Nicky Hager displays Police destroyed evidence – but the stain still remains



The outrageous abuse of Police power to illegally search Nicky’s house and steal his property has ended with the Police being forced to destroy the evidence they held (although based on how the Police acted in this case do any of us really believe they didn’t breach that and look at the material?).

The true scope of Police harassment directed at Nicky Hager should send a deep chill through each and every NZer.

What we are witnessing in real time is a growing Police State with all the casual fascism of a book burning around a BBQ.

The Police have understood the deep negative egalitarian anti-intellectualism that infects the NZ psyche. The desire to hold the powerful to account is perceived by this culturally cringed rump of NZ as being a smart arsed stirrer who simply  by their ability to string together a coherent question makes them a target for ‘oh-you-think-you’re-smarter-than-me’ styled resentment.

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The cops know this and know that their extraordinary harassment of Hager will be ignored by the mainstream media and will be seen as just desserts by rump NZers who still think the biggest issue with Dirty Politics is that Hager used stolen e-mails.

Let’s just recap what has been revealed by TDB with what was revealed in the Court case…

Detectives investigating the Dirty Politics hacker Rawshark sought the banking, telephone and travel records of author and journalist Nicky Hager without any search order or other legal power.

Court records show Westpac – the government’s banker for 26 years – handed over “almost 10 months of transactions from Mr Hager’s three accounts” at the request of detectives investigating the hacking of Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater’s email and social media accounts.

Other companies that were asked for Hager’s private details told police to come back with a court order, which would have legally obliged them to surrender the information.

…this is clear evidence of the NZ Police bullying and threatening companies with adverse legal ramifications if they don’t hand over information on a  journalist who had embarrassed the Government – note, not one bloody search order or warrant has been signed, just the NZ Police using threats. This is just scratching the surface, as The Daily Blog revealed in July last year, this practise of threatening banks means that the banks themselves then use this request as a black mark against the persons credit rating. By the Police threatening Westpac, Westpac responds by putting a black mark against Hager’s credit rating.


On top of that, we had Nicky Hager himself tell NZ during last years Table Talk

Most interesting was the new fact that Nicky Hager stated that the Police had tried to arrest him and had attempted to tap his phone rather than just raid his house for evidence on who hacked Cameron Slater.

Just consider that for a moment. The Police weren’t really looking for evidence as to the identity of RawShark, they were actually trying to arrest Hager and attempted to spy on him after he humiliates the Government. A Journalist targeted by the police for highlighting unethical behaviour by the Government and no other media outlet even pick up on this new revelation.

…this is the biggest story of the year and yet the bloody Bachelor or Max Key gets more attention.

We have all the maturity of a can of coke. This story should lead the news and its ramifications to our democracy examined and explained, instead we get sport, product placement, petty social media shaming and property speculation porn.

Let’s hope there isn’t ever another war we have to ever fight, most sleepy hobbits in muddle earth would have no idea what they are fighting for.



  1. Well done Martyn. Nicky Hagar should receive an award from the government for his patriotism instead he is subject to this sort of crap. He is Sir N Hagar in my book

    • Exactly, Bomber and Ike.Right did out in the end, but should never have happened in a democratic country.

    • IKE says ” … He is Sir N Hagar in my book.”

      Sir Nicky Hager! No way Ike! Nicky is a man of too much decency, honesty and honour to be insulted by a knighthood.

      That title belongs to the corporate and political criminal band of bullies, reprobates, liars, cheats, deceivers, thieves and perverts, none of which Nicky could ever amount to if he lived to be 150!

      Such a sad sight to see Nicky on his knees reclaiming and packing away his broken possessions.

      • Should be a NZ Patriot award
        After all the Government declared war on democratic values and subverting the course of justice and human rights by the tactics used in this ugly situation
        It has a sleeping dogs feel to it,Nicky was saved from being held as an enemy of the state and tortured a step to far for that nice Mr Key but you can be there are those that would have loved to make an example of him and so they will continue to victimise him behind the scenes
        Martyn what the most frightening thing out of all this is as you pointed out is the inaction and ignorance of New Zealanders
        MSM has a lot to do with it and in my opinion they just as guilty as the Government and police
        You are right about the psyche of some kiwis but the whole population?
        We saw protest on the TPPA but nothing here which is appalling
        Maybe we have become so money mad rugby and celebrity crazy and selfish we have thrown everything that we could be proud of as kiwis out in the rubbish bin
        Mr Key cannot believe his luck

  2. The Police just do not learn from their mistakes that horrifically impacts others in this country. Do any of us trust most of their apologies ? Hell no because they are part of the police state that is being funded and set up to control the masses when they revolt and surely they will and are all over the world.

    Nicky Hager is a saint in our eyes and a very intelligent man of integrity and we hope he goes after a hefty settlement over this kind of abuse and stressful chaos brought on by our pathetic police state we have to endure now.

    Voters – wake up and get yourselves educated. Our leader condones this kind of military police insanity and he has to go ===>>> ASAP.
    He is a photo – op ; ego maniac — so out of touch with the people and environment in this country.
    Puppet Bitch for the criminal corporate elite and the monarchy and banksters who should be in prison.

    To Nicky – many ! many ! of us have supported you and stood by you though you may not be aware of it.
    We hope that justice will be yours someday and that you and your family can heal from these horrific experiences. Our apologies for having this kind of elitist “out of touch” govt. that hurts people more than contributing to well-being and peace.

  3. Martyn & Nicky,

    We must set up a portal on TDB for us to insert our contributions leading up to the 2017 election, and exposing yet more “Kiwi corruption” events to feed into Nicky Hagar’s next book.

    We need Nicky to prepare a written dossier book leading up to the next election that outlines how National/Act will attempt to subvert the course of justice to hold a free democratic election free of any further dirty politics elections.

    First should be Nicky’s illegal police raid and the lack of any police action to seal the 9th floor of the beehive after the PM’s office was implicated in the passing of stolen files?

  4. Listening to the interview on Checkpoint, he described the scene of the officer responsible for the case landing something like 100 blows on the computer and various devices onto which they’d copied the material stolen from Hager… it might sound morbid, but I really want to know what implement they used to inflict those blows. Police baton? Cricket bat?

    Either way, there might have been less brutal, symbolic ways to dispose of those devices…

    • Yes Pigman,

      They could have just handed the stuff all to Nicky instead of hitting the hard drive with a hammer for at least 213 times Nicky said he counted.

      Talk about over the top!!

  5. You think this shit’s something new? This kind of perverse bullying has been going on within NZ politics for generations spanning several centuries. ( 1874 to 2016 ) When people get close to the truth? The cops/MSM are called in to damage control.

    I repeat. This is nothing new.

    Nicky Hager copped it ( pardon the pun ) because it’s easier to get the message out there and he was/ is perceived as a clear and present danger to the dubious deep state status quo. He should be careful that he doesn’t wind up dead.

    NZ ? Rich clean land the size of UK ( @ 60 mil pop ) but with 4.3 mil people

    NZ ? Rich, yet broke as.

    So, it begs the question? Where’s our money.

    Where’s our money? Where’s our money? Where’s our money? Where’s our money? Where’s our money? Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?Where’s our money?

    Well, where is it then?

    C’mon, you clever fuckers? Nicky Hager shows us that yankee doodle psycho jonky-stien’s a modern player. A kind of pocket Jordan Belfort ( ) but without the class.
    You think it all started with jonky? Oh dear.

    You think Nicky Hager got it tough having his computer taken and a cell phone or two confiscated? You wait then until he’s found dead and his house has been burned down. Perhaps it’s best that little Maxie and the puff-pastry lite that is ‘Bachelor’ selling us the soft porn starlets to keep our minds busy on our genitals is the safest option? Have you ever thought ? This shit’s gone too far? And that we are now in the minority and we are , in fact , fucked?

    Look around? Our farmers, who coincidently earn our money, are imploding, our dairy industry is swindled dry, our lands are devoid of the family silver yet we have billionaires flouncing about pretending they don’t shit, wank or spit. I mean ! WTF?

    • We all need to be worried about the highly secretive “Electoral Commission” now it seems to be since we tried to find out how they count the voting papers last week!!!

      They so far wont tell us!!!!

      So remember, at the last election this Government controlled “Independent” commission HA HA, actually set themselves up as executor and controller of all the vocal anti Key sketches that were shut down at election time and even the very special skilfully produced song “On Planet key”??

      WE WANT to know why this secretive dark agency that controls all our voting in the country as if they are falsifying the results who can ever prove it and how would they be able to find out??

      We should be very worried here.

      We await our request for the detailed questions we asked of how do they count the postal votes in the flag Referendum or any other voting we carry out at their request.

      Call the Electoral commission yourself and ask for the Chief Electoral Officer Robert Pedem as apparently he is not there as his PA is all you are able to ask for information and she wont give you any but says send a request but cant promise when to get an answer.

      What a shambles we have in NZ now CB you are right.


      if you could respond please?

      · If your system uses electronic counting machines,

      · What are the model and make of these electronic reading machines please?

      · Are your scanners Kodak scanners, or other machines but they are not electronic reading machines

      · Does your first batch of voting papers (usually 50) just manually checked for accuracy then as part of our reconciliation process do you manually check every informal and blank vote for accuracy, overseen by a JP”

      .Can you describe the meaning/intent and process behind the term “reconciliation” please if you use the term can we assume this;
      Does “reconciliation” mean just a quick check (and glace/inspection) of why the “high speed” electronic reader rejected them?

      Do you not have a single pass electronic reader,

      Do you have voting machines as you may know them.

      Or is your system is much simpler than that, such as each voting paper is scanned through essentially a large desktop scanner that scans are a batch of voting papers of 50 at a time (in about 20 seconds). A “photo” of each voting paper is then stored in our voting database, after which we run our proprietary mark sensing vote recognition software which detects a tick inside the tick zone (the circle on the voting paper). The votes are then recorded and stored in our voting database. After the close of voting, we then hit a button that tallies the votes in a separate process and produces the result
      That this “reconciliation process is carried out by a employee and JP both of the soiled or rejected votes by the “high speed electronic reading machine that the electronic process counting is tracking?
      Does reconciliation” refer only to the manual inspection of the (soiled or blank) ballots, & not used in any way along with the following process?

      Most importantly are these 50 first “voting papers” (ballots) used as a (real backup method test) as seen happen in the video as a manual count to check against if they were electronically included in the “high speed” electronic counting process for true accuracy of the electronic tabulation machines and reflected in the FINAL process?

      If the answer is No, are they simply just used as a test check that our scanning and recognition process is setup correctly?

      Are you telling us that we should remember that we process many elections voting papers each day, this is our core business, and we are using our vote processing technology all the time? & that many polls like this one is just one of many elections we have on at the moment, so our systems are used, checked, reconciled, and balanced every day.

      Robert – What we are trying to see is whether there are any internal processes during the single event “high speed” electronic tabulation counting process as it is carried out or at the end of the process?

      If it\s not a single event, are there are lots of business processes around the electronic process to ensure accuracy?

      How does the accuracy remain constantly checked for errors?

      Is this a single event time audited Deloitte audit and certify back against the ISO standard 3402, an internationally recognised fit for purpose certification standard.

      How does your process meet the legislative requirements for vote processing and are audited and certified to ensure they are accurate, under the watch of an independent JP at all times.

      “Accreditation” question surrounding who gives accreditation is it Deloittes as to whether they have any “global” recognised accreditation of certifying the single event process that you will be carrying out next week for true accuracy before release of the final counting process of the Flag referendum process. yes, see above

      Does your contacted counting/tabulation electronic or manually counting Company activities with our activities & laboratory process conform to every full accreditation process, carried out under controls dictated by NZ accredited highly regulated companies during every testing or installation procedure even following recertification of equipment, and if we request documentation of these (under an OIA request we assume) are we able to obtain those documents if this process is even carried out during your final counting process of this often complicated voting process?

      We recommend you watch this video as you may find it very helpful.

      Some Companies that provide equipment & services for voting market leaders are;

      Are you using a consultancy company such as these or another similar, if so who is it please? Thank you for your attention.

  6. +100 Hager should be NZer of the Year!

    The police should avoid being pulled into political cronyism in the future and avoid being embarrassed by being used for political purposes by friends of Key.

    I guess that is what the increased SIS and GCSB powers are for. Turning NZ into a police state with a separate political police force for politicians pet peeves.

  7. Yep – should never have happened – it should of been the crooks in the beehive that were arrested.

  8. Would Nicky Hager have ever published anything.Would we be nuclear free , have universal suffrage or gay rights if governments of the time had had the powers of surveillance the present lot have.

    • It does get rather difficult when the media relentlessly keep exposing the public to him, whether he wants it or not. Making the trashy veins of MediaWorks is one thing, but Max Key making the six o clock news? FFS

  9. This country has gone to the dogs in the last 40 years, cronyism is alive and well, God Help NZ?

  10. Labour, NZ First, Greens, coalition combination can save NZ Jack.

    So we need to push these parties to work together to align themselves so they show NZ voters as a credible “Government in Waiting.”

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