To the barricades Kiwis – Key is letting a filthy US War ship into our waters – rage and prepare to fight now!



He’s done it. Word is slowly seeping out that Key has granted an American Warship access to our harbour.

We must not allow this.

In November this year, an American warship will be entering  Auckland Harbour for the first time in 32 years for the 75th anniversary of the NZ Navy. I remember protesting against the last warship visit when I was ten years old and I’m damned if I’ll simply sit quietly by while National and their corrupt followers cheerlead the American empire back into our waters!

At the very same time, a weapons conference of 500+ delegates will converge at the Aotea Centre to discuss selling their weapons of doom.

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If we want peace, we have to fight for it. We can not sit quietly by while the forces of commercial and corporate war hold a party.


It is now or never for civil disobedience, TDB will be hosting and helping with any and all work to loudly and forcibly protest these merchants of death.

The country that is forcing the TPPA upon us, the country that forced mass surveillance upon us, the country who invaded Iraq for weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist. The corporate war monger who has shed more blood for profits than any other. We don’t need or want their foul fleet docking in our harbour!

If you are not angry yet by this Government, then you are part of the problem.


    • He certainly would be – there is no way in this world I sit here and let that ship make its way peacefully to our shores.

      I fought with everything I had the first time round, and I’ll damn well do it again.

      The fact they will not tell us whether there are any nuclear weapons/equipment on board is a great reason to stand against this.

      But for me it’s more than that. I’ve had enough of American Bullying Tactics. They take part in these things not because they are celebrating with us, but simply to say ‘look how big we are, any resistance is futile’.

      It may well be, but it won’t stop us from trying.

  1. Lets ban the army from having guns too!. It is how they are used, including as a deterrent. I welcome them.

    • Dave,

      You welcome war to no doubt,

      As you seem relaxed about becoming a partner to a Nuclear party.

      That is a hair’s breath to being a step away from ourselves being also a nuclear power Dave Seymour?

        • Ghandi brought the British Empire to its knees without a nuclear ship in sight, or a thermo-nuclear device hidden in his moustache.

          We don’t need nuclear ships in NZ Ports. We didn’t want French nuclear tests at Muroroa and just because John Key quips that we have “medical nuclear material” here DOES NOT MEAN that we will now allow US ships (nuclear or otherwise).

          The wording is quite clear:
          “Lange debated with the right-wing evangelist Jerry Falwell, and his performance in arguing the proposition that ‘nuclear weapons are morally indefensible’ was masterful. The quick-witted David Lange drew thunderous applause with his now-famous – if not entirely original – reply to an American student: ‘hold your breath just for a moment. I can smell the uranium on it as you lean toward me!’ Briefly, New Zealand was at centre stage.” –

          Can we put a Geiger counter on the captains of the US ships about to dock in our ports. If USS Truxton were still around we would dust off our banners:

          “Truck off USS Fuxton”

          If US cannot state categorically that they are NOT carrying nuclear weapons, they are not welcome. OR is there something in the secret, dodgy TPPA deal that says they don’t have to “confirm of deny”?

    • Dave, go take a look at the WW1 displays at Te Papa and the Old Dominion Museum. If they don’t make you think twice about being a cheerleader for militarism then there’s something wrong with you.

      • I hate hate war. The way to attain peace is our point of difference. Being without a defense in my view does not work , it makes you vulnerable. An ability to defend one self (even by way of alliance) is preferable.

    • You really can’t tell the difference between a war ship and a gun?

      This ship isn’t coming here to protect anyone, or do anything that a bunch of flowers and a card couldn’t have done.

      It is a display of intimidation – of possible force – of ‘either be our friend, or this will be your enemy’.

      • Spot on. I spoke to the commander of a squadron of Phantom Jets (F111) back in the late ’70s who said they flew around the world as a ‘force’ to intimidate those who didn’t want to comply with the US. He said they were the big stick and this was their specific role. 10 Phantoms lined up on the tarmac at Ohakea looked very evil and very intimidating.

      • Spot on.
        I spoke to the commander of a squadron of Phantom Jets (F111) back in the late ’70s who said they flew around the world as a ‘force’ to intimidate those who didn’t want to comply with the US. He said they were the big stick and this was their specific role.

      • Or, more than likely, it is a display of friendship between countries. Oh, that’s right – wrong country.

    • Ban them from having guns!!
      Geez Dave, you have actually contributed something positive to this blog for once.
      People might start thinking you are a liberal if you keep it up.

    • The Phantom was the F4. The F111 was normally called the Aardvark. As far as I know, both seppo Phantoms and Aussie Aardvarks visited Ohakea in the 70s. None of the visits had anything to do with the defence of Aotearoa.

  2. The National Party in secret talks with the US government made a promise leaked to the public, that New Zealand’s anti-nuclear stance would be “Gone by lunchtime”.

    It has taken a wee bit longer than that, but John Key is still intent on honouring his party’s secret pledge to tie New Zealand back into the US global war machine.

    In November 2016, a US warship will be returning to Auckland Harbour for the first time in 32 years.

    In the same month the international merchants of death will celebrate New Zealand’s return to the nuclear fold with a weapons conference of 500 delegates at the Aotea Centre.

    Will the Watersiders refuse to tie up or provide any services to the US warships as they did in the ’80s.

    Is it time for the ageing members of the Peace Squadron to come out of retirement?

    Will they be joined by members of the new generation of Kiwi boaties in numbers sufficient enough to blockade our harbours against the return of the worlds biggest nuclear armed navy into our territory?

    Will New Zealanders protest outside the weapons conference in the numbers that once pushed Anti Nuclear and Peace issues onto the parliamentary agenda?

    An initial public meeting is being called in an attempt to answer these questions;

    If you are opposed to war and and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and you support the ideal of a free and peaceful independent New Zealand respected and admired around the world, put the following details in your diary and come along.

    Make sure to bring your flags to shame the traitors selling out this country’s hard fought for ideals.

    Date: May 12, 2016

    Time: 7pm

    Address: Unite Union offices, Western Springs Road

  3. Present day Aucklanders are much divided, that is by income, job, status and geographical areas they live in. The more visible and dominant ones populate the Auckland CBD, the professional middle class office workers and business people.

    They will not go on the barricades, they are more likely to take their ice cream licking kids to the wharf to show them that wonderful warship of our allies and “friends”.

    So will the news programs and the rest of the media present it, as a special event, where ice cream licking kids flock to, with their parents. A side note may just be that some are not happy with this.

    As I have observed over the years, the only ones that will bother taking action are those that are informed and take a firm stand against all this anyway, and they may number a few dozen or a few hundred. The rest will simply shrug it off and not bother, as shopping and frolicking around is more important to them.

    That is the sad state of affairs here in Auckland in 2016.

    • In fighting an idea or those who wish to implement an idea which is clearly counter to NZ’s interests, need not use weapons nor violence.

      Mahatma Gandhi and many others have demonstrated the power of protest in large numbers.

      But of course you have to think first which would disqualify many

    • There is a difference between fighting for good and fighting to dominate. Between protest and bullying. Between concern for the future and exploiting the current. Sad that you need to have it explained.

    • The US is gearing up its military alliances to ring fence China as a threat to US global hegemony. Key is Obama’s deputy dog.

      We must oppose all military alliances that are being used to destroy whole populations like in Syria to grab the oil, and ultimately to get us into a new world war.

      Workers have no country; we defend our class by making alliances with workers in all countries to oppose the armed forces of our ruling classes used to pit us against workers in other countries to prop up their rotten capitalist system that is destroying the planet.

        • then I would be 100 years old and think like you, no thanks, although the house I bought in Auckland 75 years ago would be worth something now.

          • To Dave and Lowerstandard – If that ship that Jonky Donky wants to allow into our harbour is powered by nuclear energy or carrying nuclear arms then we have every right to be involved in protesting it with non-violent civil disobedience and any other means. We are not war mongers and fear producers like the U.S. who drone bombs and kills grandmothers in their vege patches while harvesting veges for her families meal. We are not wanting to lie to our young men telling them that going into the service and fighting wars is right & honourable. We do not want to be any countries lap dog and go along with a program that is not about PEACE AND HELPING TO SUPPORT HAPPINESS AND HEALTH AND GOOD WILL FOR ALL LIVING THINGS. War is wrong, no way to justify it because we all know it is mostly about profiteering from war ; resources rapes ; and arms sales by greedy mega-corporations and banksters ETC. The biggest terrorists are those who sell arms to Isis etc. The biggest terrorists are those who perpetuate war for profits – Profits before people. It is time to stand up and say we have had enough of the BS. Bring on the non-violent demonstrations.
            No war ships here because we do not need to cozy up to any war mongering country. This is a symbolic gesture and we do not need it. We need to spend our time, energy and money on much healthier and life affirming things. Jonky Donky needs to be put out to pasture, the sooner the better.

            • I’m sure you would have been saying the same thing on the 8th December, 1941. Or maybe not.

              • Do some research One Track and find out exactly why WW1 and WW2 (and most all wars) were orchestrated and by whom.
                Then you may understand why wars keep being perpetuated and the insanity behind them. We have been lied to on a massive level
                and the brain washing goes on but it can be stopped with people waking up to the truths.

              • I’m sure you would have been saying the same thing on the 8th December, 1941.

                The world has moved on since 1941, “Onetrack”. You may be stuck in the middle of the last century, but the world is a far different place.

                For one thing, citizens now understand that governments do lie to their own people.

                The pretext of the invasion of Iraq – the existence of so-called WMDs – turned out to be a blatant lie.

                Your naive faith in politicians is touching, but sadly misplaced.

    • Hey Loweststandards, where are you from? You are not a New Zealander are you? because if you were a real New Zealander, you wouldnt be asking such a stupid question.

    • HS – any chance of rational argument from you, or are you just taking silly, childish ‘potshots’ at others?

      You’re not doing your cause (whatever that may be) any favours.

      • Frank such cutting remarks from one for whom i have such a large amount of respect….I’m overcome.

        • Now since there is no more thumbs up and thumbs down rating possible, commenters like HS and Andrew seem to try and compensate this by giving even more short and senseless comments to posts here.

          Frustration must be great, being a troll like visitor to TDB.

          • I believe the only reasonable response is..Diddums !

            [Higherstandards – I have issued a warning previously on the subject of posting childish comments that have no bearing on the issue at hand. I will start deleting any and all comments in moderation-queu that do not specifically address the issues at hand and which resort to immature silliness. And if you still persist, I will have no hesitation in banning you. – ScarletMod]

  4. More vitriolic rubbish from wannabe rent a crowd. Seize on a ‘conspiracy’ – in this case two with the weapons conference thrown in – dis-contextualise, add two and two and come up with ten and sell the whole thing as a package protest deal to the usual bunch of rent a protest miscreants with noting better to do with their lives. I’d have thought (since you protested at 10 years old when chances are you wouldn’t have even known what you were protesting about) you would have grown older and wiser. Sadly for you – you have not. Why don’t you protest about our Navy’s 75th anniversary while you are at it!

    • Chuckles, if you’re going to use multi-syllabic words in your rants, at least try correct spelling.

      And if your 6.04pm post is the best you can offer us, don’t be surprised if you’re dismissed as another right-wing nutter with not a lot to offer by way of rational argument.

    • You underestimate the intelligence of a 10 year old – most children of that age would easily understand the dangers of nuclear weapons … doesn’t say much for your level of intelligence does it?

  5. Will you also be protesting the French or the Russians or the Chinese or any of the other 30 odd nations who have also been invited to send ships?

    • If those nations ships are nuclear powered and with capabilities to arm then YES to protesting against them, as it is in breach of this country’s laws. Don’t you think NZ’s laws should be respected and followed Adrian?

      • If they declare no nuclear weapons aboard then they aren’t breaking any laws. Also the laws don’t cover the propulsion systems of the ships, just weapons. We are nuclear WEAPON free.

  6. WTF?!

    Nuclear Free means just that. All the baiters here can Eff Off to I dunno Idaho if they want this shit ffs. Y’all are sounding a bit picky and choosy when it comes to what laws to uphold and shit don’t work that way. Not in a Democracy anyways – see I’m doing my best to talk Yank soas Y’all can understand.
    NZ is a Sovereign Nation.
    We said NO.
    Follow The Law FFS!

  7. Is it not true that American warships have always been welcome in NZ , having first declared if they are nuclear powered or not . Non nuclear ships welcome , nuclear powered not etc. It was because the Americans were not happy with this they choose not to visit our ports .
    So has this ship decleared itself non nuclear ? If so theres no real problem .
    If its a nuclear powered ship , then that’s a whole different ballgame ….

  8. My god John key has shat on everything that is important to New Zealanders. Once that nuke war ship enters our waters our anti nuke stance unravels. Then anything goes. What’s next, will China bring in their war ships too? John key has sold us out on so many levels and I am once again outraged by his stinking arrogant indifference and acts of treason. what’s it going to take for New Zealanders to kick this Ahole out? By the time it dawns on them that they know longer have a country that they can call their own, it will be too flaming late When will people grow some principles and start caring? Sack John key, the treasonous bastard has to go before he does any more irreparable damage. C’mon New Zealand, John key doesn’t care about this country or its people, he cares only for himself and his foreign masters, force him out !!!

  9. I’ve seen a few Chinese and French warships in NZ ports over the past few years, and I’ve never seen a post on TDB calling on us to oppose such. I’m not saying I welcome the US, I’m just saying…

    • Are they nuclear powered? I didn’t know there have been Chinese and French warships in NZ ports, when was this? Please post the details. The media here don’t report the news remember, they make it up, you should have posted such important information on here and other social media outlets, because if I had of known, as i am sure others too, would be opposing those warships if they were nuclear powered too, its in breach of this country’s laws.

      • The American empire in late August 2001 was the most powerful the world has known. But in the decade and a half following, it went from Rome under Augustus to Romulan Rome circa 470AD. The decline is real and remarkable and without precedent in history.

        I didn’t care much for the hypocrisy and venality of the old empire, but I have even less time for our new colonial masters. Hopefully, the comrades will get over their first year pol sci reflexive anti-Americanism and wake up to the reality of the 21st century.

        Be careful what you wish for:

        • I don’t wish for any foreign government’s warships in our ports. Thank you for the link, NZ is going to become a battleground between America and China vying for dominance in the Pacific.

    • Not so long ago the “fact” of Iraq possessing WMD was the exact pretext FOR going to war.

    • Rod MacKinnon says: April 30, 2016 at 9:22 am “When did the fact that a nation possesses weapons ever act as a deterrent to war?”

      At the time of the First World War Switzerland had a tiny standing army but a population of skilled riflemen

      In 1912 Kaiser Wilhelm 2 asked what a militia of a quarter million Swiss would do if he invaded with a force of half a million Germans.

      Their response

      Shoot twice and go home


      Seemed to work for the Swiss in Two World Wars bloke so there you go.

      It’s just as well The Labour party in all their usual farsightedness scaped compulsory military training, Lolz

      Swiss armed neutrality the defence policy New Zealand should of followed

  10. I’ll certainly be protesting this. I just hope this is another nail in the coffin of John-the-Corrupt. How much more can this tosser get away with before the stupid sheep on NZ wake up?

  11. Well!
    We just had the corrupt Key “rent a Nuclear” crowd here didn’t we and all they came up with was Nuclear weapons were a deterrent to war, so they want nuclear here in NZ but we don’t end of story.

  12. Please focus on the issue. It is about the visit of what is possibly a nuclear-powered ship to NZ.

    We have declared no nuclear ships or weapons should enter NZ.

    It is not about it being a warship! Stop deflecting and listen to the problem you useless trolls.

    • Groucho, Martyn’s post did not mention nuclear power or weapons at all – just an evil American warship.

  13. Nope, this with not go down well with all New Zealanders – one way or another. I viewed a series of protest photos from the original anti nuclear stance, and felt proud. New Zealand has changed since then, but not that much.

  14. The USA misrepresents itself as a force for good around the world but any careful examination of history shows they act militarily for the economic benefit of America, creating death and destruction. From the cold war, instituted by Washington, to all the subsequent wars in South America, Asia, The Middle East, Africa, Ukraine, Uncle Sam has had his dirty little fingers stealing resources, destroying alternative economic models and killing innocent people. Every time presented by the puppet Western Media, including NZ’s, as defending freedom and democracy.
    If non Nuclear American warship is visiting as an equal with other navy’s vessels in some sort of celebration of NZ Naval history. Fine! but if they insist on ignoring NZ’s no Nukes policy no way should they be welcome here?

  15. One of the arguments being put forward by those who don’t agree with our right to protest against American war machines visiting NZ for the 75th Anniversary of our Navy is ‘are you going to protest against the other countries too’.

    I think such an argument misses the context we have with America, as explained above…

    The country that is forcing the TPPA upon us, the country that forced mass surveillance upon us, the country who invaded Iraq for weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist. The corporate war monger who has shed more blood for profits than any other.

    …America is a corporate war monger who is currently attempting to subvert our economic and political sovereignty while entangling us in their 5 Eyes mass surveillance net. Allowing them free passage is not an option.

    • Nope the US joined the TPPA negotiations late – we and a few of the other minor players were the initiators.

      Neither have the forced mass surveillance on us……the rest of your diatribe is the kind of laughable dribble that I used to spout when I was a pimply faced youth at high school over 4 decades ago.

      • Wrong. The US ended up hijacking the TPPA for itself loweststandards. John key has changed this country’s laws for America and their corporations.

        • The TPPA was hijacked so America could use it as a counter to Chinese domination in the Pacific and it does rob us of our economic and political sovereignty.

          And yes the mass surveillance legislation that uses loopholes has been well established.

          You honestly need to lift your very poor right wing trolling Highstandard

      • “Neither have the forced mass surveillance on us”, and you would know this how, Higherstandard? Edward Snowden has revealed the extent of mass surveillance amongst the Five Eyes network, which is something you seem determined to overlook.

        You’re a prime example of a National Party apologist; overlooking anything that doesn’t fit your worldview.

        You’re STILL a ” pimply faced youth”.

    • Tell me more about those peace loving Chinese and Russians and they’re lack of oligarchs, invasions of neighbouring countries and human rights abuses Bomber… I always picked you as a free Tibet person myself.

      • Please state where and when I said I ever agreed with Russia and China’s human rights abuses Adrian? It’s easy to put words in my mouth, but less easy to actually debate the substance.

  16. Hope they bring a carrier!

    Then maybe we’ll get to see some decent jets flying over Auckland instead of boring old warbirds.

    • Watch out Andy, the 30 pieces of silver given to you by your political masters for trolling here will be tainted with the treason of betraying New Zealand’s Confirm or Deny nuclear policy.

      If they do dock here, your 30 pieces of silver will be tainted with nuclear material.

      Any ship docking here, from any country is required to confirm or deny if they are nuclear powered or have nuclear weapons, so stop trying to muddy the waters with your spurious and predominantly mercenary claims.

      • You’re all idiots. Iv actually explained to Andrew why U.S shornets over Auckland won’t ever happen.


      • Old enough to be a Cold War baby, brought up surrounded by air bases.

        The skies here just don’t have the same interest.

  17. its NZzzzz pushing the TTPA via JK national party its NZzzz via JK that has allowed this ship to come into our harbour its JK and his national party that has invited and hosted these weapons of mass destruction conferences to come here – possibly because this is the last safe haven in a world gone insane with anger at their captives – protesting by marching up a street wont stop this – striking might have more of an effect but it needs the will of the people to unite – thats not present sadly – calling for a vote of no confidence is another way but there is no will in that either as they are all addicted to exploiting the public purse and have no morals – i don’t know what the answer is – block voting is a long term strategy to get both big parties out and a coalition in – legal action – what strategy do the people have when we are held in such contempt by the PM and his minions ?

  18. Really, you lefty wierdos need to grow up.
    The world is not a nice place full of tree hugging, socialists in case you don’t actually read them news.
    I am a supporter of this and I am actually as shown by all recent polls part of the majority not the minority you belong to.

    • Oh,… I don’t think its an issue of having to ‘grow up ‘ at all,… and I don’t think people who have a different opinion from yours are necessarily ‘ twats’ as well.

      And I don’t think you are a ‘majority’ on this issue at all, just quietly.

      Now it is true that a certain Auckland hospital has some nuclear powered device….correct me if I’m wrong,… but a few things first..

      While it might be true that in the event of a nuclear war that no anti nuclear stance will prevent a nuclear warhead from dropping on our city’s… its also true that the major powers hold anti proliferation summits to curb the excesses of these weapons. They do it for a reason. And that reason is to promote dialogue and diplomatic solutions long before someone reaches for the nuclear war head button.

      Most people around the globe admire the NZ stance and wish their govts were the same. Especially in Europe.

      Then we have the issue of nuclear generated energy. Well,… the facts are we had Chernobyl, the Three Mile Island incident and the more recent the nuclear power plant meltdown after the earthquake in Japan, and there would be many more that were kept quiet from the media to avoid the public panicking… a place like NZ,…that has hydro generation, at least up until now – has sufficient power generation that nuclear power plants are deemed not needed- if administered correctly.

      And then of course there is the issue of complying with the laws of a sovereign nation… it is accepted internationally that in order to build relations with another country that complying with that nations laws is the first fundamental step in building those relations. It is a matter of both courteousness and recognition of that sovereign nations right to self governance.

      So logically,…if another nation wants to pursue relations with us…. they must recognize our unique laws. Laws based on the popular will of the people who elected their govt. Particularly from country’s who claim their system is ‘democratic’.

      It would be a great gesture of trust if any foreign nation was to abide by this nations laws and wishes simply by first sending a vessel that was declared not to be nuclear equipped… and secondly to be open to inspection by officials of this nation to ensure that that indeed was the case.

      However, regards this post in particular I suspect the real motives behind so many of the far right posters on this website is twofold, firstly… they are all USA sycophants.

      Secondly , the reason that they are is one of personal self enrichment or at least keen supporters of the idea of that ,thereof…this is also why they were also the most ardent supporters of the TTPA , despite the facts telling us all otherwise… that the TTPA is nothing more than a construct of the most powerful global corporate’s which would enable those corporate’s to not only monopolize the global markets but to create an ‘ upper house’ situation whereby that trade agreement and its council would have the power to overrule any govt and its laws if it was deemed that govt passed legislation which affected that corporate alliances ability to extract profits from that nation.

      What is a recurring and consistent theme here is that these individuals who purport to support the democratic process and individual freedoms of this country are almost entirely always the first people who are active in undermining this country’s best interests and democratic legislation in favor of a foreign nation states best interests.

      Which automatically must beg the question : Were these people actually born here ?…or somewhere else, …how long have they actually been ‘ New Zealanders ‘ . Certainly they demonstrate a contempt for our democratic processes and legislation in the very manner of the scorn they heap on a very popular stance born of the voting public…one can only assume their true motives are those of a monetary nature… in which any real integrity of the democratic process for them,… is subservient to their actual motive of self enrichment.

      • Thanks again WILDKAPITO – for calling out the perpetrators of injustice and stupidity and pointing out the truths and the lies.
        Nuclear power has been proven and is confirmed to be a very expensive and irresponsible form of energy when considering all of the stages, especially ! how to safely dispose of a dead and non functional plant. It is historically unreliable and plain stupid when we have many other renewable and safe and smart forms of energy to further develop and use in the future. No one can monitor the sun or wind ( for greedy gains ) and so the unethical corporations and “paid for” lobbyists do not want it. How many politicians are in the pockets of the nuclear industry ? ? ? Nuclear regulatory commissions run and dictated to by retired Nuclear physicists and retired nuclear energy C E O’s etc. Research projects funded by them to come out with the scientific results that support their needs. BS Stats.

        They want to run rough shod over N.Z. and our anti-nuclear stance. There are a bunch of pro-nuclear people here in NZ who promote nuclear power and this war ship coming is a symbol of their desire to control. They hold meetings to get the people brainwashed about the benefits of nuclear power and that it is just fine to get close with the U.S. — They say — ” Nuclear power is safe and cheap and what we need. ” Do not buy a bit of it. Total hog wash.

        A nuclear powered U.S. war ship coming to our waters is a massive (pro war and pro U.S.) symbol and a major idiotic and insane action and, you watch, how many will come out of the woodwork this winter to plan actions against it. You trolls are not getting the point. We are sick of war; the symbols of war ; the msm lies about war ; the war mongers for profits ; sick of the images we see of war ; sick of seeing innocent people blown to bits by drones; just plain sick and tired of war PERIOD. The US wants to use us to dominate further into the seas around us and bring with them fear and more fear and greed and more greed.

        More fear — more war mongering propaganda — more fear – more terrorists — creating more fear and more terrorists and more fear, It has to stop.

        Perpetual war for profit – perpetual war for profit – perpetual war for profit – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

        Next the U.S. will want a permanent harbour for their warships in – – Christchurch – – ? ? ? Suck up Jonky will likely honour his masters wishes.
        I predict that this US war ship will not come to Auckland after they hear about the massive disgust and protesting against it.

      • “Most people around the world admire our nuclear stance..”

        That’s why they have also banned nuclear in their countries. Oh. Wait. Nobody else has. How can that be?

        • Most follow the (pro nuclear) military right into war and now many military professionals and retired generals are stating that War is wrong and Viet Nam was wrong and drones are wrong and on and on.

          Most countries do not ban nuclear because they are not thinking with their brains about the truths about nuclear energy.
          We are to be commended on our anti-nuclear stance.

          Only one track minds continue to defend nuclear. Read some of the links put up and expand your horizons.

  19. I believe we should be like Switzerland. Neutral, still have an army and two years compulsory service….but stay nuclear free.

    • So when a chinese carrier sails up the Waitemata Harbour to confiscate our water, we can just use Rule 303? It’s a plan. Of sorts.

  20. ‘The US has invaded about 70 countries since its inception and has invaded a total of about 50 countries since 1945……

    Thus in the period 1950-2005 there have been 82 million avoidable deaths from deprivation (avoidable mortality, excess deaths, excess mortality , deaths that did not have to happen) associated with countries occupied by the US in the post-1945 era…

    The US has established its control over 191 governments which are members of the United Nations. The conquest, occupation and/or otherwise supervision of these various regions of the World is supported by an integrated network of military bases and installations which covers the entire Planet (Continents, Oceans and Outer Space). All this pertains to the workings of an extensive Empire, the exact dimensions of which are not always easy to ascertain…

    The World, including ordinary Americans (1 million of whom die preventably each year) [10], must shake off the shackles of endless American One Percenter warmongering, imperialism and mendacity.’

    • That sounds like a conspiracy theory at work here. The United Nations was set up in 1945 with the Soviet Union, Britain, France, China and a host of other countries including New Zealand in attendance. Given the U.S. and Soviet Union were plunging into the Cold War and the Iron Curtain was being pulled into position, I would hardly say the U.S.S.R. was then or is now being corralled by the U.S.

      • I cannot say your lack of knowledge or understanding is astounding because it is very typical of people who do not bother to become informed about anything and just parrot the propaganda delivered to them by their masters.

        The UN is one of the most corrupt and ineffective organisations ever established, and was established to further the interests of international bankers and ensure the inequality that characterised the world at the end of WW2 remained unrectified. Hence, inequality and inequity are greater now than in 1945.

        ‘Conspiracy theory’, the term invented by the CIA in the early 1960s to discredit movements exposing the criminality of the CIA.

        None of it will matter much longer: the Americans, through their obstinate failure to address climate change when it could have been dealt with, in order to protect the short-term agendas of corporations, have set the world on a course for extinction via CO2-induced overheating: a decade at best before everything turns very nasty, probably a lot less.

        Thanks, Exxon-Mobil, major corporate funders of climate change denial, even though they knew decades ago they were promoting ‘death of the planet’.

        • SPOT ON ! ! ! Except the fact that the term “conspiracy theory” was coined by the CIA – Originally it came out of the Tavistock Institute – the birthing place of intentional brain washing.

    • Norway is a NATO country with a no nukes policy that dosnt seem to effect there relationship with America. Just something to think about

  21. Glenn – it is us Lefty weirdos who fought against your kins proliferation of war and fear and over funding the military and buying into the propaganda and allowing the mega-worldwide corporate criminals to run wild and rape the world and kill and devastate people and the environment. Great job guys. I am proud to be part of the left wing weirdos who continue to question authority and fight for freedom and justice. We are not suck ups to governments or a dead msm who are owned by these very greedy criminal elites.

    The twats are those who actually believe that the majority of the people in ANY COUNTRY support war and support the greedy corporate ruled governments who are hell bent on encouraging terrorism and ripping of the people for their gains. The twats are the ones who believe that wars are justifiable and that bankers are saints and that the upper 1 % ers elitists are just fine folks with tons of integrity and ethics.

    You have your head deep in the sand if you believe that the majority of the people in NZ back your lying leader and our cozying up to the U.S. and allowing nuclear anythings into our country.
    Clearly Glenn you and (Dave and Lowstandard) and all your right wing deniers are the ones who need to grow up and stop your sucking up to countries and things that do not deserve it.

    • The idea of Trump using the football (football = U.S nuclear launch codes) as a foreign policy tool of economic coercion is a huge issue. Actually nukes in general as a Foriegn policy tool is idiotic.

      All nukes do is drain an empire of its resources so they stop being an empire and in the case of England and France who feuded violently for hundreds of years, which ended when both parties gained nukes. They ended becoming freinds because they where to busy being poor to worry about war. Yet they still have the fire power to send each back to the stone ages?

      It’s a mind fuck designed to make war expensive and profits fat.

      • I didn’t realize the French and British had nukes in the 1850’s (when they were both allies in the Crimean war).

    • Well DAVE ,… its more about the first two : Nuclear power and weapons.

      Fact is , we don’t need either. Gotten along quite nicely without either and, as mentioned, we have many working solutions to the generation of power already. As well as many yet untapped.

      As for weapons… why?

      Proliferation of nuclear weapons tends to cancel both sides out. Power nations go to great lengths to ensure nuclear proliferation summits are attended with the sure knowledge that there will be no winners in a nuclear war.

      When many nations of the west are so busy looking at North Korea and other country’s and the nuclear threat… yet examples have been cited already of country’s such as Norway being a NATO member and retaining a conventional military , having policy’s that preclude nuclear arms… yet also being a member of the EFTA trading block …closely trading with the E.U nations. So it hasn’t really affected them at all.

      The hostility so many express with the USA military and foreign policy is its ‘ neither confirm or deny ‘ policy. Which demonstrates a lack of magnanimity. And without that , coupled with a respectful acknowledgment of our sovereign laws that represent the will of the public of NZ… it is hard to engender trust.

      It is not the common people of NZ or the USA that people have a problem with here – it is the power lobby’s that have always historically run roughshod over the democratic process that people are having the problem with. And it is not just the political manoeuvrer’s in the USA but politicians right here in NZ that are the source of this angst.

      It has been shown that Tony Blair and George Bush Jr lied about weapons of mass destruction. And it was because of that unilateral and unsanctioned invasion of Iraq that ISIS was unleashed on the peoples of that region.

      We have already committed troops to Iraq under John Key – much to the disquiet of even Keys political allies – indeed even with members in the National party itself. That , after Key stated earlier that we would not commit troops. So now we have a situation yet again that the same Prime Minister who made that autocratic decision feels justified in making yet another autocratic decision, – except that this time it involves not only an extremely unpopular decision but an un-mandated and in fact illegal one.

      And the only way he can get a valid ( and legal ) mandate is to conduct a nationwide referendum which he wont do because it would jeopardize his end goal – that of this nation becoming a satellite state of a power that endorses the very thing we have made amply clear as a sovereign nation in legislation we don’t want…. nuclear armaments and the presence of nuclear armaments arriving at our shores.

  22. The old Peace Squadron farts will be out there again – along with (large numbers? I hope) of young new farts.
    I remember one of the black nuke subs (forgotten which one, there were numbers over the years) when the ugly death machine (Pintado?) had to stop, then reverse …. because stupid-as-pig-shit, low flying helicopter pilots (probably under orders from equally stupid passenger authorities) had blown all the small sailing craft over on their sides, directly in front of said death machine (also Gary Mouton’s horrible trimaran had already bashed into the sub’s side and ridden halfway up to the deck area before sideways back down again) … and nearby just in front of my catamaran Supplejack, a launch full of police (later I found out the CoP was on board) its motor running at full throttle was directly in the path of the reversing sub … but because the sub had stuck its ugly arse up into the air from the torque of its reversing propellor(s) had aerated a very large area of water – so there was nothing for the police launch stern drive/large outboard? to bite into, it was stationary, in fact sliding backwards to the mincing machine’s propellor and I, although trying to keep the cat sailing in all the disturbed chopper air, could see the sub’s skipper at top of the conning tower screaming down some communication system (you couldn’t hear what he was shouting above the bedlam but could see his mouth moving) and luckily for the cops the sub went into neutral just before they and boat were going to be blended at-one with the sea.
    So, although not really wanting to protest the insane war mongers again, the time can be very memorable/interesting – and we Kiwis …. have a reputation to uphold?

  23. Nuclear power is generally safe, boats do not seem to melt and sink while at sea Russia power stations being the exception. The weapon debate I understand, there is a view that having a nuclear weapon/s has actually deterred a nuclear war. In reality, cars kill more people that nuclear power ever will. I will now duck as the wrath at my comments commences.

  24. Personally, I will wait and see what the ship is. Modern build frigates and even I think destroyers of the US fleet are not nuclear capable, weapons wise. As their role in the fleets and smaller size make it a waste of money investing in those systems, instead of weapons systems better suited to their purpose. If that’s what is being sent then the US would not need to stay mum about the weaponry on board as it is widely known it can’t carry or use nukes.
    Also, has everyone forgotten ANZUS? The Australian/New Zealand/US military alliance that existed right up until the nuclear weapons ban. The one that ended not because we wanted out, but because it wasn’t viable if the major powers ships couldn’t port here. We already WERE buddied up to the “war machine”. The issue was nuclear weapons and the alarmingly growing numbers globally, not being mates with the US.
    Then add in Obamas foreign policy of almost capitulation to others in friendship building, he’d be the first president to send a ship that could not carry nukes just to be mates. All previous would not just because no bully likes being told he’s not exempt from a rule that applies to everyone else.
    Especially since if it wasn’t for that bully we’d all be speaking Japanese now, and considered just above animals. (please study Japanese social doctrine 1890-1945 before responding to that.)
    I don’t want nuclear weapons here, I don’t want the TPPA (neither do most Americans if you bother looking it up), but I’m not about to make an enemy just to sate my inner 4 year old emotional off the handle reaction. I’ll gather enough information to make an adult decision.

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