Waatea 5th Estate – Kermadec Islands another confiscation


The national government’s bill to establish a massive sanctuary around the Kermadec Islands passed its first reading unanimously last month.

The Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary is a significant global commitment to protecting the ocean environment with 6 million birds, 35 species of whale and dolphins, three species of turtle and 150 species of fish.

Te Ohu Kaimoana, the Maori fisheries body has launched legal action against the government’s saying it “rides roughshod” over iwi interests.

Here to discuss the issue with me in studio from the Far North, former MP and Leader of the Mana Party Hone Harawira……….in Kaitaia the Chariman of the Ngati Kuri Board Harry Burkhardt…….in Wellington Green Party Environment Spokesprson Eugenie Sage and Labour Party MP for Te Tai Tonga and Fisheries Spokesperson Rino Tirikatene.


  1. “I do what I do for Maori, I don’t do it for Iwi.”

    Tumeke Hone!

    Very impressed with his progressive stance on the issue. He also distances himself from “Corporate Maori.”

      • No Frank, as opposed to Everyday Maori who never seem to get a slice of the pie. Hone was even describing the “rape and pillage” approach to commercial fishing adopted by some companies, which flies in the face of tikanga. So I would put Corporate Maori in the same boat, so to speak, as those who have lost their connection to the culture yet leverage their position from it.

        • Funny how you seem to be concerned at “corporate maori”, Himsee.

          So corporate pakeha doesn’t seem to bother you as much as those “uppity brown boys”?! I think the recently released Panama Papers shines a light on pakeha corporate culture – but no worries there, eh bro?

          In case you’re missing the point, Anonymous-user-known-as-Himsee, your racism is duly noted.

          • Dear Mr. Macskasy,

            You are the one who brought up “Corporate Pakeha”; please don’t conflate my position of applauding somebody who stands up for the people with only disparaging Corporates of a particular colour.

            In case you need a blunter clarification: neither Corporate Maori nor Corporate Pakeha are aspiring beacons of our community.

            Yours faithfully,
            An anonymous poster on the internet.

            • So why focus on just one particular group; “Corporate Mari” (even if such a thing exists)?

              You’ve never posted anything against the white corporate “elites”, Anonymous-poster-Himsee. And in cae you’ve been holidaying on the Dark Side of the Moon the last nine years, it was white corporates in Wall Street and ‘City of London’ who brought the global economy to it’s knees in 2007/08. The wealth of this planet has been plundered by white corporates; wealth has trickled up to the top 1%; and the environment and Third World nations have suffered badly in the process.

              The irony is that you’re indulging in a bit of racism masked as “anti corporatism” – though Maori have simply emulated pakeha in the process.

              There was no capitalism in these islands. Not until colonials arrived; took over at musket-point; and introduced notions own private property, money, and profit to Maori.

              And then you have the cheek to then deride “”corporate maori” for picking up pakeha ways? Riiiight…

              • I feel like you’re dragging this into a place far from where it started out. I’ve never been accused of racism before and there’s no racist statement anywhere in my posts. Anti-corporatism, sure, and that’s my point.

                If you would prefer a more tactful comment, perhaps I could say:

                “He also distances himself from NZ fishing corporations (of which at least 30% are controlled or influenced by Maori) who engage in unsustainable rape and pillage practices.”

                Is the scale of Pakeha Corporate destruction larger than that of Maori? Undoubtedly. Will I launch into a diatribe about the chaos Corporate Wall St has inflicted on our society? Not in this post. In any case, we have your lengthy blogs to take care of that.

                If a business puts profits before people or the environment, then I will speak out against them. It doesn’t matter if they’re Maori, Pakeha, Chinese, Russian or Inuit.

                • I haven’t seen you speak out against other expressions of racism, Himsee. You seem only to vent your spleen at Maori?? Why is that??

                  • Half of the statements in this thread invoke a “tu quoque” fallacy, which somehow make me out as a racist monster.

                    It’s a good argument against posting on comment forums, because short text posts are sure to be taken out of context.

                    But I’ll answer your question if you’re still listening.

                    Why don’t I “speak out against other expressions of racism”? TDB articles aren’t racist, but some of the comments are. I adopt a “don’t feed the trolls” approach, as they post offensive material to get a kick out of the response.

                    You’ll find that I never vent my spleen in the occasional posts that I do make, and when I do comment they only deal with logical inconsistencies. disparity between rich vs poor, environmental destruction vs conservation etc.

        • It’s laughable how many pakeha will comfortably accept the neo-liberal paradigm and corporate shenanigans on Wall St, but the moment “corporate Maori” do the same, all of a sudden they rear up on their hind legs in outrage. Not racism, Himsee? No, of course not.

          • There are racists Priss, and I’m not one of them. FRANK MACSKASY has shifted the discussion away from my original point, implying that because I mentioned environmental wrong-doing of Maori companies, that I must think the same behaviour of Pakeha companies is okay? Ridiculous.

            I was alluding to a tiered societal structure which sadly reaches most places touched by capitalism.

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