GUEST BLOG: Josie Butler – Why I attacked the TPPA roadshow



This week marks the beginning of the Government’s national roadshow on the TPPA, a roadshow that was meant to address the people of New Zealand’s questions and concerns regarding this ‘trade agreement’, with a focus on public consultation. I put ‘trade’ in italics, because out of the 29 chapters of this agreement, only 5 are actually related to trade, the other 24 are to do with investors rights. If we wanted to call it what it is, we would call it an investors rights agreement, with a sprinkle of trade making for an excellent public spin. Anyway I digress. I attended the roadshow in Christchurch at the Rydges Hotel on 11th of March. When I arrived there was quite a heavy police presence, with all entry points into the hotel covered by police and security. The hotel/restaurant/bar was on a complete lock-down and not open to the public. Unfortunately the heavy police presence thwarted our original action against this atrocity, which I wont go into details of, but lets just say if someone’s pants are on fire from lying so much it seems logical that a fire alarm could go off, and that friendly protestors might be kind enough to put out said fire. Thankfully I had registered for the event so me and my pink squeaky phallic friend (carefully concealed in my jacket) decided to go in. I went to the first security check point which was at the front driveway to the hotel. The guards asked for my ID, and whilst I was getting it out I noticed one of the guys had an army badge pinned to his lapel, I asked him if he was military and he confirmed that all security present today were army personnel. Bloody hell! Seemed a bit excessive for a ‘trade’ roadshow! Finally I got to the actual entrance to the building, which was covered by numerous security guards and police. More ID checks, bag searches, and even some photographs taken The police informed me they had quite a presence here today, and pointed to one of the conference rooms which was filled with numerous police personnel. I told them that I hoped to make an interesting work day for them, they laughed and left me to it. One of the wait staff came over to me, and warned me to be careful inside as one lady had been kicked out literally for saying ‘boo’ when MFAT were presenting. I was appalled that this could even happen, so I went in to check it out for myself. I arrived at the Q&A session, which was meant to be an opportunity for the public to voice their concerns and questions to MFAT and David Walker (Chief Negotiator of the TPPA). Sean Plunkett was meant to be MCing the event, but a more accurate description of his actual role would have been enforcer of propoganda. I stood at the back of the room and listened for a while. There is full video footage of this event, but the general gist was every time someone stood at the microphone and politely voiced a concern they had about the TPPA they were immediately shut down by Sean Plunkett who informed them that they were to ask a question or sit down. A lot of people tried to explain that to ask their question they needed to explain the background information, but they were repeatedly shut down. Any time someone’s question went for more than 10 seconds, they were shut down. And the very few questions that actually were able to be asked were either danced around by the officials, or flat out lied about. It would be like if you asked someone what their age was, and they responded by saying “I have an age, it’s a very good age, I’ve been this age for a while, and it’s the best age for New Zealand at the moment”, but without at all addressing the actual question! People were getting understandably upset by this reception, one elderly lady even told Sean Plunkett “it is a very scary thing to stand up here and ask my question in front of a large group of people, and I’d like to think you’d show me some respect”. He didn’t. He interrupted her, shouted at her, and told her to either ask her question or sit down. She was shaking and tearful by the end of it. It was absolutely disgusting, and it honestly hurt my soul to see the community trying to honestly and respectfully partake in this ‘rogue show’ only to be disrespected and cruelly bullied by our government and their henchmen. I’d decided that I’d seen enough, so lined up at the microphone for my turn to have a say. I got to the microphone and announced that on behalf of the vast majority of New Zealanders I would like to present David Walker with New Zealand’s very first Dick of the Year Award. I whipped out my pink friend, and held it staunchly in the air for the room to see. Sean Plunkett at this point tried to interject, at which point I loudly and proudly told him “you were a very close second for this award ‘Shane’ with the way you were carrying on today”. I knew his name was Sean, I just wanted to show him a sliver of the disrespect that he had shown the good people of Christchurch today. Security came and escorted me away (very gently I must say!) from a room full of applause, cheers, and yahoos! As I was being taken away I shouted “but you are so deserving of this award dear David, you have put in so much work to earn this honour, you simply must accept it!” Police came and walked me out of the building, stating they thought it was pretty funny, and that they were very surprised I didn’t actually throw the toy at David. We laughed, and I said that I would have absolutely loved to but I that I’d probably pushed the boundaries with the law enough currently. I went back to the beautiful and vibrant protest group that was outside the event….all day I must add. Big ups!

About ten minutes later the road show broke for lunch, so I went and grabbed a water pistol (onsite from our thwarted original action idea), and eagerly waited at the gate for one of the villains to exit the premises. I was rewarded rather quickly, as an MFAT officially approached me almost immediately. He smiled, laughed and said “before you shoot me can I please explain to you why the TPPA is so good”. I said cheekily to him “you can try!” He went on to tell me that the TPPA is so wonderful for New Zealand and that we need to be in it to win it, wank wank wank. I smiled at him and yelled “not good enough!” and squirted him, a lot, in the face with the water pistol. It was all very friendly, and we both had a good laugh. Suddenly I was grabbed from behind by a police officer, I had my arm twisted behind my back, heavy flexion put on my wrists and was marched down the street. He shouted at me “you are under arrest for disorderly conduct!” I was incredibly shocked by this heavy handed approach to a bit of playful protest. The MFAT official came over and told the police officer that it was fine, and that he most certainly did not want to press charges. Our film crews came over and started recording. The police officer continued to put heavy flexion on my wrists, repeating that I was under arrest. I asked him to please loosen his hold on me because he was hurting me. He ignored me. I appealed to him again and said that I was not resisting or any risk to anybody, and would he would please stop hurting me. I reminded him the cameras were recording everything, and that he was potentially about to make a martyr for our cause by arresting me. He confirmed that the MFAT official did not want to lay charges, and then let me go, telling me to “pull my fucking head in”. It is worth noting that apart from this specific police officer, all of the police on site were polite and pleasant, and seemed supportive of our cause.

From my observations today these roadshows labelled as public consultation were actually heavily enforced propaganda missions dead set on annihilating any public discussion. They were policed and secured to such a high level, one has to wonder if this ‘trade’ deal is so great for our country why on earth would 30 police and 40 military personnel be required to protect a presentation about it? The vast majority of New Zealanders remain staunch against this absolute violation of our sovereignty, and the government are frightened. We can and we will still stop this. As with any movement, things need to gain momentum to continue progressing and growing. If we look at previous successes such as the Suffragettes, the Civil Rights Movement, the Springbok tour, Nuclear Free NZ, it is clear that direct action and strategic civil disobedience are required. Every time you see a National MP, every time John Key tries to come to your town, I strongly encourage you to stand up and let our ‘dear leaders’ know that if they try to trample on our country and our human rights then they are no longer welcome here!


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Josie Butler is a human rights activist who has just joined TDB


  1. Thanks Josie for this action report. Scary how close we have come to being under military dictatorship. I love the use of the dildos as a symbol of corporate ass-licking politicians (not only those in National but those in Labour too), which says not only that they are dicks, but more importantly, that they are fakes (“representatives” my arse). I had considered signing up to attend the roadshow here in Ōtepoti, but now I’m glad I didn’t bother, and will be joining the protest outside the venue.

    • The horse isn’t moving… It’s waiting for it’s rider and we are NOT riding this one! Don’t be a defeatist… Get on board the roller coaster to NO TPPA!!!!

    • The TPP has to be ratified by all signatories to pass into effect, and there is staunch opposition to it in the US. If it is not passed by US congress it’s knackered.

      • A Chilean man questioningly said to me at our protest outside the Christchurch rogue Show, that NZers don’t care about the TPPA – to which I said we do, but many are too scared or shy to stand up and it was also done in secret by our government so many people don’t know what it’s about. He said “in Chile, there are streets closed off and blocked with people rioting against the TPPA. Huge numbers of people”. I told him about the protest in Auckland Feb 4 with 15,000 plus people, but you can’t find anything about it on mainstream media.

        I never thought I’d be scared of my own government in NZ.

    • Jack,

      Yes get on board man, Donald Trump said today he would not ratify the TPPA if he become President later this year, as he said (quote) “12 countries are lining up to destroy themselves signing TPPA ” according to RNZ this morning.

      We don’t like Trump but he is right there on TPPA.

      Canada’s new Leader Justin Trudeau said he would seek to dramatically change the TPPA, so we should also ask why can’t we??????

      Keep up the fight as every voice counts.

      • I suspect the TPPA will be the last thing we’ll have to worry about if Trump gets elected. The only reason he won’t ratify it is because the US didn’t get enough out of it.

  2. Hi Josie. I remember you working an extra duty on my ward last year.

    Good luck with the political activist work.

    I have taken the more conventional stance of writing submissions against the TPPA.

    My submissions being based on my following questioning articles

    and the section on the following article, where I query whether the TPPA means NZ will take up the US compulsory acquisition of land regime -which favours the rich.

    Lets hope that kiwis justified concerns about this unequal international agreement puts an end to it.

  3. Thanks Josie for your detailed report of this travesty of a “consultation” process. You speak for so many of us, who are unable to be present to ask questions and protest the failings of the entire process, including the fact that the Select Committee submissions have now closed, and there are many well populated centres where the propaganda show can’t even be bothered to visit. Thank you also for your calm and measured response to Police who are just doing the job they’ve been told to do, it was heartening to hear that they understood your right to peaceful protest, and didn’t consider you dangerous except for one overzealous officer who I hope is getting a bollocking from his team leader right now.

  4. “I put ‘trade’ in italics, because out of the 29 chapters of this agreement, only 5 are actually related to trade, the other 24 are to do with investors rights.”

    …which relate to trade those investors do with member countries. The TPP is about trade liberalisation. It’s a shame you haven’t taken more time to understand it before throwing your toys out of the cot.

    • “I put ‘trade’ in italics, because out of the 29 chapters of this agreement, only 5 are actually related to trade, the other 24 are to do with investors rights.”

      …which relate to trade those investors do with member countries.

      Meanwhile, IP is extended, as is copyright, restricting free trade. And with ISDS rights being extended, that can actually stifle innovation by new companies.

      You may be a mouthpiece for corporates, IR, but you’re not convincing anyone.

      • And what about my Chinese cartoons I like to binge on Sunday’s.

        One day I will actually see New Trade Theoriests actually read and quote a Melitz paper so that an intelligent discussion could be had. That would require them to understand at least basic economics so it’s doubtful but still, a man can dream.

    • International rescue… hmmmmm…. or perhaps ‘damage control ‘ would be a more appropriate name for an neo liberal apologist… wretches are as wretches do…

      And the neo liberal wretch is the label for you…

      Now where was it said that 5 chapters were devoted to trade and 24 chapters were devoted to ‘investors rights’…

      Methinks you have something to hide…tell us all since you have something to share… JUST WHAT were those 24 chapters of ‘ investors rights’ all about and just WHY did we never hear about THOSE?…

      Liar , liar your pants are on fire….

      Liar , liar your pants are on fire…

      Liar , liar your pants are on fire…

      ( fade out ….)

  5. Great report and direct action, Ms. Butler, but more paragraph breaks in the body of the article would make for easier reading. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf.

    • Indeed…but lets not detract from the content which is admissible in court as testimony…

      It is not the time to split hairs on an issue such as this…. and as Ms Butler has proven herself to be more than articulate and knowledgeable of what the subterfuge of this ‘ trade’ deal really means perhaps we should focus on that rather run the risk of being perceived as ‘ grammar nazi’s’….

      That is…. unless one chooses to derail or subvert the real issues at hand…which begs the question… ‘who’s side are you on , boys… who’s side are you on’….


  6. Good one Josie!
    The ‘consultation’ is a total sham, this government just want to push through with their corporate agenda. We will not stop telling people to look at the evidence, find out for themselves and don’t listen to this bunch of proven liars!
    We’ll be directing Dunedin people to come to Professor of Economics Tim Hazledine’s lecture, TPPA and New Zealand’s future, 7.30 pm in the St David’s lecture theatre at the Uni if they want to get some real facts about the TPPA.

    • Why should the government listen to people who throw dildos instead coherent criticism? Just puerile.

      • The government of a democracy should listen to everyone – the dildos are flying because these useless self-styled autocrats haven’t been listening. The dildos are a gentle warning – they’ll be facing more dangerous projectiles if they don’t wake up and start working for NZ.


        Have you not seen or were you not a citizen of this country or were you not even born when we had mass on going demonstrations in this country about the arrogant neo liberals ignoring democracy in this country during the 1980’s and 1990’s?

        Have you even bothered to watch any of Ian Fraser’s documentary’s?

        Are you a ‘ recent ‘ New Zealander?

        Do you even care about this country’s recent history , son?

        I find your comments emanating from a vested interests point of view… thus invalid.

        ‘Which side are you on , boys, …which side are you on ‘?

        BILLY BRAGG.

        Do you believe in democracy… you know…that old fashioned concept of democracy by the people, for the people….

        That good old American ideal…

        Are you a communist?

        Do you support FASCISM?

        Kinda sounds like it , son.

      • They don’t listen to criticism even when it is coherent. They are so bought and paid for that they will do nothing without the backing of their corporate masters.

  7. Thanks from all the 25,000 plus protesters, that marched in various places around New Zealand, the day the government committed treason by signing the TPPA. The most ‘brought, corrupt’ government in NZ’s history! Shame, shame, shame.

  8. So exaggerated. 40 military personnel? Really? No I don’t think so. You would be much better off going to work.

    • Well son,… next time your involved in a road smash or suffer a heart attack down southways you just might be happy that Ms Butler and crew is there to fix you all up…

      You know its an amazing thing that dedicated nurses and doctors show an impartiality to people from all walks of life…it takes a certain person to perform that sort of professional work…

      And as well as taking care of military injuries and criminals who’ve just blown away innocents… they even take care of narrow minded right wing trolls such as yourself…

      Extraordinary people.

      If I were you…. I’d ease up on the slave talk about ‘ getting back to work’ and start appreciating people like her who actually give a damn about human lives.

  9. How did we ever get so many rude and obnoxious individuals in our parliament and MSM I wonder…

    Then I stop and remember 1984 and the floodgates that were opened to all the neo liberal wretches from blazes … culminating in this odious little ‘deal’ for corporate raping of the country’s…

    Well done Josie… and that for both your actions and being articulate and studied enough to present an article here. You may well find that the big pink dildo comes to represent not only the TTPA but all those who are its advocates… in which case a limp one would be more fitting for them perhaps?

    Yes… I can see it now… the unions had a giant rat to name and shame exploitative coporate’s and employers… perhaps then a 3 story high phallus trundled in by a large trailer would be just the item for these subversive gits .

    Everyone would know exactly and precisely what and who that was being directed at after Dildo got smacked at Waitangi… in fact ,…the whole world already does…just ask John Oliver.

      • Yes, Clark was a minister in the Lange/ Douglas government (Health if I remember rightly?), as was Phil Goff. As Chris Trotter wrote recently, there is a battle going on for the soul and the future of the Labour Party, between the neo-liberals who hijacked it in the 1980s and their padawans like David Shearer and Clayton Cosgrove, and the unions and members from the real labour movement who want it back.

      • The neo liberal wretch is as the neo liberal wretch does.

        Makes no difference if they hide behind a supposed ‘ left wing ‘ party or a right wing one.

        The neo liberal wretch remains the same.

        In fact… since the days of the the Austrian school of economics to the Laissez Faire of the USA to the Chicago school of economics to Milton Freidman and his 200 global right wing think tanks to Reagonomics to Thatchernomics to Rogernomics…

        The same old tired names and intuitions keep cropping up.

        Ergo… the Business Roundtable now called the New Zealand Initiative ,… the song remains the same…the plunder by stealth of the commons wealth and relocation of that wealth to the bankers, the investors , the corporate’s ,…. nothing changes udner the sun…

        It is still the same old grasping power grab by the privileged as it ever was…

        Except these days they are less likely to wear crowns and tiaras and more likely to wear power suits…

        As they say ….’ the clothes dresseth the man … or in this day and age… the clothes dresseth the man or woman…to quote I think Shakespeare…

        Treasonous low levels will use any garb to con and deceive… you should realize that by now…they don’t care what mickey mouse attire they have to wear to prostitute themselves… they’ll do it to gain advantage and con as soon as you can say Jack Robinson…

        Never trust a neo liberal wretch no matter where they claim to come from.

        A neo liberal wretch is a neo liberal wretch.

        Its that simple.

  10. Great article ! Very interesting. I didn’t even know the ‘rogue show’ was on or I would have attended!! Sounds VERY different from the last one I attended re climate change submissions.
    Thanks for sharing !!

  11. Many of us Kiwis support you, you’re doing important work.
    Thank you having the plastic balls to set up 🙂

  12. First of all I am surprised that they let you in at all, considering what you threw at Steven Joyce in an earlier event. I thought they would have issued a “bluey” against you.
    In any case, it is good to know what REALLY happened at the roadshow event, rather than the lies and spin that will be reported in the MSM. It was clearly designed to tell people what they wanted to hear, not what they needed to know.
    When the event is MC-ed by Sean Plunket you already know how it will be run – a kiss National Party’s butt song-and-dance review.
    On radio Plunkett can never listen to anyone (besides himself) talking for more than five seconds without rudely interrupting.

  13. Well done josie.
    The TPPA has been rejected by USA, Obama says USA is better trading on its own, its claimed the signing in NZ was because NZ is the most remote country to announce to the TPPA representatives that USA wont be part of it. There was no mention in any media because Obama and Key didnt want people to know.
    The police and army presence was an obvious sign that Key knows the people dont want his “trade” deal but will force it through .Sean Plunket
    should be ashamed of himself.
    Google you tube and read, What John Key Is Really Like.

  14. Excellent work Josie and thanks for your input.

    Welcome to TDB. You are an asset to those of us with alternative views and political perspectives. Look forward to more of your blogs.

  15. Well done Josie, this is the kind of back bone we need to see, an excellent example to all of US ………… Get Active NOW………..!!!

  16. Well done; that should convince another few thousand waiverers to support the TPPA and probably National as well.

  17. …and for all the paid Nat trolls voting anything to do with the TPPA down – please go and get a real life. You are on a sinking ship.

    • Hear hear Kim Dandy, you know when something resonates and they dont want to accept it,all the down ticks in the world wont make a bit of difference to the anti tppa people on this site .

    • Kim, you make a common mistake of thinking that anyone who disagrees with you is a “right wing troll”. I cannot speak for others but I am a supporter of the Labour Party, but find the antics of Ms Butler childish and irritating. People like her could persuade me to vote for ACT.

      • >> I am a supporter of the Labour Party, but find the antics of Ms Butler childish and irritating. <<

        Where's your sense of humour? Or your sense of theatre? Josie's point is that she could have taken the whole process seriously and asked a serious question, and been railroaded and basically ignored, as many others did and were. This is not real consultation, where citizens give input and have it taken seriously during the decision-making process, it's a propaganda exercise to try and tack on some democratic legitimacy to an anti-democratic decision that was already made a long time ago, regardless of what the people of this country think about it.

      • Really? Thinking about voting act now. That just says to every one that you have a mild case of munchausens syndrome. I’d watch that love affair you have with political abusers if I where you

      • Look…I’ve just got to say please , please do go off and support the less than 1% party… go on….do it.

        Please join the failed neo liberal wretch party… it makes it so much easier to negate and discredit that party and its adherents…

        What I’m really saying is this:

        Please , please , please grow a pair and show some consistency…. we are no longer children swayed by this speaker or that speaker… please for the love of God… show some backbone and establish what you really believe in instead of being such a dishwater individual…

        Good God… please….!!!!!

        Our country no longer needs such spineless voters… they are an absolute subversive and treasonous cancer.

        Bad for both the left and the right.

      • If people like her could persuade you to vote for Act, that says a lot about the strength of your convictions. I do not agree with everything said on TDB, and sometimes I might not agree with some people’s tactics, but that would not make me want to support a bunch of crooks like the ones currently in power. Protest comes in all forms. Choose your own, but first make up your mind.

      • … but I am a supporter of the Labour Party, but find the antics of Ms Butler childish and irritating. People like her could persuade me to vote for ACT.

        I doubt you are a Labour Party “supporter” at all, Beatty. What you’re really doing is trying to paint yourself as a left-wing supporter to lend credibility to your criticism of Josie. Threatening to switch to vote ACT is a tactic to suggest how “bad” Josie’s actions were by conflating the two.

        In reality, you are no more a Labour supporter than I am a National/ACT supporter.

        If I’m wrong, feel free to post your criticisms of the TPPA. What do you disagree with? What have you done to oppose it?

        Let’s get to the issue here, the TPPA.

        I look forward to your views on the issue, on the person.

  18. Great work sister – showing the fake pricks for what they are.. Bought & paid for standing in for the real deal.

  19. Josie, thank you for your piece above and for your efforts in protecting New Zealand from falling victim to the TPPA. I too had registered to attend this event but frustratingly could not make it on the day.
    I read your account of the events with great interest and was disgusted at the contempt shown to the public by Sean Plunkett. As you said, TPPA is nothing but a blatant corporate power grab and we must do everything we can to stop it. Does anyone know how much the government is spending on these farcical roadshows?

  20. Well done, glad to see both Hillary Clinton and Trump speaking out against this deal so hopefully it will never go ahead. HOWEVER the damage to democracy is clearly done for good with the way this government is running this. appalling. Thank you for your work and your blog.

  21. So we can expect you to be at the Auckland airport throwing dildos at Helen Clark the next time she’s passing through? Hypocrisy if you don’t

  22. Several puerile comments attacking the author of this blogpost have been deleted. Critical comments have a better chance of publication if they address the ISSUES, and not engage in silly, childish ad hominem attacks.

  23. Josie, I can’t thank you enough! As long as there are honest, selfless people like you, we have a chance to win the war with greed and avarice and illusion, seen in those who will do ANYTHING to control and exploit others.

  24. Josie, Who is this “vast majority of New Zealanders” you claim to represent? Can I meet them? The polls don’t seem to reflect your claims.

    • Um… do we really have to honour this ?…seriously…

      Erm… 25k peeps on Queens St… and this person issues a statement or a question like this… um… I’m flabbergasted…hmmmm… must be an American right wing sycophant…uneducated in NZ history , culture and economics… I smell a rat here…

      When did you fly in on a taxpayer funded private flight?

      Were you mates with Clapper?…

      Do you feel insecure when democracy is worked out in truth?

      Are you a fascist?

      Do you support Nazis in operation Paperclip?

      Are you a Nazi?

      Do you support Totalitarianism?… hell boy,… you sound like a National security risk to me…

      Are you anti the new initiatives to include Cuba in economic trade sanction lifting’s or are you some sort of failed ex CIA wannabe?

      Or do you just stand to make a few million more at the expense of New Zealanders?

      Which is it, son?

    • Aye …as always when their butts have been whipped bad.

      A salve to the soul and music to my ears… and as we all know people respond to a fine piece of art or music…

      The mere fact of their desperation in downticking is evidence enough their fear is real… in fact its so palpable it reeks of their sweat.

      The sweet sweat smell of fear.

  25. Yes the Nasty NatZ trolls are out tonight on this blog, as it hit a nerve with them eh!

    Ignore them and keep up the negative issues about this Elitist plan to carpetbag this land after bankrupting us all as they did to Greece as our crown debt has increased from $8 Billion when the natZ took over in 2008 has now shot up to $107 billion now see!!!!!

    So we are on to you NatZ plan which is loosing support as the country finally wakes up to your tyranny.

  26. I think we’ve established that the Gnats tr0lls are afraid of clowns and dildos. The clowns are more intelligent than this government, and the dildos are more upright.

    • Oh yes… the clowns are more intelligent but the dickheads are limp.

      Which means that the dildos have more integrity that the dorks who masquerade as our neo liberal wretch surrogate politicians.

      A thorough cleaning out of these viruses is needed to restore balance and sanity to our democracy. My only hope is that the generation after us benefits from the unrest and dissension of this generation.

      And if the symbolism of an erect phallus is what is needed so be it.

      If it was left up to me …. the neo liberal wretch would be represented solely by the limp variety.

      All promise of a fully loaded gun but when the proof testing is finally conducted … nothing but a faulty misfire is found to be the case.

      Tantamount to the same correlation to its false and bogus mis -representation of a modern democracy.

  27. There appears to be a lack of understanding (or should I say contempt )for democratic principles from our public servants being displayed here. The key word is servants. These creatures paid for by yours and my taxes act as masters. Should we ever elect a new government their greatest and most necessary task will be to purge the public service of corporatism and managerial ism, and to remind everyone on the payroll who they work on behalf of; you and me.

  28. Getting of the track a little ,,I just read correspondence addressed to fairfaxmedia spread interception ,,, ,, I quote this correspondence word for word as I read it,, ””’Hi there ..Its been 5 years 6 Months since Christchurch had the 7.1 earthquake that flattened a lot of the city ,,”Our house snapped in half ,,”Lost most of the bricks and was surrounded by liquefaction and feces etc,,”We still live here and are not looking forward to another winter ,,the NZ Govt have chosen to ignore us and for me my wife its probably to late ,,”There,s asbestos flaking off the all the ceilings in our house which is moldy everywhere ;;”The sewer broke under our concrete path and leaks ,,so there’s raw sewage under our house ,”Its truly horrible ,,however the Govt do build new roads and flash buildings whilst people like me and my wife suffer ..We cant afford to escape this hell even for a holiday ,,we will need to raise funds to take the govt to court to enforce our premium insurance policy that that they hold ,,Life sucks for us right now please HELP,kindest regards ,,Joseph ,,,,The correspondence there end’s , ,, My thinking is ; .Why ? Why do we still have this happening ,,This is New Zealand ,,The above house at 10 Lamorna Street Christchurch City ,Yes I will name the address its no good hiding from the truth , Coincidently ,,This is the same street that our Minister Gerry Brownlee’s Mother lives on ,,And we have a young working family paying there bank and insurance’s still living like this ,,”I think the work HELP, Is telling us something ,’ ,,,Julian ,,

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