Peter Dunne’s pathetic cannabis reform



Peter Dunne is at the UN conference on drugs and sadly the debate seems to be centered around should countries shoot cannabis dealers or imprison them for life.

Despite many places around the world moving towards a regulated cannabis market, it looks like Peter Dunne will merely expand the range of expensive synthetics the pharmaceutical industry will be allowed to sell here.

Hardly pass the dutchie to the left hand side.

If cannabis reform is so popular – why is Peter Dunne fronting it? Nothing kills enthusiasm like a bow tie!

What’s the point in allowing the pharmaceutical industry create expensive cannabis synthetics when the natural product on its own can easily do what the expensive products can’t?

This is not a serious attempt at reform, it’s a joke.


  1. Exactly Martyn and the joke is on the health and well being of people who know the health building benefits of a wonderful herb that has been vilified by the likes of Peter Dunne and others. These ” out of touch ” politicians need to be put out to pasture and we need leaders with common sense ; intelligence and integrity.

    We do not need more chemical based pharmaceuticals in the world anyway.
    Synthetic marijuana is SO ! SO ! ! not a good thing on so many levels.

  2. I believe the support you are encouraging for cannabis reform extremely disturbing, and grossly irresponsible. It was only a few years ago when the community saw smoking tobacco as good relaxant and encouraged smoking. We know now after considerable full out and even deaths that smoking is NOT good for you as cannabis is revealing more and more not good for us to indulge in. Just because lunatics com unities and countries overseas have legalized cannabis doesn’t mean we should also be so stupid !!!

    There is perfect good medically certified and tested drugs given out by doctors that are available for the very sick to deal with their illness.

    • not everyone smokes it, there are many techniques that either minimise carcinogens such as vaporizers, water pipes ect, don’t forget many people (particularly) elderly like to bake muffins & scones with homemade Cannabutter, for you I would suggest a colonic irrigation (to dislodge that Stick) & a weekly Rick Simpson Oil Enama untill you feel compassion & empathy for other human beings, its nice you care so much about public health, but really you just sound like a concern troll.

      • So true, while I advise against using alcohol & other recreational drugs it is the criminal laws that create the problems. I would like to see a 20 years age restriction for use but expect some slippage.

  3. I may stand to be corrected but Dunne with his bill has placed the control of synthetic highs into the hands of a mere dozen operators thereby leaving the gate wide open for this ” filthy few ” to make abominable incomes. Synthetic highs are an evil where natural dope scales into a very low risk,even compared to such legal prescription drugs such as mild opiates or horror of horrors the loosely prescribed Benzodiazipines. I myself do not use any drug, legal or illicit but I can see how typical NZ is in denial of what is safer and illegal and what are legal but clearly unsafe.

  4. For Christs sake Ohariu grow some balls, lots of principles and a flaming conscience for once and cut loose this cretin and permanent trougher Peter Dunne. Kick this parasite out, he is a disease and is not good for anyone’s health.

  5. Yeah lets be stupid and legalize the weed just like Colarado and have the same full out !!!!!!

    As weed enthusiasts around the world celebrate 4/20, a new report from the Colorado Department of Public Safety found that emergency-room visits related to marijuana are up and pot use among young adults is on the rise — though the decreased stigma surrounding recreational cannabis is blunting its findings.

    Since becoming the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, in 2014, ER visits related to pot use have increased by nearly 30 percent in Colorado, the study found. From 2014 to mid-2015, 956 out of every 100,000 ER visits (roughly one out of every 1,000) were related to marijuana use, compared to 739 per 100,000 from 2010 through 2013.

    Similarly, hospitalizations related to cannabis use increased from 803 per 100,000 (from 2001 to 2009) to 2,413 per 100,000 from January 2014 through June 2015.

    And while the number of people seeking treatment for marijuana abuse was virtually unchanged in the first year of legalization, those that did seek treatment reported heavier use. The report shows that more than a third of patients (35.6 percent) in drug treatment centers reported near daily use of marijuana in 2014, compared to 33.5 percent in 2013, 32.2 percent in 2012 and 30 percent in 2011.

    But such statistics come with a major caveat. According to the report:
    The decreasing social stigma regarding marijuana use could lead individuals to be more likely to report use on surveys and to health workers in emergency departments and poison control centers, making marijuana use appear to increase when perhaps it has not.

    In other words, people may feel more comfortable discussing their cannabis use than they were when the drug was illegal.

    Among the 143-page report’s other findings:

    • Marijuana arrests are down. The total number of arrests for the possession or sale of marijuana fell 46 percent between 2012 and 2014. Arrests for possession, which make up the majority of pot arrests in the state, were cut nearly in half, while arrests for marijuana sales fell 24 percent.

    • Pot-related DUIs are down slightly. According to the Colorado State Patrol, the number of summonses issued for driving under the influence in which marijuana was a factor dipped 1 percent between 2014 and 2015 (674 to 665).

    • Driving deaths are up, but not necessarily from pot impairment. The number of fatalities for drivers who had THC in their system increased 44 percent, from 55 in 2013 to 79 in 2014. But “the detection of THC in blood is not an indicator of impairment but only indicates presence in the system.”

    • The impact of legalization on kids is unclear. The number of juvenile marijuana arrests increased 5 percent, with 3,400 in 2014 compared to 3,234 in 2012. But a pair of youth surveys had conflicting results, with one showing students who reported using marijuana within the past 30 days on the decline (a Healthy Kids Colorado Survey found 80 percent of high school students did not use marijuana in the 30 days prior to being surveyed) and another showing the use of pot among Colorado kids above the national average. “The perception of health risk of using marijuana is declining among youth in Colorado,” the report states.

    • Heavy pot use among young adults is on the rise. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the current prevalence rates for marijuana use in the past 30 days have increased significantly for 18-to-25-year-olds in the past decade. In 2006, 21 percent reported having consumed pot in the 30 days prior to being surveyed. In 2014, nearly a third (31 percent) of 18-to-25-year-old Coloradans did.

    “The finding is among a growing body of evidence that marijuana legalization has led to a shift in use patterns for at least some cannabis consumers,” the Denver Post said.

    The paper called the report — which was mandated by the state when it voted to legalize marijuana — the “first comprehensive attempt at measuring and tracking the consequences of legalization” in Colorado. But according to Jack Reed, the statistical analyst who authored it, the study should be viewed simply as a starting point because of a lack of historical data.

    “It is too early to draw any conclusions about the potential effects of marijuana legalization or commercialization on public safety, public health, or youth outcomes,” Reed writes, “and this may always be difficult.”

    • oooohh fear porn, the worlds gunna end I tell ya?,
      (the MSM are infotainment & sell political points of view, so it hardly counts as tangible proof of anything other than the lobbyist’s who paid for that story, is based on conspiracy theory hypothetical situation, its just all Hype & pathetic compared with the reality, speaking of getting paid by lobbyists to keyboard warriors for pushing a Political Narrative & discourse, how much do they pay you per comment?, or is it more like the matter of how many sentences & cliche’s you can throw into the mix?. stop watching reefer madness & change the broken record!

    • I notice how you changed the line of concern trolling,so instead of providing anything to back up even your first claim (which got shot down in flames!), so instead the second post was again completely unoriginal, just a cut & paste job, what a lazy troll you are, I suggest you just stay under your bridge & just ignore the adult out there having a bit harmless fun, that wont affect you & it’s not really your business anyway for it worry you pops.

        • The reality is the law is VERY UNLIKELY to change ..why responsible realist like me VOTE in elections was we see the weed as dangerous as smoking to the health and therefore are happy as the laws are except would like to see the growers of this crap caught and thrown into prison for a very long time .. we will not vote for the irresponsible loppy’s whom want a change the laws etc !!!

          Now your loppy friends don’t as a norm VOTE 🙂 they are too doped up I guess so hehe no change in the future !!!

          • Pauline – “loppy”? “we will not vote for the irresponsible loppy’s whom want a change the laws etc” ?! “why responsible realist like me VOTE in elections was we see the weed as dangerous”

            Soooo… Who did you say was “doped up”?

    • Pauline – Organised crime in the US made millions in profits during the Prohibition Era.

      It also allowed political corruption to increase as organised crime reached into the political establishment.

      This is happening now, in Mexico.

      Would you rather that cannabis stayed in the hands of criminal gangs, Pauline? Because that’s what you seem to be advocating.

  6. I would prefer there was a strong well financed public campaign ( ie get the public behind the police etc ) to inform the police when they suspect criminals are growing and selling dope. Recently when there was a minor campaign to inform etc ..I picked up the signs they suggested and as result I informed the police of my neighbor whom I was wondering about with the comings and goings etc…This seller is now in prison and no longer do I need to be concerned at the comings and goings near bye where I live 🙂

    If you watched the Sunday doc on Colorado you ll notice since legalizing cannabis Shops have sell the weed have multiplied, customers were asked and they admitted that now they can buy it legally they indulge daily ( ie like smoking they have become totally addicted) and although it was played down on this Sunday story their was reveling information that the support agencies in Colorado that pick up the full out of cannabis are becoming very concerned at the multiple social problems as result of availability of legal cannabis ie the hidden cost of legalizing the weed is being very very played down by supporters of legalizing like your self ! Such as maybe an increase in driving while under the influence of the weed output declined in quality and reliability etc due to the worker indulging etc …Sadly the Sunday program presented a very very biased story on the Colorado experience ,… as a taxpayer owned TV station we the public deserve better from them !!!

    I repeat I am old enough to remember similar arguments re the harmless of the weed that were given for smoking cigarettes etc … We now admit that tobacco is not harmless and I understand it is to be outlawed as I understand in the 2025?? (I think this is the year I stand corrected if I am wrong 🙂

    • Only silly people and teenagers smoke these days. Whoopie Goldberg has just introduced a range of cannabis products which includes a bath soak and hot chocolate drink all for pain relief which I can’t wait to try.

    • Pauline – to be a mature and educated realist is to see the truths and not continue fabricated versions. I feel after reading your above comments that you need to spend some time reading current info about worldwide health benefits of THC and just why most are choosing it over drinking and pharma meds. The negative side effects and horrendous health risks are very high when over using pharma meds and alcohol but just the opposite for marijuana use. Hence its growing popularity.
      The med companies are very worried because folks are getting healed and symptoms relieved from ingesting a very healing and natural plant that is not a gateway drug and not what most think it to be. Much fear and mis-info around marijuana and you seem to be continuing that ugliness by making wrong assumptions and encouraging fear.

      Please get informed and check out the many good links about the healing and positive benefits of marijuana use.

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