Political Caption Competition




  1. “Oh look…at the end of the day, I don’t think that’s something most New Zealanders would be interested in really”

  2. [Comment deleted. – ScarletMod] the other likes fondling girls and ladies pony tails. i’m not one to gossip but…….

  3. “One of us has something to hide. Don’t panic John, no one will no about your little secret, you know, your 2 hidden trust funds”!

  4. Vincent: Have you ever given a foot massage?
    Jules: Don’t be tellin’ me about foot massages. I’m the foot fuckin’ master.
    Vincent: Given a lot of ’em?
    Jules: Shit yeah. I got my technique down and everything, I don’t be ticklin’ or nothin’.
    Vincent: Would you give a guy a foot massage?
    Jules: Fuck you.
    Vincent: You give them a lot?
    Jules: Fuck you.
    Vincent: You know, I’m getting kinda tired. I could use a foot massage myself.
    Jules: Yo, yo, yo, man, you best back off. I’m getting pissed here. This is the door.
    Vincent: There it is.
    Jules: What time you got?
    Vincent: 7:22 in the a.m.
    Jules: No, it’s not time yet. Let’s hang back.
    Vincent: I ain’t saying it’s right. But you’re saying a foot massage don’t mean nothing, and I’m saying it does. Now look, I’ve given a million ladies a million foot massages, and they all meant something. We act like they don’t, but they do, and that’s what’s so fucking cool about them. There’s a sensuous thing going on where you don’t talk about it, but you know it.

  5. Identikit zombies – note the suits, white shirts, ties and forced smiles masking ingrained sociopathy.

  6. John Key takes time out to visit participant in National’s “Prominent New Zealander Protection Scheme”.

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