City Vision Team for Waitematā combines experience and new talent



City Vision has selected a strong team of experienced elected representatives and new, diverse talent to contest the seven seats on the Waitematā Local Board, covering Auckland’s city centre and central suburbs.

“With candidates including three Local Board members, a former Councillor, a young social entrepreneur, a teacher, and a media professional, we are confident we have a strong, broad-based, progressive team to advance the interests of our Waitematā communities” says current Local Board Chair and City Vision candidate, Shale Chambers.

Our talented City Vision candidates for the Waitematā Local Board are as follows:

– Shale Chambers, current Chair of the Waitematā Local Board and Ponsonby lawyer
– Adriana Christie, social entrepreneur and young environmentalist
– Pippa Coom, current Deputy Chair of the Waitematā Local Board
– Chang Hung, media personality
– Richard Northey, former Auckland Councillor
– Kurt Taogaga, teacher and community volunteer
– Vernon Tava, current Waitematā Local Board member and business broker

“Our candidates are grounded in the local community and will stand up for the things that matter to local people: transport and housing choice, care for our environment and heritage, keeping assets in public ownership and making Council work effectively through strong community engagement.”

“Our candidates will be working hard from now right through to the local government election in October to listen to our communities and win their support. Our communities deserve a strong community voice”, says Shale Chambers.