Key and Slater turn NZers against politicians and bloggers



After what was revealed in Dirty Politics and the mass surveillance lies, a deep distrust in the public towards bloggers and politicians has been borne out by latest research…

NZ is facing a ‘crisis of distrust’ with faith in MPs plummeting – new study

The level of trust in Members of Parliament has fallen by 54 per cent since 2013, with less than one in 10 New Zealanders saying they have complete or lots of trust in elected officials.
Ministers in John Key’s government didn’t fare much better, with just under half of the 1000 people surveyed in the Victoria University study responding they’ve lost trust in them.
“Our report suggests that there may be a crisis of distrust in the country,” director of the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies Michael Macaulay said.
“Our trust in politicians, particularly around party funding, are viewed with great scepticism.”
The mainstream media, along with online commentators, local government and large corporations also recorded significant falls in public confidence.

…the mainstream media are also despised. One of the tactics used by far right political fixer Simon Lusk is to raise the hatred and spite of politics so much that people turn away from it ensuring a low voter turn out which always favours the right.

Those tactics of cynicism and spite are the winner in all of this. We have traded the promise of democracy for a carnival of lies.

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  1. Of course, there is also the contributing issue of the general dumbing down of society (now completed) as one of the results/aims of Rogernomics/Reaganism/Thatcherism (otherwise known as Monetarism) since the 1980s which means New Zealand, like the United States, has a huge number of people who can’t tell the difference between good and bad in politics anymore and while disatisfied with the current crop of politicians have decided that voting for rascist/mysoginist/etc leaders is the answer.

    • You are wrong, whether or not there has been a plan to dumb everyone down (there hasn’t), it is simply not true. More people go to school, more people finish school, more people go to University. Not to mention the internet with all it’s information.

      Go back to the 80’s and you will find everyone was spoon feed from one source – the mainstream media.

      • Dumbing down involves the MSM increasingly treating their readers/viewers as idiots and giving them only fluff or insubstantial things to see which won’t tax their brains and get them thinking about what is really going on.
        That’s your biggest fear on the right isn’t it – the fear that people might start thinking for themselves?

    • Our dear friend mike sabin is the guy on the right who is rumoured to be under a,dark cloud who resigned the northland seat in parliament just after the last election .

      • @ Geoff Lye – and Mr Sabin seems to have landed a very good job managing a Northland luxury resort, owned by a Chinese consortium, last I heard.

        I take it FJK and the former Northland MP were good buddies prior to, during and immediately after the last election, before Mr Sabin retired from politics!

        In the true Kiwi spirit of friendship, I trust they have remained good friends since.

  2. I don’t know why Peter Jackson spent a fortune on CGI trolls for the Hobbit movies. Farrar and Slater could easily have played the roles without the need for costly special-effects or makeup.

  3. NZ is facing a ‘crisis of distrust’ with faith in MPs plummeting – new study

    The right in US are also attacking each other and studies also show that causes voter turnoff in which the left less fortunate do seem to be turned off and loose interest in politics advantaging right wing parties.

    The answer to our declining faith in our political system NZ is facing of a ‘crisis of distrust’ with faith in MPs recent new study, is that we need the left political Parties to band together and place a legal challenge inn court now to seize half of RNZ for TV/radio transmission of uplifting programs that they are promoting to for the next election that include real change ridding the National Government corruption and nastiness and promote a caring gentler, inclusive future Government they will bring next year.

    This will turn the tide and rid the Carpetbaggers and Key & Co selling off all our assets, closing our iconic manufacturers such as our loss of our historic woollen Carpet mills and Fisher & Pykel which is now closing today.

    the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT are sending us all to the dust bin!!!!!

    Help Opposition now, place a court order to take half of RNZ for equal broadcasting time for the opposition Parties for the upcoming election.

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