While Paula Bennett fiddles, the planet burns



Nothing sums up the utter denial we are in over climate change quite like sending a know-nothing- about-the-science-behind-climate-change Minister like Paula Bennett off to sign a pathetically weak agreement that does nothing real about global warming.

Paula, who says her ignorance in the portfolio isn’t a negative, will jet off to New York on a wave of self serving platitudes to make NZers feel like we are doing something meaningful on an issue National don’t want to confront.

If Paula Bennett is the answer, the question is ‘what imbecile will make the latest empty climate change agreement look even more vapid and meaningless’.

Every month now we are breaking heat records and if you wanted a glimpse at how meaningless the latest climate change agreements really are, take a look at the horrifying reality occurring before our eyes right now…

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Summer-Like Temperatures Smash Ice Melt Records For Greenland

Blistering temperatures and rainfall over Greenland have jump-started the summer melt season weeks early. On Monday, a stunning 12 percent of Greenland’s massive ice sheet was melting — “smashing by a month the previous records of more than 10 percent of the ice sheet melting,” according to the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).
DMI scientists were “at first incredulous.” One DMI climate scientist said, “We had to check that our models were still working properly.” But in fact, temperatures over parts of Greenland this month have been measured as high as 17.8°C — a scorching 64°F.
“Even weather stations quite high up on the ice sheet observed very high temperatures on Monday,” explained Robert Fausto of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS). At one “site at 1840 meters [1.1 miles] above sea level, we observed a maximum temperature of 3.1°C [37.6°F]. This would be a warm day in July, never mind April.”

…when the shit inevitably hits the fan and we start seeing rapid and catastrophic climate change, we should be ruthless with those who have done so little to prepare our nation.


  1. “when the shit inevitably hits the fan and we start seeing rapid and catastrophic climate change, we should be ruthless with those who have done so little to prepare our nation.”

    There should be a Nuremberg style international court to try all world leaders who did nothing about climate change and especially hindered any action, based on the loss of millions of lives and environmental destruction of the planet. I think a good number the present government should still be alive when reality finally hits. And these old men in their late eighties and nineties should have their day in court.

    • @EP Sadly the chaos and turmoil the world will be in by that stage will prevent anything like that happening.

    • I agree with you Esoteric Pineapples,

      We should have Martyn prepare a “Bad people for NZ” list of all toes who conspired to undermine our society and environment/health as they need to be made to pay for their actions against the people.

      Politicians and leading figures need to also be added to a list that should then be hunted down and bought to a Crimes against the peoples Count for sentencing and pay for their harm they caused against the people.

      Martyn can you prepare a starting list we all can contribute to with our evidence please?

      • The court system is set up for business, all environmentalists trying to save anything going through court systems see how biased they are towards chewing up the planet for money. Nothing gets in the way. The system is rigged.

  2. Paula Bennett has been given that job by Key, as Key cannot be bothered with addressing climate change. That would risk his immigration, overseas student and tourist driven economic rescue plan for New Zealand, which would without the above already be deep in recession.

    Dumb economics rule, add dumb environmental policy with no plan.

    Grosser was a hypocrite, but at least he did make a face saving effort, Bennett will most likely not have started reading any of the IPCC reports that have been released over recent years.

    All that academic stuff is too much for her, she likes “to do things”, and a taxpayer trip to New York is just that opportunity, “to do” something, perhaps drop in to greet Helen and then do a round of luxury clothing shopping on Broadway and so.

    Fluff has more substance than Paula Bennett.

  3. “when the shit inevitably hits the fan and we start seeing rapid and catastrophic climate change, we should be ruthless with those who have done so little to prepare our nation”.

    Well said Martyn,

    We must be now inhabited by Martians around us all, liken Paula Bennett, as it was the Martians that destroyed their planet see know now.

    This can be the only explanation why these so called heads of states are driving our planet to extinction as well.

    Did you ever read George Adamski’s book INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS
    By George Adarnski?


    Are they really setting us up for mass extermination so they can inhabit the planet?

    It is the only thing that makes sense now as humans never committed mass extermination before as they and we have the strong will to live and survive but these reckless creeps don’t.

  4. we should be ruthless with those who have done so little

    house hold debt and the coming property bubble collapse and the inevitable collapse of the economy
    climate change
    national doing nothing about the automation wave
    looting our assets
    those who aren’t paying there fair share keys mates
    those who have wrecked our rivers and environment
    there mostly the same people there criminals and your right they should face ruthless justice galla day 21 century

  5. “when the shit inevitably hits the fan and we start seeing rapid and catastrophic climate change, we should be ruthless with those who have done so little to prepare our nation”.
    The facts are there for everyone to read, including the pregnant.
    The only way we can reduce future suffering of humans is for them not to be born.
    I dropped out at the end of the 4th form, yet I have worked it out, all you need is an open mind and a few weeks spare time to do some reading.
    But alas humans would rather believe the lies as they are more comfortable then the truth, which is – we are going extinct, and we are way past the point of changing this outcome.
    The general dumb public chose these useless people to be our ‘leaders’
    and these so called ‘leaders’ are a product of the fucked system, as George Carlin says “garbage in garbage out, that was the best we could do folks”
    300 – 409 ppm CO2 = extinction … but you are welcome to believe FJK if you don’t like the truth, as clearly everyone dose.

    Its our own stupid faults.
    But we got the greens and Kiwisaver yay

  6. Her position is so meaningless that no one even wants to know what she is doing classic burying of the issue fuelled by the sellout to the oil companies

  7. Climate change Minister Paula Bennett is at the climate change conference in the US now and says to RNZ (quote) she defends this practice “climate cheats-NZ bought 200 million in foreign carbon credits from Ukraine” – but Bennett says she will review this practice, this was also featured on RNZ it was reported at 830 am on morning report.


    “Save our Napier Gisborne rail” project.

    By restoring our low emitting rail transport services instead, by using that $200 million spent buying foreign carbon credits by developing the rail and giving many people new jobs.

    RNZ news 18/4/16. “Climate cheats”


    National are overseeing this buying of over $200 million dollars of foreign credits from other countries instead of restoring our low emitting rail transport services instead, by using that $200 million developing the rail and giving many people new jobs.


    Another public funded subsidy for the private trucking industry again if more assistance from us was needed after pouring billions of our tax money on truck routes (12 billion for Hamilton to Tauranga highway upgrades for trucks?

    Climate change Minister Paula Bennett is at the climate change conference in the US now and says to RNZ (quote) she defends this practice but will review this practice, this was also featured on RNZ it was reported at 830 am on morning report.



    RNZ Reports today 18/4/16; brief;


    NZ accused of being climate change “cheats”

    A report out today by the Morgan Foundation claims New Zealand has spent 200 million dollars on a fraudulent credit scheme which it says amounts to “hot air”. As this corrupt government are illegally buying Russian & Ukrainian carbon credits of a massive $200 million dollars from our hard taxes from foreign countries!!!!! Instead they should be using the $200 million restoring our own low carbon emitting public owned rail system, not propping up a privately foreign owned high carbon emitting trucking industry. More corruption is evident here, by a government using our taxes to help destroy our climate while using our hard earned taxes to hide this fact.



    – See more at: https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2016/04/18/the-daily-blog-open-mic-monday-18th-april-2016/#comment-333572

  8. “Son/daughter what do you want to do when you grow up?”

    “I want to lead a life of crime but be able to freely walk the streets and get paid for my criminal activities.”

    “Ah yes, a very good choice, politics.”

    NZ has been governed by a succession of criminal gangs who have promoted and operated scams, and sat on their hands when it came to doing anything worthwhile.

    ‘The report said New Zealand’s real greenhouse gas emissions have gone up since 1990, which was the date they were supposed to start coming down from. But New Zealand could get away with raising its emissions here by paying money to other countries where emissions were actually being reduced.

    The trouble is, the report argues, emissions reductions in other countries were sometimes more apparent than real, and in some cases downright fraudulent.’


    Even if the actual figures were not fraudulent, there was no way that ’emissions trading’ would ever result in anything other than higher atmospheric CO2. The only way to stop CO2 rapidly rising is to drastically reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. And with the populace is lied to on a continuous basis by governments and the media that would never happen.

    Whether the criminals in power at the moment are worse than any who were in power in the past is open to debate, since action to mitigate rapid planetary overheating was needed decades ago and preparation for its inevitable consequences (massive sea level rise and collapse of industrial civilisation etc.) also needed to be taken decades ago. Last minute action right now would reduce future suffering.

    No valid action in the past. No valid action now.

    At least the ‘crime incorporated’ has been consistent in criminal behaviour.

    We have to say that on balance the present crop of criminals in power are worse than those in the past because it was argued that many of the dire effects of overheating would not occur until the end of the century whereas now it is perfectly obvious that many dire effects are occurring right now and other dire effects will impact very soon, e.g. the multi-metre rise in sea level.


    There are three things we can be sure of: the Key government will continue to promote the short-term interest of corporations and opportunists ahead of the common good; the Key government will continue to promote increased use of fossil fuels (economic growth, population growth, increased road transport, car culture etc.), continue to promote use of concrete, continue to promote tourism and anything else that makes the overheating predicament worse faster; the Key government will continue encourage construction of infrastructure in locations that will be under water a decade or two from now.

    If people are stupid enough to believe anything Key or his accomplices in crime say of do they must suffer the consequences. The problem is, the consequences of Key’s criminal behaviour are not limited to Key-supporters and affect everyone, especially the next generation.

    • Paula can never be glammed up – she is what she is – a low-brow woman who no matter what she wears or how she purports herself will always be lacking in class. Some people, no matter how far they try to elevate themselves can never escape where and what they are – apologies Westies but just a Westie chick.

  9. http://morganfoundation.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/ClimateCheat_Report8.pdf

    Excellent report by Gareth Morgan here as seen in his forward Martyn.

    Gareth Morgan

    The actions undertaken by New Zealand towards our international commitments on climate change will contribute to further slippage in our international reputation for honesty and transparency.

    Over recent years New Zealand’s ranking for fairness, honesty and certainly transparency has taken a beating as our Government has demonstrated contempt for all three.

    Contributing to our fall on the Transparency International ratings have been political interference with official information requests; manipulation of data being made public; outright instances of undue political influence – Oravida, the Saudi sheep deal, the Sky City
    Convention arrangement; order and security, fundamental rights and civil justice; regulatory enforcement; and environmental governance – particularly New Zealand’s poor performance on greenhouse gas emissions and water quality.

    To this list we can now add on-going dealing in fraudulent carbon credits manufactured by organised crime in Ukraine and Russia.

    Despite full knowledge of this fraud our Government is continuing to use these products to avoid its undertakings on carbon emissions.

    The reality is that in 2012 our Government decided to join Tony Abbott’s Australian Government’s approach to climate change and in essence turn our back on it.

    The difference was that Abbott was fully up front about the intent, aggressively so.

    By contrast our Government has stealthily but steadfastly circumvented the intent of the agreements it has entered, not just by diluting the mechanisms for adjustment (like our Emissions Trading Scheme), but by trading in the products of organised crime in Ukraine and Russia.

    The Government is expecting to continue to use these fraudulent carbon credits to meet its 2020 emissions reduction pledge – and if it is not brought to account, may also go on to use the proceeds of crime it has accumulated as part of meeting our 2030 target.

    New Zealanders need to mobilise and tell our Government in no uncertain terms that this sort of dubious activity is not acceptable.

    Through this whole period of endeavour to reduce carbon (which began back in the late 1980s), New Zealand’s actual carbon emissions remain at one of the worst per capita rates in the world – as the graphs below illustrate.

    Our Government is on record as saying it is gambling on a ‘silver bullet’ technological breakthrough to deliver our carbon emissions reduction.

    That intent confirms our Government’s enthusiasm to just keep cheating the global consensus to combat climate change – until that ‘new dawn’ arrives. To treat the whole process with such contempt, and further, despite that reality, assert that we are doing our bit, simply exposes our Government’s approach for what it is.
    We are, without doubt, cheats.

  10. Industrial civilization is killing the planet.
    No one ever questions it, all ‘solutions’ are more of the same problem. It is insane!
    This culture is fucked and fucking the the whole world up really fast. The only thing to look forward to now is it collapsing. We need to talk about how to do that, and work as hard as possible to save animals and forests from extinction before this culture takes everything down with it. Not having the real conversation means we all go down like the Titanic.
    Visit this amazing site of others looking at this culture directly. http://Www.dark-mountain.net
    We need to all get real, our culture of ‘make believe’, is a death machine of extinction, horror, war, resource thrift, human centric, animal suffering, pollution of land, rivers, oceans, and our own bodies is normalised in this neoliberal hell.
    And we don’t question it! Why? It needs to be dropped like a hot potato but all I hear is how we try to fix things without stopping the one thing that is the causing the problem. It has become so stupid it amazes me. Co2 and feedbacks and all we do is promote new cars, flying everywhere, more cows, on and on and on.
    Good luck everyone because when it falls and it will, the last place you want to be is in a stinking city full of stupid humans who never questioned what they do all day. The consequences have started.

    • All good Kate
      But alas even trying to save the critters or the trees is a waste of time.
      The planet has been sequestering CO2 and trapping and capping CH4 for the past 50+ million years, ‘man’ in all his intelligence and dominance of everything, has dragged CO2, and enough CH4 to start a soon to be realized ‘landslide’ of CO2/CH4. With Tundra releasing massive amounts of carbon, and the fast melting cathartes emitting tons of CH4, we are in runaway climate change, the earth is heading for one of its more ‘normal’ hotter climes, except this time it will get a tad hotter, as the fossil fuels man has burnt has kicked started this thing this time around.
      I think we are going to do better than the PETM
      The only thing that isn’t fucked is the unborn, lets keep them that way 😉

      • Hi Robert, yes I know, you are right. It is crazy that hardly anyone is listening to the scientists. Quite literally our world is going to blow and it will be ignored, carry on nothing to see here, crazy temperatures, wild fires, sea level rise, acidic, dead, anoxic stratified oceans which will produce hydrogen sulphide and look purple and turn the sky green. It will make my paintings look pretty garish ha ha. It will make breathing a problem!
        All my cousins are breeding, it is very sad. People are brainwashed and conditioned to not see what’s right in front of them. Derrick Jensen talks about how civilization these days has made people insane, and everyone has PTSD.

  11. Paula’s many mantras – ” Look how far I’ve come and look at my phony smile and look at those I have stepped on to get here. ”
    and ” I have helped the poor, yeh right ! ”
    ” I am a good actress and my references to yoga positions and the Labour party were so funny and no one laughs.
    Poor pathetic Mz. Bennett with her iron tight jaw and shifty eyes.

    Does anyone else cringe every time she speaks in parliament or elsewhere ? with her massive amounts of phony insincerity and arrogance and believing that she understands and represents the people of NZ and the poor in NZ. She really believes her BS and her lying leader. She is beyond rude and off the mark and she is not even aware of it. Her legacy will be crap just as her leaders will be.

  12. Thanks Martyn for keeping the focus on an extremely important issue.

    Climate change deniers clearly are ignorant and believe the lies put out by the multi national corporations and their fuzzy logic scientists and maggot lobbyists and the bought msm.

    Do we trust Paula Bennett to represent us when her intelligence and biased focus is not on the well being of all living things ? She talks a good line of bull but I trust her about as far as I can throw an angus bull.

  13. The moment someone thought of ‘carbon credits’ and ‘trading’ it was all doomed.

    Not only were we using the ‘language of the markets’ we got right into the shady deals, lies, cheating, and clipping the ticket. Always do.

    This is not a money making scheme. It should never be a money making scheme.

    It has to be a DISincentive to keep trundling along as usual.

    And it has to reward the moves, the results, in the direction of the changes we need to see: protection of land and water supplies, population downsize, conservation of forests, massive and creative effort to create practical, affordable, and effective alternatives to the intense power of oil and gas.

    And a grand clean out of the Westminster system with its adversarial drivel and its bootlicker lobbyists would be a beneficial aside, too.

    Stop playing the neo-liberal winner-loser muck. If the planet loses resilience so do we all – apart from the ‘roaches and durable bacteria.

  14. I can’t help, after looking at the climate change minster Paula Bennett and think “save the whale”. Is that politically incorrect?

  15. I am yet to be convinced that the human species will become extinct by 2030 -as suggested by emeritus professor Guy McPherson- but completely inappropriate policies and the total lack of appropriate policies by governments do ensure extinction of the human species (and most other vertebrate species) by mid-century.


    In the meantime it’s going to be an extraordinarily ‘interesting’ [2016] summer in the northern hemisphere.

  16. Unfortunately the people who have caused most of the damage will be dead by the time the damage becomes irrefutably clear, so they don’t care.
    They will die in peace and comfort knowing that future generations will have to sort out the mess
    It takes a brave person to take a stance on something, it takes a coward to do nothing.
    There are a lot of cowards in the New Zealand government.

  17. Paula needs to come trout fishing with me. Last season the rivers flooded til November then saw no rain from January until mid March. They ran low warm and weedy. This year it’s a repeat except it’s now mid April and there is no sign of rain.

    Years back farmers would have screamed “drought” but now aided by dairy friendly Nact they pump what is left of the water out. Paula and her ilk are being deliberately blind.

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