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  1. Meanwhile… In Washington, Currency trader John key, mingling with the big boys, waffled on like his opinion actually meant something, has been peddling his treason…

    But I have to ask, who wrote his confused and contradictory script when he said… “You can’t build a wall, with the greatest respect to the United States, around it. There is a plan to do that, but you can’t actually do that”

    There is a plan???

    “Key warned America could not afford to not be part of the TPP.

    “And that is one of the reasons, I think, why the United States needs to continue to show leadership in the region, because if it abdicates leadership in the region, that role will get filled. It has to. In the end, these economies aren’t going to stand still,” Radio New Zealand reported.”

    Why does John key think the United States has to show leadership in the “region” that’s not America’s to start with? What will John key’s other bed mate, the Chinese government have to say about this?

    • Sent today from our watchdog group (watching NZ Elections fraud), was a Official Information request to the Electoral Commission of how the Electoral Commission operates their counting of the votes.

      Is their process fully secure from any hacking or fraud such as changing the voting to show National won using the fraud practice of a “source code” to manipulate the votes to change the results without any trace if we do not have a copy of the source code used?

      I will check Monday if they received our request under OIA rules for a 21 day reply.

      Keep Democracy alive.

      Watch this eight part testimony of how easy it is to make an election a fraud as we believe the 2014 election was!!!

      • Thank you, thank you, thank you again CleanGreen !! Please send your good important work and findings to all the opposition parties. Looking forward to your next update on this.

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