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  1. This discussion is worth watching imo…why are not European leaders looking to the causes of the terrorist attacks and the refugee crisis?

    ‘Europe terrorized’

    “This time it was Brussels. Europe has become a battlefield in which terrorists can roam free and undetected. Of course we mourn the victims. But it is way past the time to talk honestly – Europe’s experiment with limited sovereignty is negligent and endangers citizens. And NATO’s conflicts of choice in the Middle East generate war refugees, migrants, but also terrorists of all kinds. It is time for action.

    CrossTalking with Pepe Escobar, Gilbert Doctorow, and John Laughland.”

  2. Yes Chooky,

    The military industrial complex needed more munitions and armaments to sell so they staged a future war at home in their back yard for good business reasons.

  3. Does anyone find it odd that during the last Election National complained to the Electoral Commission about Labour or other opposition parties engaging in using inappropriate political Sketches using music, cartoons and cardboard figures?

    Wasn’t the Labour sinking boat sketch also inn this category?

    We looked back at the U Tube video made from the “Hollow men” Nicky Hagar book (see link here,)

    This was about and during the 2005 National election campaign they used cardboard characters also depicting Helen Clark & Michael Cullen doing supposedly silly talking. So how and why did national see fit to ban labour doing what they did????

    The most glaring sad fact was that the “Electoral Commission” failed in it’s fairness to all parties here, and upheld the national complaint

    Story of John Key backstabbing Don Brash to become leader of National in 2005 when he arranged with The exclusive Bretheren to tie Brash to circulation of posters.

  4. There needs to be an independent review of the electoral commission – agreed clean green – something is certainly not sitting right in that department…. I smell a rat.

  5. For anyone who still thinks the USA is the rightful leader of the Western world and they will protect us against various evils this short documentary shows how corrupt the Department of Justice in the USA is and who they are really protecting. Would a small country like NZ have any chance against this sort of legal system in the event of a challenge under the TPPA against say GMO’s or Nuclear Proliferation.

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