Is Westpac an enemy of activists and journalists in NZ?


Eeek, Westpac are following me…

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 4.39.45 pm

…we all know now that Westpac handed Nicky Hager’s details over to Police without a warrant.

We also know now that when the Police request this information, Westpac then ruin the persons credit rating by putting a black mark against the individual the Police are asking questions about.

A spiteful Police force wanting to lash out the way they did by illegally searching Hager’s home might decide to do that just for fun against other activists, journalists and bloggers.

I asked Nicky’s lawyer on twitter in light of Nicky taking the Police  to court again if Westpac had been asked by the Police for any other activists, journalists or bloggers details and whether Westpac had handed such information over and also ruined their credit rating.

That’s when I noticed Westpac had begun to follow me on Twitter.

So, while I have Westpac’s attention, did you hand over to the Police any other activist, journalist or blogger’s details the way you did with Nicky Hager?

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  1. Westpac are the worst of the scum Aussie banks – never, ever trust or use any of their services. I would like to say more but it would seem like I had an axe to grind or something!

  2. I’m sure that Westpac are an A+rated corporate citizen in NZ, after all, much of their profit is generated here. If they were so quick to hand over what they thought was illegal to police, I’m sure they will hand over to the Tax Department, any illegal trust and money secretion activity to do with the Panama Papers, and tax havens in New Zealand.

    12,000 trusts and 60,000 transactions. Should be a pretty big file to hand of to IRD, even if they are a banker with conservatively speaking, 1/4 of of NZ’s banking business, then 3,000 Trust Details and 15,000 transactions links with the Panama Papers will take up a pretty big “Wine Box” full of USB’s.

    Where’s my male namesake Winston Peters when it comes to Wine Boxes? Gone a bit quiet in Northland and The Beehive lately hasn’t it?

    • Westpac were probably frightened into giving up information when the Police reminded them that they handle all the major government accounts now, but the government could always find another bank to do that when the contract next comes up for renewal.

  3. Yes Martyn as they (Westpac) fabricate everything to sell a buck even our privacy mate.

    Pure low life.

  4. Police do not require a warrant to request information from banks or other organisations neither to IRD or other government departments.

    • Of course they do not need a warrant to REQUEST information. Anyone can request information. But if you don’t have either a signed authority on someone else’s behalf, a police warrant, or some other kind of legal authority – they are not supposed to give out information about someone else’s account.
      They are not supposed to: but obviously they did in this case.
      If any bank gave out information on my account to anyone who was not authorized to get it, I would feel annoyed, but perhaps it wouldn’t worry you IAS.

  5. I think it could be worthwhile looking into Simon Power’s role in all this; in the infancy of Key’s tenure at the helm, many commentators seemed to have Power tipped as a rising star and possible successor. Towards the end of that first term, Westpac’ contract came into question as the government’s master bank of choice for wage payment’s etc. The opposition and many others called for the contract to be given to Kiwibank. I recall that it was Simon Power who overruled any suggestion that this be taken forward, and then this promising MP and mooted future leader suddenly left politics for a fancy job at Westpac. Now, I believe in coincidences, but….

  6. I’ll be changing my bank account and moving away from Westpac shortly, when my fixed mortgage ends. I would’ve done it sooner if I hadn’t been locked in for the last two years.

      • not if the government changes, jonkey Nact is out on his head or in jail

        … and the people opt for the Green future for KiwiBank as the New Zealanders peoples bank

        …and fully supported and guaranteed by a Left coalition governement

    • I see that even Jim Anderton is “OK” with Kiwibank being half sold-off.

      The “Mum and Dad investors” bullshit that went with the power companies sell off has been ditched in favour of The Super Fund etc.

      When the last state asset is sold off, maybe NZ can tax the Panama Papers Trust Funds to pay its way? Yeah right!

  7. What the hell is ACC buying bank for? Where does the ACC get enough funds to buy a bank? Wouldn’t the money be better spent paying out properly on ACC claims, or lowering premiums for kiwis.

    Smoke and mirrors, smoke and f-ing mirrors.

  8. Westpac will probably stay the government bank,their man is on the inside.
    Westpac knows too much about trusts and laundering to lose the contract

    Westpac handles all super payments so Kiwibank part share will probably be given to Westpac to run,benefiting them from superfunds investment.
    ACC takes part of Kiwibank share benefitting the government, who banks with Westpac. so Westpac will do ok thankyou very much.
    Westpac is the governments bank so happily handed over Nicky Hagars details .
    Nicky Hagar is one of the International investigative journalists,so the light will shine on government and Westpac .Westpac objects to investigation into banks.They may not have a choice.The biters going to be bit. Poetic justice at last.

  9. Another thought, if half of Kiwi bank shares are sold to Superfund and ACC, and Postshop benefits from sale, they are all govt entities, its taking from one pile and giving to another pile,and Westpac virtually runs the takings .
    If Westpac was to lose the contract for super payments. and given to Kiwibank to operate,there would be no need to sell half of Kiwibank,they would get a big boost. The present system benefiting an Australian bank and profits sent to Australia.
    Kiwibank would keep profits in NZ and and Postshop benefits as well. The government gets a cut of Postshop, ACC and Kiwibank. Acc and Superfund could get more funding if needed ,ACC charges enough not to need more funds.
    We are told Key is a businessman ,seems hes more of an un nesessary money shuffler benefitting Australia,bet Australia wouldnt operate that way.
    Maybe its easier for the government to do deals for overseas businessmen and their hidden trusts!!!.Of course Westpac could spill the beans on trusts if the contract was taken off them,as someone said “smoke and mirrors”from a money trader not a PM.

  10. A bank that provides loans for nuclear weapons ( as documented by Banktrack) sn’t a bank with any ethics at all.

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