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  1. While in Washington, Currency trader John key has been peddling his treason…

    Prime Minister John Key is in Washington for a nuclear summit and spoke about trade and the TPP at the US Chamber of Commerce.”You can’t build a wall, with the greatest respect to the United States, around it. There is a plan to do that, but you can’t actually do that, and imagine it is going to work. It’s not. You have to get out there and compete,” Radio New Zealand reported.

    Key warned America could not afford to not be part of the TPP.

    “And that is one of the reasons, I think, why the United States needs to continue to show leadership in the region, because if it abdicates leadership in the region, that role will get filled. It has to. In the end, these economies aren’t going to stand still,” Radio New Zealand reported.”

    Why does John key think the United States has to show leadership in the “region” that’s not theirs to start with? What will John key’s other bed mate, the Chinese government say about this?

  2. Remember the 1080 poison infant formula scare?
    Remember how anti-1080 poison activists were targeted by police and how media dickheads like Mike Hosking were convinced that it was environmental terrorism by West Coast greenies?
    It was nothing to do with them, it was a greedy Auckland businessman trying to get money by blackmail.
    Haven’t seen any apologies to the falsely accused yet, and the MSM has conveniently sidestepped the issue.

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