How Brian Tamaki and Trump are the same



I’m no theologian, but I think speaking to money is about the weirdest, grossest, least spiritual thing anyone pretending to be a Bishop could ever admit to. Jesus was pretty heavy handed on the old money lenders and the rich, he was pretty socialist in his world view, but people like the Bish and Trump appeal to old testament prosperity religion to justify their narcism, greed and hypocrisy.


In Brian’s world, having gold watches, money, luxury trips, expensive cars and huge mansions is proof that God is blessing him. To everyone else its proof he’s preying on the weak and miserable of his mega church.  It’s the old testament mentality that God blesses his chosen ones to live highly profitable lives which is very convenient for those who live highly profitable lives.

Trump is playing to this same misguided divinity of greed. He has picked up so much support from Evangelicals because success and wealth is evidence of God’s blessings. In a world of selfishness dressed up as morality, those who are deceived are as lost as those who deceive.

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If the Bishop is whispering to $100 notes, he requires counselling, not worship.


  1. I grew up attending a Presbyterian Sunday school in 1951 and was educated to frown on those who chased “the almighty dollar”.

    And I still do today, as we need to provide an equal re-distribution of our common wealth.

    Not grow a rich & poor society that greed divides the people.

    Shonkey calls “chasing the almighty dollar” as “aspirational” I say it is naked greed.

    • Absolutely spot on there CLEANGREEN. My thoughts exactly.

      In my case, my Socialist beliefs came from a very staunch radical Socialist grandmother. She taught me a lot about the importance of social justice, particularly the value of the equal distribution of a nation’s wealth, through the citizenry’s social obligation of supporting the poor and dispossessed. And she was one to put her social values in in to practice, through practically working with and assisting those less fortunate in the community.

      I’m proud to say these same beliefs have rubbed off on to our two adult children. Hopefully our two grandsons will also share the same social values.

  2. Cloud nine ain’t big enough for Tamaki because so many disaffected, disoriented and deranged are with him.

    • The bish does talk a really good talk though, have to admit.

      Has to be to sell a life style with Pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.

      Has any one mentioned there are vicious leprechauns guarding there gold armed with freaking magic.

    • it is the love of money that is the root of evil (1Tim 6:10), big difference. The OT has blessings & curses (Deut 28 which resulted from faithfulness to God. The same God who advocated generosity to widows, orphans & wage earners (Mal 3:5, Ja 1:27).
      In truth the churches have mostly lost their way, they mostly neglect the social issues & have almost given up on the sin problem so it is understandable that their attendance is declining.

  3. Tamaki? Seriously?

    I’m in the wrong profession. I should set myself up as a Bishop in my own church. $50 donations minimum, please. (And all tax free!!!)

  4. Don’t you really mean Ted Cruz? Trump is hardly a bible thumper, while Ted just keeps harping on and on about religion (and his dad even calls him “the anointed one”). Needless to say, he’s been caught out apparently with no fewer than five mistresses (news that the MSM has been sitting on since January apparently). In any case Trump should have clear run to the Republican nomination now more or less uncontested.
    TrusTED, more like busTED. They’re already calling it the Cuban Mistress Crisis.

  5. You should see the palaces BusinesslopTamaki has got funded by gullible NZers over here in Brisbane Qld

  6. Tamaki — Tamaki — Come to me whanau – sleeze abound
    Ask for our money and row your gilded boat to town
    Buy buy buy up land ; buildings and phony prestige
    And think you have us all fooled and pleased

    Greedy; hypocrite TV preachers and evangelists proclaim
    They have all the answers as they play their mind numbing game
    Leading the weak ; semi – brain dead ; willing flock into dreams and illusions — SHAME — SHAME
    Just give us your $100 dollar bills and blindly march & sing with our tunes
    And we will not talk about trees ; fish ; water ; wind and air head balloons

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