Union welcomes Bunnings back down on in-store defibrillators – First Union


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The union representing Bunnings workers is welcoming the company’s decision to install defibrillators in five stores, including in stores where staff-owned defibrillators were removed.


“Workers in Dunedin, Nelson and Gisborne were heartbroken when the company removed their staff-owned defibrillators,” said FIRST Union Retail and Finance Secretary Maxine Gay.


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“Having a defibrillator on hand can mean the difference between life and death. Bunnings decision to remove defibrillators they didn’t own and didn’t pay to maintain never made any sense.”


“But thanks to the public’s vocal support, Bunnings management has backed down and agreed to install defibrillators in five stores.”


“Bunnings workers are so grateful for the tremendous public support they’ve received and they hope this decision signals a more conciliatory and even-handed approach to workers’ issues,” says Gay.