National MP Mark Mitchell and his breath-taking display of arrogance





In a recent Radio NZ “Morning Report”  interview, National MP, Mark Mitchell, revealed the government’s true objective with the so-called “TPPA Roadshow” and Parliamentary Select Committee hearings. Behaviour by other Select Committee members has also drawn harsh criticism by some members of the public who attended the sessions.

The Roadshow and Select Committee hearings are being held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFAT) and  Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Select Committee (respectively)  to seek public submissions on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, aka, the TPPA;

More than 330 people have asked to give their views on the controversial trade treaty to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Committee in person.

The committee will hold hearings in Christchurch on 31 March and 1 April, and in Auckland the following week, before returning to Wellington, where it has already heard some submissions.

Committee chair Mark Mitchell said there would be more than enough time for the hearings.

“I’ve made sure that we allow plenty of time, so that’s going to allow us enough time to be able to hear everyone that wants to make an oral submission to the committee.”

Mitchell,  the Chairperson  of the Select Committee, was defending the shortened reporting time of the Select Committee back to Parliament. As Mei Heron reported for Radio NZ;

MPs have been given just five days to consider hundreds of submissions on the controversial TPP trade deal after the timeframe was drastically cut from four weeks.

The select committee was originally give a month to write its report and present it back to Parliament.

Opposition MPs were furious at the sudden change and they called it an attack on democracy.

The trade deal has already been roundly criticised by its opponents for being too secretive and lacking consultation.

The Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Select Committee had been hearing submissions on the TPP from hundreds of people across the country and that will continue until the end of the month.

But opposition members on the committee say they were told yesterday the government wanted to cut down the time they had to analyse the submissions, so the legislation could get through by the end of the year.

Predictably, Opposition members of the Select Committee expressed dismay and anger at National’s unilateral change of the Committee’s timetable, with  Green MP, Kennedy Graham, roundly condemning the move;

“It’s just a slap of indifference and dismissal of some very sincere, very capable and hard-working New Zealand people. It shows it up for what it is – which is essentially a ‘roadshow’ with a predetermined end.”

Graham’s assertion that the public submission process  “ is essentially a ‘roadshow’ with a predetermined end”, is confirmed after  a startling admission by the Committee’s chairperson, Mark Mitchell. On “Morning Report” on 8 April, Mitchell vented his obvious frustration with the New Zealand public;

TDB Recommends

@ 3.45

“I think, I think some people are very set in their views. And to be honest with you my feeling is that it doesn’t matter what evidence we provide or how we try to balance the information that could allay those fears, they’re already set in their minds. They’ve decided what position they going to take and it’s going to be very hard to probably move them of that position. But there’s other people that are just genuinely worried about it because there has been some misinformation put into the public debate. And often when they get the full story, and of course the Minister’s done a very comprehensive, um, series, at which he’s continuing to do public meetings throughout the country. I think he’s in excess of about 30 or 35 now. Is that people actually just wanted to have some proper information around the TPP.”

(alt. link)

Mitchell complained that  “it doesn’t matter what evidence we provide or how we try to balance the information that could allay those fears, they’re already set in their minds” and “they’ve decided what position they going to take and it’s going to be very hard to probably move them of that position”.

For perhaps the first time in the history of the Westminster Parliamentary process,  a member of Parliament has suggested that the Select Committee process is no longer a forum where the public offer submissions for their elected representatives to listen and consider. Instead, Mitchell’s comments indicate that Select Committees are now viewed as useful tools for  dissemination of  “proper information around the TPP” for the public and businesses.

A Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade website page appears to echo Mitchell’s views on the purpose  of MFAT’s travelling “Road Shows”;

The Government will run a number of events on key TPP outcomes. These will be aimed at ensuring businesses are able to prepare to take advantage of new opportunities presented by TPP’s entry into force, and to provide information of interest to the wider public and other stakeholders. These events follow the extensive public consultations carried out during TPP negotiations.


The Government is running TPP roadshows on the outcomes of TPP for New Zealand. Members of the public are welcome. The roadshows will also help businesses prepare to take advantage of new opportunities presented by TPP’s entry into force

However, the agendas  of both the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee’s submission process and  MFAT’s  “Road Shows” is not shared with the Parliamentary Office of the Clerk;

The Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee is now calling for public submissions on the TPPA and the four related intellectual property treaties. Each treaty has a national interest analysis which sets out the advantages and disadvantages for New Zealand of becoming a party to it.

You have until Friday 11 March 2016 to share your views about these documents with the parliamentary select committee by making a submission.

The committee will consider the written submissions it receives and they will be posted on the Parliament website when released by the committee.

The committee is also expecting to hear from submitters who wish to speak to their submission. Committee staff will contact those submitters to organise a time for them to speak to the committee. Hearings may take place outside of Wellington depending on the number of submitters from each region.

Mark Mitchell seems not to have received the emailed memo from the House Clerk.

The “Road Shows” have also drawn criticism from the way they have been carefully orchestrated. From a Radio NZ story;

Albert-Eden Local Board member Graeme Easte said the event was more of a show and tell, in which Trade Minister Todd McClay and the senior negotiator described what they were doing.

“It was very much pro the agreement,” Mr Easte said.

“Even though half the questioners were clearly sceptical or anti, there wasn’t really an opportunity for a discussion or a debate.”

A member of the public complained that the “Road Show” was being held at a time guaranteed to minimise public attendance;

One placard holder, a teacher, has slipped away from school and down the road to make that point: “Let’s consult widely with the public. How about on a Monday morning when everyone is at work? Yeah right!”

Blogger, ‘SkepticNZ’, related his experience at the Dunedin Roadshow event;


Now attending a Roadshow is not as simple as popping along.  In fact in order to attend you have to first register via the MFAT website.
The good people at MFAT no doubt in the interest of open debate and inclusion have the following requirement upon interested citizens to gain entry.

Please note:

You will need to bring photo ID (e.g. passport or drivers licence) in order to collect your name badge when you attend the roadshow. You may not be permitted entry to the roadshow unless you present photo ID.Entry to the roadshow on the day is entirely at the discretion of the event organizers. Disruptive, threatening or offensive behavior will not be tolerated and may result in you being required to leave the venue.

You must comply with the instructions and directions of the event organizers. You may be required to leave the roadshow if you do not do so.

Right, have you got that? before you can enter Mr McClay’s ‘open debate, informed discussion’ you first have to agree to doing what you are told.
Being a curious and dutiful citizen I prepared my identification, completed my registration, and printed off my MFAT confirmation including individual Bar Code, and off I went to the show.
On arriving at the Venue in Harrop street, I was greeted by some very friendly people keen to hear my views about the TPPA, and happy to give me information sheets.  But enough about the protesters, onto the front door.
The front door itself was guarded by a heavy police presence supported by private security contractors from Amourguard.  A young man from Armourguard asked for my photo ID and then told me I wasn’t on the list and asked me to stand to one side while they check if I could enter.  Which under a watchful Police eye I did.  
I didn’t have long to wait before another slightly older young man from Armourguard came to speak to me and ask if I had my registration form, which of course I did.  After a moment of reading my licence, checking my registration , and checking my licence again I was allowed in the door.
Hallelujah I haven’t had so much scrutiny to enter a door ever in my life.  Not even as an under age drinker in  the last century, nor  at Passport control at Heathrow, have I ever faced such close observation and suspicion.  Crikey there must be something really really important inside.
Inside the door was more police, and more security, and a desk to register to attend the day.  I must say the folks from Orbit (Event Staff) were genuinely friendly and helpful.  In a very short time I was given my ID Card and lanyard and direct to the stair well.  Apparently the Lift was out of order.  This was when yet another Security Officer asked to search my bag.  Being a good citizen I handed my bag over.  Apparently my pen and paper and Banana for morning tea did not constitute dangerous items and I was allow to begin my long climb up the stairs.
The climb itself was uneventful except for the presence of Security Personnel on every landing carefully watching our every move to ensure we went were we where supposed to.
Upon reaching the top floor I was greeted by even more security staff and a lobby to wait in.  The lobby  contained some MFAT TPPA Fact Sheets and that is about it.
After about 10 minutes of standing and being watched we were all allowed to enter the conference room itself.
I must admit by now my expectations where very high. After all why have a small army of security guards if there wasn’t something spectacular inside?


SkepticNZ’s experience is worth reading in it’s entirety.

Another member of the public, Tim O’Shea, who was presenting a submission to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Select Committee on 8 April in Auckland, became upset when he realised that “thirty minutes in, and two National MP’s are missing“;


David Bennet - TPPA select committee hearing


Acknowledgement: Image courtesy of Tim O’Shea

Tim also complained thatof the three who are here, [National MP] David Bennett… spent more time looking at his smart phone than he has spent listening to oral submissions.” [See image above]


tim oshea - facebook - select committee comment and photo


Tim has lodged a formal complaint with the Foreign Affairs Defence Trade Committee chairperson;

“On Thursday I observed that the hearing was well attended by those on the Select Committee, and that all submitters (whether pro or anti the TPPA) were dealt with in a predominantly fair and courteous way. All attending members showed respect for those submitters by making a clear effort to listen to, and look at, the various submitters. The day was a long and busy one – i.e. there were many submissions, and very few unplanned interludes and gaps between the submissions.

On Friday, several submitters expressed their dissatisfaction and disappointment at how few government committee members were in attendance compared to the previous day. I counted just three (including the chairman), compared to five who attended on the Thursday.

That in itself, however, was of less concern to me than the rude, discourteous and totally disrespectful behaviour shown by one of the attending committee members, namely National MP David Barnett.

Despite the fact that the hearing didn’t start until the relatively leisurely time of 10:00am, Mr Barnett clearly felt, as the attached photo that I took at 10:22 shows, that looking at his cell phone was far more important than listening to, or looking at, the first THREE submitters !

It wasn’t until part the way through the third submission that Mr Barnett eventually put his phone down.”

When Tim asked David Barnett “to put his cell phone down for ten minutes to show some courtesy and respect“;

“The chairman, Mark Mitchell told me that I should not address committee members directly in that way, and that the members had other important work to do during the hearing – I responded that I also had work to do, and that the least he could do is listen to me and show some respect.”

Tim added;

“As I continued to the end of my submission, David Barnett showed complete and utter contempt by looking at his cell phone for the whole time that I presented, showing no interest at all, and not even looking up at me. Chairman Mark Mitchell said nothing about it whatsoever.’

The complainant claims that Committee Chairperson, Mark Mitchell then criticised Tim for his “bad behaviour”. According to Tim O’Shea;

“Mr Mitchell then told me that he didn’t like the fact that I stood up to do my submission.”

In an obviously increasingly tense atmosphere, another Select Committee member, Labour’s David Shearer, was allegedly over-heard referring to Tim as an  “arrogant twat”  to fellow-committee member,  Green MP Kennedy Graham.

David Shearer is a known supporter of the TPPA. In January this year, he was censured by Labour-leader Andrew Little for breaking ranks with Labour over the TPPA.

The complaint is on-going.

Whatever purpose the “Road Show” has, it clearly has upset members of the public. According to comments made by Mark Mitchell, and repeated on an MFAT website, Green MP, Kennedy Graham was correct when he condemned the exercise as;

“…essentially a roadshow with a predetermined end.”

Certain MPs  seem to hold the attitude that they are not so much highly-paid civil-servants, elected to represent us  in Parliament – but instead “members [who] had other important work to do”. These MPs forget that they hold office at our pleasure.

The clear perception is that public participation is not welcome at the “TPPA Roadshow” or Select Committee.

The farce surrounding the TPPA continues.





Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Select Committee Role MP Name Party, Electorate
Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Chairperson Mitchell, Mark National Party, Rodney
Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Deputy-Chairperson Reti, Shane National Party, Whangarei
Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Member Bennett, David National Party, Hamilton East
Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Member Graham, Kennedy Green Party, List
Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Member Muller, Todd National Party, Bay of Plenty
Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Member Ross, Jami-Lee National Party, Botany
Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Member Shearer, David Labour Party, Mt Albert
Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Member Tabuteau , Fletcher NZ First, List
Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Member Tisch, Lindsay National Party, Waikato
Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Member Woods, Megan Labour Party, Wigram



Trade Minister Todd McClay appears to be labouring under an illusion when said;

“But you’ve got to remember it’s been over seven years or more of negotiation, so not all of that consultation or engagement will be remembered.”

MFAT repeated the fantasy;

These events follow the extensive public consultations carried out during TPP negotiations.

One of the most trenchant criticisms of the TPPA is that there was no public consultation carried out during the negotiations. It was all done in secret.

In fact, Professor Jane Kelsey won a court case on this very issue.

So one has to wonder how Todd McClay and MFAT can make the startling assertions that there was “extensive public consultations carried out during TPP negotiations“.

Too soon to be re-writing recent history, yes?



National MP, Mark Mitchell, is closely connected with far-right activist,Simon Lusk, who runs (ran?) a private, self-styled “candidates school” for potential National Party candidates. Amongst those National MPs linked to Lusk are Taupo MP Louise Upston, Maungakiekie MP Sam Lotu-Iiga, Napier MP Chris Tremain, disgraced former list MP, Aaron Gilmore, and Minister Judith Collins. (Lusk, in turn, is associated with “Whaleoil’s” Cameron Slater; “Kiwiblog’s” David Farrar; and “Taxpayer Union’s” Jordan Williams.)



To Tim O’Shea, for kind permission to  use his material (images, quotes, etc) and for proof-reading my story to ensure accuracy.





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  1. Problem for you Mr Mitchell is that a lot of us don’t believe anything you and the rest of your government say anymore because we have had it up to here with your lies and b…s!
    You must think all of us are complete fools.
    I have news for you Mr Mitchell, all of us are not fools, the only fools are those who believe all of your b…s.

    • Well said Frank ; Mike : Tim; AB ; Sam ; Elle; Cleangreen and Robert etc.
      And the asleep ; Natz loving brainwashed fools keep believing that there is some conscience and ethics and morality in their B.S. parties soul.
      When there is no moral compass – the lies and long noses just come flowing out without second thoughts and we then know our govt. is being led by idiots with no conscience – fools in denial swimming in greed, corporate lap dogs.
      We should not be surprised, we just need to get rid of the elitist maggot filth as soon as possible.

  2. Wait! What? People are surprised at this guy’s arrogance?

    My only surprise is that people are still surprised. National have been setting New Zealand up on a slippery slope now for 7 1/2 years now. What is new about a National M.P. in this Government being devious?

  3. Its like presenting a case about Jack the Ripper, according to National Tppa roadshow its yesterdays news, with no one brought to account ,no one guilty of of non accountability.
    National has no intention of listening to the people,we are nobody until time to vote.
    If we had a submission on the Panama Papers and our view of it ,most National mps would be sick or on holiday.
    This government is not interested in the truth ,they controll the news about everything and only their opinion counts because they hold all the cards and all play with sleight of hand.

  4. The saddest part of this post for me was that nasty little Shearer side comment. It seems the man has learned nothing from his flirtation with (and failure to achieve) personal political power. There is going to have to be some vigorous pruning running up to the next election.

    I wonder how democratic our systems are.

    To MPs: Think hard. Do you believe you have something to contribute that another, fresher mind could not do as well or better? Seriously, Clayton Cosgrove is surely not the only clear-sighted one among you? If you still have passion and drive, fine: compete for your place at selection time. If the prospect of another term in opposition turns you into a drone and your job into a time-serving sinecure it is surely time to move on gracefully.

    That is surely better than the bum’s rush?

  5. “… chairman, Mark Mitchell told me that I should not address committee members directly in that way,

    …Mr Mitchell then told me that he didn’t like the fact that I stood up to do my submission.”

    How dare he show such insolence when in the presence of National Party royalty! How dare he stand in their presence! To the lash with you, INFIDEL!
    /s (though not so much)

    This government is truly despotic and needs to be deposed.

  6. National MP, Mark Mitchell, is closely connected with far-right activist,Simon Lusk, who runs (ran?) a private, self-styled “candidates school” for potential National Party candidates. Amongst those [National MPs] linked to Lusk are …….

    and John Palino, entrepreneur and 2013 mayoral runner-up; confirmed candidacy on 29 February 2016[9]….

    Not much variety swimming at the bottom of that gene pool…..

  7. It is not possible to negotiate with fascists.

    Nor is it possible to persuade fascists to not be fascists.

    Hitler was very popular amongst Germans for quite a while, and it was only losing the war, bringing about the ruination of the country, and committing suicide that cost him the 1945 election.

  8. So Mitchell doesn’t like it that some have made up the minds and don’t want to listen to reason?

    Mitchell who has made up his mind (or had it made up for him) and doesn’t want to listen to reason?

  9. I attended the same Dunedin session as SkepticNZ and can confirm all that he said, including the out of service lift. I was so disgusted that the Committee had made attendance as difficult as possible, that I wrote to our local paper outlining how hostile the environment was for those who jumped through all the hurdles put in their way. The letter was not published.

    • What, a corrupt media that serves the hierarchical corporate agenda and censors dissent out of existence?

      Who would have thought that could happen in a ‘democracy’?

    • Hey Frank.

      Thank you very much for shining a light on all of this. There was absolutely no press in attendance at the hearing, which was really disappointing, so we really appreciate your giving us (the submitters) a voice by writing and publishing this article.

      Cheers !

      • It’s a privilege to be able to do something about it, Tim. For one reason or another, there is so much not covered by the MSM these days, and it falls back to citizens to report on what’s going on.

  10. “of the three who are here, [National MP] David Bennett… spent more time looking at his smart phone than he has spent listening to oral submissions.”

    Yes David Bennett is just a slimy take orders man as he was during the Transport select Committee where he showed such horrifying arrogance to all manner of Politicians and submitters to.

    He should resign from Government for his ineffective manner of conducting that committee.

  11. You have to question the necessity of that level of security. How was it justified? Just seems like it was organised to intimidate and suppress. Beggars belief, yet again. It’s becoming too common in New Zealand, that sensation.

  12. I attended the same sessions as Tim on Friday. I also noted David Bennett’s inability to those submitting either his attention or much respect. I doubt he had a nail left either.
    In the morning, minus the two National MPs he mentions as well as any media whatsoever, and David Shearer, who was replaced with a much more attentive Carmel Sepuloni, I presented after also hearing Mr Mitchell’s comments on RNZ earlier.
    Incensed at the hubris in the comments I directly challenged Mr Mitchell and the rest of the committee directly on the curtailment of 75% on their time to deliver a report on that many submissions and their ability to do so competently, or with any real credibility or integrity.
    I also challenged the assertions that had been made about those taking time out of busy lives and requiring time off work too, and also queried as inferred whether the whole process as much of a charade like ‘exersize’ as it felt listening to that, and were the pre NIA consultation and pre ratification events actually no more than an expensive sham, a waste of everyone’s time and actually a fait accompli?
    Apparently the sessions were recorded so I wil be requesting a copy of Friday’s. Unsurprisingly my delivery varied from my written submission because I wanted my disappointment and concern registered at such an insulting process and I am pretty sure that certainly was conveyed.
    The fact no mainstream media attended and this is such a supposedly magnificient deal and the largest ever negotiated, most can draw their own conclusions I’m sure!
    I’m with Bryan Bruce, Naani Tim and others. It felt disingenuous and there is no way any report could be done in that time frame even if all the committee had been present the whole time!
    Thankyou for writing this Frank.
    Im sure many more will add their thoughts too.

  13. From a Sunday Times article in 2011…

    “Mitchell was one of five people contesting the National Party candidacy for Rodney when the selection process was abruptly postponed earlier this month amid allegations of delegate stacking.

    That dirty laundry was aired, but there’s been little publicity about a smear campaign against Mitchell. Documents were circulated questioning his work in the Middle East, appearing to suggest he was involved in a Muslim-funded Somalian private army.”

  14. A core aspect of our democracy in New Zealand is our Select Committee process. Or at least, how it should work.

    It’s supposed to be an avenue for MPs as our representatives to hear submissions for and against a proposal, from the public. They’re supposed to take all information into consideration when deciding on how laws are written, and maybe even if a particular law should even be recommended or not.

    It is not supposed to be a process where the government of the day uses their time at taxpayers expense to convince the public to accept their proposed law.

    And to do it in this manner? With heavy security, police, Armaguard and photo ID required?

    Looks like a dictatorship. Smells like a dictatorship. Walks like a dictatorship.

    How far will we let them go before we pull the plug? Because our voting rights, once every three years, will be the last to go.

    This is what you voted for New Zealand. I’m disgusted. Seriously considering going to live somewhere else.

  15. 2016: The Year Americans Found Out Their Elections Are Rigged

    And, of course, in NZ elections are similarly rigged, by the corporate media, ‘donations’ and the election funding regulations etc.

    It’s an oligarchy, and if your not in ‘the club’ you’re screwed. On the other hand, if you’re in ‘the club’ you can ‘do no wrong’…….well, if you’re actually caught red-handed buggering children it may be a little bit difficult to get you off the hook, but practically anything else is okay….. lying , stealing, undisclosed business deals, tax havens, serial philandering, assault, rape, drug dealing……

  16. For the majority of submitters this was one of the most terrifying experiences as it’s not a normal part of life. The rudeness and arrogance we experienced was intimidating and destroyed the confidence of many of us. I had to sit and watch the destruction of one man, in public, which was horrifying. I like to hope the govt MP’s concerned had no concept of what they actually did. 17th March in Wellington I presented my submission.
    Of those present Todd Muller and David Bennett (natz) were whispering, laughing and texting/tweeting until one of the submitters complained.
    Fletcher Tabluteau and David Clark and Kennedy Graham asked relevant questions.
    Jamie-Lee Ross – where to begin. He was acting as a govt attack dog with all the submitters. His questions were really grandstanding so he could project the party line. The rest of them were working on something else on their laptops and Mark Mitchell had people come in the door to speak with him many times so he had no idea what was really happening in the room.
    I had my say and discussed an important point. I know it didn’t even dent the consciousness of most of them and they will not recall what my point was. Jamie-Lee won’t remember me having to control myself as I almost launched myself to whack him one.
    I was naive enough to have started the day hoping they could not ignore us all. I came away totally discouraged at the process.

  17. Thanks Frank.
    When you swim with and defend the greedy elite, then you are already bought and sold and their credibility is in the toilet. These out of touch politicians are not serving their constituents but serving those who are desperate to get these insane trade agreements through.
    Corporate control; corporate greed; bought lobbyists who write our laws and all supported by brain dead and owned politicians that only think they are acting in the best interests of the people and the environment.
    Sad days for true democracy and a sad day if TPPA passes, which I really think it will not. Too many smell the lunacy and are waking up daily.

  18. So really, what Mitchell is telling us is that we are his servants, to be indictrinated?

    Shades of authoritarianism!!

  19. So any submission I make to a select committee under this parliament I can consider an utter waste of my time? Not exactly a stirling endorsement of democracy in this country, is it? No wonder Transparency International has downgraded NZ.

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