc etc. Why do a double hated discourse of capital gains (more taxes that the .1% will never pay just Kiwis) and council consents?

    Here in Auckland planning is so out of control that someone just found out that the council had agreed for 1/4 of his duplex to be demolished and it was considered so minor by the council he was never notified. Ports of Auckland, Kauri trees etc etc . There is a planning crisis in Auckland, and it is not about not being able to get consents through it is the opposite, consents are going through that discriminating against the community they live in and driving up the prices of houses.

    When I see this episode, I understand why the left are not gaining headway into defeating National in the polls and why people do not vote.

    Greens – get in touch!

    If you are doing another episode at least get Hone Harawira on the panel. People may not agree with everything he says, but at least he has integrity and his party got more than double the party votes of the Maori party in spite of intensive spiteful political smears. Hopefully he could of interjected after 2 minutes of zzzz from the Natz and made something meaningful out of the episode.

    But again, Natz have MSM in their pocket, why waste fledgling left media by airing their views and turning people off?

    • Words says:

      Exceedingly disappointing episode. If I had of wanted to watch National party propaganda all I had to do was watch TV news !!
      Save for Marama, this episode was heavily National party orientated, even the host Claudette Hauiti is an ex Nat mp. Notice how quick all these Nats pulled out National’s ‘xenophobic” card when the issue of foreigners, notably, non resident foreign speculators fueling the housing market was raised, and the apologist murmurings over water issues with Nick Smiths words “its only a small amount” being repeated was nauseating.

  2. CLEANGREEN says:

    I watched it for five minutes not more, as I thought it was flat, without the firestone & brim that Martyn brings sorry Waatea you failed me.

  3. Words says:

    At the end of the day the Maori party does NOT speak for all Maori, the Maori Party speak only for themselves, they do not walk the talk, and its only purpose is to prop up the National government.

    If water belongs to no one, how come here in Auckland, I get charged for water every month by a company that basically operates outside the constraints of council? Its not just infrastructure I and everyone else are paying for, it is water as well.

    Whilst telling the public that no one owned water, the pm obviously felt he owned the rights to it when he sold the power companies against the will of the majority of NZers.

    He couldn’t have sold the power companies without the water. This should have been the time when the Maori Party walked the talk, and disassociated themselves from National, but they didn’t, they sold out for pseudo power and baubles. Two of the reasons the Maori party said they supported National was to have the Foreshore and Seabed repealed and to put food on the table of poor Maori, neither has been achieved after almost 8 years of being part of the government. The Foreshore and Seabed Act is largely intact and average Maori has sunk deeper into poverty and Te Reo has also markedly declined during this time as well.

    Outrageously, 25- 30 year contracts are being sold to foreign companies for $500 per annum to sell our water. These foreign companies make $233 million dollars a year for their $500 dollar a year payment. There has been no mention that part of the Ashburton deal would require the council to fill up the local aquifer by draining the Ashburton River, a river that already regularly runs dry, when Oravida, (yes the same Oravida that Judith Collins and her husband are involved with), drains the aquifer dry. And this will be the process to be repeated for the next 30 years… and all for a piddly $500 bucks a year!!! ….the silence from the Maori Party on this is deafening. “Sitting at the table” means nothing, when its nothing that gets done.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Correct Words, Government are probably creaming then top off of it for their own uses or pockets?

      “Corruption begins at home”

      We have witnessed corruption on a grand scale down to the Slimy keyster.

  4. saveNZ says:

    This episode is an example of why the ‘broad church’ approach does not work.

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