International report shows NZ failing our poorest children – NZEI



An international report on child inequality shows that New Zealand’s education policies have been failing our poorest children.

The UNICEF Fairness for Children report on inequality in rich countries, shows that New Zealand has had a worrying and “regressive trend” in terms of support for children in the lowest income households since 2006.

NZEI Te Riu Roa President Louise Green says the report is another wake up call for the government.

“New Zealand has had one of the biggest increases in disparity between the educational achievement of our poorest children and those from average income backgrounds.”

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The UNICEF report calls for government action to strengthen children’s well-being and improve the educational achievements of disadvantaged learners.

“This again shows the need for urgent action to address our growing inequity. We desperately need better funding and more targeting of resources for schools in poor areas. The government has an opportunity to take strong measures to reduce this inequity in its review of school funding later this year.

Louise Green says addressing inequity and the well-being of our poorest children needs to be central across all areas of government policy including health, housing and family income.