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Will Bernie Sanders supporters really vote for a corporate friend of the military industrial complex like Hillary Clinton?

By   /  April 29, 2016  /  9 Comments

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I suspect that what is happening on the democratic side of the American election will have more of an impact as to whether or not Trump wins than a Republican contested convention.

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I suspect that what is happening on the democratic side of the American election will have more of an impact as to whether or not Trump wins than a Republican contested convention.

Bernie Sanders supporters are angry. They are angry that their war mongering corporate empire is built for the rich while the poor rot. They are angry at the life time of debt education requires. They are angry at the ongoing racism, sexism and elevation of corporate interests above human interests and they are bloody angry at politics.

They are beyond angry at Hillary.


Hillary represents all they detest. The smugness, the corporate connections, the hawkish foreign military platform, the disgusting acquiescence to Israel, the peddling of special wealth interests. The super delegate fiasco that is built into democratic races to ensure no one like Bernie Sanders can ever win are as corrupt as anything the Republicans are attempting against Trump and those young voters that Bernie is pulling in such massive numbers are hungry for real change, not the watered down crap Hillary is offering.

When Hillary wins the nomination, as I’m sure she will, those Bernie supports will either not vote at all or vote for Trump out of spite. Their radicalism will conclude that America has to actually get a lot worse before the type of political revolution Sanders has stood for can ever see the light of day, and if it means Trump takes America to hell in a hand basket for 4 years, so be it.

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  1. Geoff Lye says:

    Agree 100%

  2. CLEANGREEN says:

    I don’t think the election results to date were accurate along with half of US voters during the primary’s.

    It was a set up and Hillary knows it was.

    These Sanders Socialists will never vote for Hillary so abstain they will if the need is there.

  3. Paul miner says:

    There are a lot of people talking about voting trump out of spite, its going to be interesting, perhaps Sanders should go independent. There are stacks of disappointed people.
    Mind you, FBI investigation is led by a republican so if he’s smart he’ll wait till just before the election proper

  4. Sam says:

    Sanders is my man

  5. Roy says:

    Those aren’t the only options, Bernie can still win.

    He can go independent, and try to hustle support from trump voters. There’s a good argument that he may split the REPUBLICAN vote, rather than the democrat. Or he could, and should, support Jill Stein. Build up for next time.

    And sadly, I’d rather see Trump as a lame duck pres than Hillary as a neo-Bush.

    Worst of course would be Cruz.

  6. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    So adios to the notion of “we need a woman in the White House” from just one year ago?
    The facts are, when push comes to shove, it makes exactly zero difference what you do or don’t have hanging between your legs. This is perfectly exemplified by sHillary Clinton.

  7. Tom Gardner says:

    The pragmatism in this is that Bernie may well move Hillary to the left. Maybe not a huge amount. But that may be a better outcome than voting for Trump out of spite (or because he also represents an anti-establishment candidate, albeit of a rather different stripe). See a thoughtful interview on Hard News (I think that’s the name of the programme) with Robert Reich, a former Clinton (Bill) employee, who has come out for Bernie.

    Btw, if you consider that 6 million (pls take a moment to reconsider that number) Jews died in the holocaust, and that various of the Muslim Middle East have been calling for the destruction of Israel, I would say acquiescence to, and support of Israel, is surely the moral and decent response.

  8. Kim dandy says:

    The Americans have an amazing opportunity, with Sanders, to change things for the betterment of themselves, but the electoral system is stacked against them… Fingers crossed at this point…

  9. Tara says:

    The American primaries are an absolute mess this year, and there are several lawsuits pending in various state courts against their own BoE’s and State officials. The majority of them have to do with voter suppression tactics, but there are a few claiming election fraud as well. My mates who are living there are keeping me up to date, and the word right now is ALL the candidates will likely end up contesting against each other at their respective conventions later this year. Unless someone pulls off a miracle, that is.

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