Monday will begin the final question of how much NZers are prepared to love John Key endlessly


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Finally, we will know how much NZers love John Key. After the despicable tactics outlined in Dirty Politics, I thought NZers would walk away in disgust from John Key. After the mass surveillance lies brought to life at the Moment of Truth, I thought NZers would walk away in disgust from John Key. After being outed for inappropriately touching a young waitress at her place of work on 10 separate occasions,  I thought NZers would walk away in disgust from John Key.

But they haven’t. If anything the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind have flocked to love John Key more than a shark loves blood.

For some, Key’s anti-intellectualism makes them feel at ease and soothes them from having to think about big ideas that are outside their emotionally stunted comfort zones, for others, his housing property speculative bubble is creating them a false illusion of wealth that they can’t walk away from.

So Monday will begin the final question of how much NZers are prepared to love John Key endlessly.

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Details around what is happening on Monday are shrouded in secrecy, but once those details become public people will demand answers from Key that he won’t be able to squirm away from this time.




  1. Yep clearing the decks, getting the ducks in a line so it all blows over at least a year out from the election.

    Predicted this a week and a half ago, National are so predictable.

  2. A good indication of how seriously the government views this threat is the whereabouts of Wayne Eagleson. If he’s gone on Key’s junket to New York we can assume the govt thinks they have the situation under control. If he’s been left here in NZ to “fight fires at home” however, it’s a fair signal that the PM and the govt are expecting pyrotechnics.

  3. even the case of the prominent NZer, which everyone knows who it is unless you have just arrived in the country, has hardly touched the Government…surely the sheeple of NZ can’t be that sleepy…awaiting breaking news on Monday!!!

  4. the whole scenario of what dear leader knew and when he knew it will be revisited with more vigour perhaps, but, don’t get too excited–likelihood is that the already “forty tonne” suppression order on this case will have more conditions added and be extended for an indefinite period

    the case that one imagines Martyn is managing very well not to mention specifically, is not at all popular in Northland to say the least as Winston Peters knows!

    • What he knew and when he knew it will be consigned to the dustbin that is John Key’s defective memory banks.

      Can’t remember…
      Can’t recall…
      Nobody told me…
      I think you’ll find that most NuuZulders aren’t bothered about the detail…
      Labour did it, I think you’ll find that it’s a Labour Party beat-up….
      I mis-remembered …..
      My previous communications adviser dealt with that and he’s gone….
      If it isn’t detailed on the Whale-oil page, it’s not worth worrying about for most NuuZulders

      Does anyone want a new anthem? Can’t remember if I asked that or not?

      • Well said DT. What I find interesting is that no RWNJ have been on this thread down voting so maybe Key has gone too far even for them this time by covering up what he knew and when.

  5. the people that are supposed to hold him to account are his besties so dont hold your breath. whatever it is they’ll spin it nicely for him. the public wont disown him unless the media tells them to. if you havent figured that out yet youre not paying attention.

  6. After all this time, we still have to pretend we don’t know who the “prominent NZer’ is! The hierarchy think they have the masses in complete ignorance, which couldn’t be further from the truth!

    The Derryn Hinch site is available for NZ news. Always good value for keeping Kiwis up to date with the information they are prevented from learning about in NZ!

  7. In other news John Key is showing his true colours as a stooge for the Washington neocons with his call for US to stay in the TPPA despite all presidential candidates opposing it , at least till they are elected. Also he has called on the UK to stay in the EU, Washington wants the EU to remain together for its own hegemonic reasons.
    Strangely Washington and Key both think it’s ok to interfere in other countries political affairs while that devil Putin carefully avoids doing so

      • …by lunchtime.

        So Key is going to achieve, what Don Brash couldn’t, cuddle us back up to nuclear warships and a country that uses depleted uranium shells in its warfare, police actions, self-appointed world police actions, oil trading and supplies providers ….

        “The Pentagon began searching for material to make denser armor-piercing projectiles. After testing various metals, ordnance researchers settled on depleted uranium. The US and NATO militaries used DU penetrator rounds in the 1991 Gulf War, the Bosnia war, bombing of Serbia, and the 2003 invasion of Iraq.”</i) Wikipedia

  8. Expecting half truthful and honest answers from the lying ; ” out of touch ” and insulting Jonky Donky is about as promising as trusting those deep sea oil companies to responsibly look after the safety of our environment instead of their greedy desires and investment bottom lines.

    When will these asleep sheeples here in NZ really take the time and read
    ” DIRTY POLITICS ” ETC . . . . and start to face the truths about this idiot of a P.M.

    Those who continue to back this worldwide laughing stock of a politician need to have their heads examined. His elitist and smarmy party members leave much to be desired when it comes to leading a country with compassion and a consideration of the well being for all.
    Privatize PRIVATIZE is their answer and down the tubes goes our country and our independence.

    Wake up all you Natz lovers and smell the hypocrisy and the lies and the propaganda and the disgusting cozy relationship this govt. has with major criminal corporations.
    Jonky Donky is a corporation in disguise of a man. Send him back to Hawaii but then poor Hawaii.

  9. A friendly reminder to everyone: please do not even think of posting this person’s name, or clues hinting to his identity. The Daily Blog is subject to Name Suppression orders as is everyone else in this country, and as Cameron “Whaleoil” Slater learned to his misfortune.

    In protecting this website from possible legal action because someone decides to break the law, I will not hesitate to redact or delete posts.

    Repeat offenders will be given a very lengthy time-out.

  10. Until the Hobbits believe that there is a credible alternative to Key, he can do as he pleases.

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