Mainstream media back to using whaleoil for story ideas


You would have thought that after the exposure of the ease of manipulation Cameron Slater exerted over the mainstream media, that they would steer clear of him like a radioactive ebola victim exhibiting the first symptoms of the bubonic plague.


Nicky Hager’s smashed evidence from an illegal search has barely been swept from the steps of the High Court, and here are the media once again using Slater as a source for an attack on a Labour MP.

The manner in which ‘news’ in NZ has descended into click bait using social media as the source is lazy, vacuous and under funded journalism at best, but allowing a crypto-facist who’s been on his best behaviour while under numerous legal defamation cases to once again lead the mainstream media is dangerous.

For those in the media who seem to have forgotten…

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…which makes using whaleoil for story ideas to ping Sue Moroney on twitter is so 2013.

It’s like Jason Ede never existed.




  1. Ugh I didn’t realize I would end up there !!! Wish you had put up a warning, I found it an offensive experience finding myself in Slimebag Slater’s site.

    Good point though. Well noted there Martyn.

  2. It must be so frustrating for all those involved in masterminding the hack, hiring the hacker and paying him in bitcoins etc that after all those dirty filthy criminal tactics Whaleoil is still standing.But then, unlike the hack plotters he did nothing criminal; he was only guilty of being effective.

      • yes, defending himself against a vexatious litigant who doesn’t really want the substantive defamation case heard else he’ll have to face up to the facts being made public. Not everyone who stands in court is guilty remember, and some of the guilty never stand in court.

        • If anyone should be in court facing charges its Cameron Slater. Read why Cameron Slater has had a contempt of court slapped on him.

    • Utter bullshit Juana Atkins. Talk about turning a blind eye to National party corruption and criminal activity. National party supporters are so dodgy, they must have criminal mentalities like the National Party to condone that.

      Even the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security’s report confirmed that the Prime Minister’s office engaged in a serious abuse of power.

      Criminals Cameron Slater, Jason Ede and Aaron Bhatnagar should have been charged with illegally hacking into Labour’s commuters. Why do you think they weren’t?

    • “he was only guilty of being effective.”

      Lolz thats not saying much. A fart can be effective. Corruption can be effective. yeah what wailspoil does is “effective” but it’s also unethical, dirty and filthy.

    • Anyone who defends a sub human shit noser for hire like that sack of festering pus Slater is a fetid arse crack dwelling parasite by definition.

    • “Were Slater/Key/Lusk linked to discrediting Len Brown?

      Yes they were. Very good point Doubting Thomas, Lusk’s association with Palino is an important link, and Luigi Weweg slithered his way back to NZ from Italy after he thought the dust had settled. he’s still lurking in the background.

    • @ DOUBTING THOMAS – as far as I know the Ouija man is hanging out in the John Palino 2016 mayoral team.

  3. Since we are on the subject of National’s attack bloggers. Here’s Andrew Little, (who amazingly has been given some space on National’s Herald lately), saying it like it is, particularly about one of them.

    Little says ‘vicious’ online commentary contributes to threats against Govt

    “Labour leader Andrew Little says “well-paid PR operatives” are part of the “vicious” online commentary which he said could be contributing to threats against Government ministers.
    Mr Little said today that a change in the tone of online communications, combined with tough economic conditions, were factors in the recent behaviour by members of the public towards Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett and other MPs.
    He stressed that he was not condoning threats against MPs, but that he had observed a “palpable” difference in anger from New Zealanders compared to a year ago.
    Mrs Bennett has been threatened on several occasions in the past two weeks. In one instance, the minister complained to the police after a Facebook user said someone should “shoot the b**** dead” at her next public appearance.
    Asked what was behind the threats to MPs, Mr Little said this afternoon that some New Zealanders were in a worse position compared to a year ago and were feeling less confident about the future.
    “It’s not a justification for aggressive behaviour or even aggressive comments. But if you combine a sense that people are feeling that life is tougher along with this change in the tone of a lot of communications — some of which are coming from well-paid PR operatives too, I might add — then it’s not surprising that there are some people who are going to read completely the wrong signal and think that it’s OK to make completely unacceptable comments.”
    Mr Little appeared to single out lobbyist Matthew Hooton.
    Asked by a reporter whether he was referring to Mr Hooton, he said “Could be”. He said the lobbyist had “a particularly vicious … edge to his communications”.
    Mr Little said he could not cite specific communications off the top of his head.
    “They have an edge to them, that is, I think, unfitting of somebody who claims to be a disinterested observer with right-wing leanings.”
    Mr Hooton is a former National Party press secretary and is now an outspoken right-wing political commentator.
    Asked to respond to Mr Little’s comments, Mr Hooton said the Labour leader was “an idiot” and he had “no idea” what he was referring to.”

    Does liar Matthew Hooton, (who does know what Little is referring to, like the rest of us do), realize that he has just proved Andrew Little’s point? Maybe if Hooton pushed that big ego of his out of the way for a moment he might see that Andrew Little does indeed have a very valid point.

    • Hey Hooten I have a picture of you slater and key together thick as thieves and grinning like flies on the edge of a long drop seat so I know you know exactly who we are talking about…
      Apparently it’s fine for him to call the dead son of a west coast family who did nothing but get into a car as a passenger “feral scum”… And that is just the tip of the ice berg as anyone who has read Hagers book knows…
      So don’t play dumb with us you muppet…
      Which i worse? a paid National party PR hack celebrating an innocent mans death and insulting a grieving family or making flippant fantasy death threat against hypocritical politician who’s had her nose in the public trough her whole life, is busy selling tax cuts for the rich, bashing beneficiaries and whose idea of climate action is getting a bunch of industry people together to work out what to do about precious coastal property?
      I mean these politicians truly corrupt, so maybe not the death penalty but in a functional democracy they might at least be looking at jail time.
      Certainly for treason against democratic sovereignty as entailed by the traitorous selling out of New Zealanders to financial interests under the tpp and other trade deals along with deregulation of the financial sector and creating one world for the 10 percenters who make their profit off the rest of us in the first place through their strangle hold on financial and political power and then whinge about paying more tax.
      Disgusting animals of strade out of a George Orwell novel.

      • Access to capital is the key to usary and financial success in the Modern World of Neo Liberal Economics, hence operators in the financial markets make money when the markets go up and make money when markets crash by picking up the pieces.

        Debt is an economic tool used by the merchant banking community to gain control of strategic assets, hence I question New Zealand’s borrowings in the past 7 years $12 Billion to $120 Billion of borrowings by the National Government, where has this money been invested and has it been for the betterment of all New Zealanders and New Zealand as a whole?

    • Maybe the threats toward Bennett were based on the fact that she and Chester Burrows had no thought to human safety whilst running over protestors at a rally!!!! Then the hypocrisy of the women to cry wolf!

    • Sadly, until there is a total overhaul of our National Loving Media, I doubt we will get a new government. Key & Co’s propaganda campaign is very effective to turn people off voting, thus allowing them to win.

      • John key was defeated and lost a safe National seat in Northland not long after the general election. John key was defeated again and lost his flag referendum. Dishonest John key just signed our country over to foreign corporations/governments, John key has made NZers tenants in our own country like Labour said Key and his National government would.

        Dishonest John key and his corrupt government are beatable, DESPITE their corrupt lying msm.

  4. Whale gets all the inside knowledge from his feeders with in the Government and Government organisations, he was previously used as a Government leaker and attack dog refer to the book Dirty Politics.

  5. And what was Moroney thinking when she launched her tirade against the bach owners in the first place. Hypocrite much?

    • Over exaggeration much? Tweeting “”Just ‘ is (sic) you own a flash beach house doesn’t mean you get to decide our flag,” is not a tirade. And its not hypocritical either.

      If everyone else can have a view about the flag, why not her. I have seen worse comments from vicious rwnjs.

    • Over exaggeration much? Tweeting “”Just ‘ is (sic) you own a flash beach house doesn’t mean you get to decide our flag,” is not a tirade. And its not hypocritical either.

      If everyone else can have a view about the flag, why not her. I have seen worse comments from vicious rwnjs.

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