Waatea 5th Estate – can CYFs be fixed?


Joining us tonight to discuss the radical new changes at CYFs..
In the studio, social security spokesperson for the Child Poverty Action Group – Associate Professor Mike O’Brien
On Skype – Green Party spokesperson on CYFs – Jan Logie and former chief executive of the Women’s Refuge organisation of New Zealand – Merepeka Raukawa-Tait
And on the phone, Childrens Commissioner, Dr Russell Wills


  1. It seems like the government has come out with all the buzzwords but the devil will be in the details, which seem to be missing. There also doesn’t seem to be a lot of new funding and the money for this corporate rebranding exercise is coming out of the existing education, corrections and justice budgets. Does anyone remember the way this government rolled out social housing, which used plenty of buzzwords and had plenty of buy in from those in the industry, despite the fact now it looks like a lot of them were played and the Salvation Army rightly said no in the end.

  2. Really good debate, totally agree with you Martyn. A interesting point about Tolly’s suggestion of sterilization of the poor and vulnerable and those they consider to be “undesirables”. This concept is not new with elitist right wingers, it’s a fundamental view that they hold. Take a look at American’s shocking history. The Wealthy and powerful supported Eugenics (well before Hitler/Nazis) and forced sterilization.
    It has often angered me when I have read National supporters commenting, particularity after National has launched a msm demonizing bene bashing episode, that people should be “put down” or that they shouldn’t be “allowed’ to have children if they have no money. These abusers never consider circumstance, like losing a job etc. That doesn’t factor into their way of thinking, despite the fact that some of these abusers are on benefits themselves!!!! The hypocrisy is astounding, and the lack of humanity is not only so difficult to comprehend, it’s profoundly tragic as well.



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