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    • Agreed @ phil.
      Do you ever wonder whether it’s sometimes just simpler to wait for the inevitable rather than trying to uphill.shit.push?

      Second question. Your absence on the standard – was that a ban? or was it more to do with the same reasons I now only watch, but comment?
      I notice your own experiences (to do with your former lifestyle) were often minimised – even ridiculed.
      My reasons for monitoring, but otherwise ignoring are more to do with the ‘preciousness’ of many involved; the tolerance of obvious trolls that often endlessly derail; the obsessiveness of the tinkering founder – who really should be commended – and when he’s passed it, I’ve no doubt he’ll pop up as an IT employment consultant; and the problem whereby those that post articles seem to be also responsible for the moderation (such that they automatically have an agenda).
      …… I mean – there once was a Stephanie who couldn’t cope with any critical thought patterns that challenged her.

      ….. anyway ….. passing thoughts

      • hi tim..

        i was banned for saying i thought little was hell-bent on canning the 2014 capital gains tax policy..and that it would happen soon..

        ..i was banned for ‘making things up’…

        ..shortly afterwards of course little did just that..

        ..and as this was my second banning for no visible/real reason..

        ..i decided it would be mashochistic of me to go for three.. that ban has long expired..but so have i..of any interest in commenting there again…

        ..and that stephanie..!..whoar..!

        ..she made up a boardgame about what a bastard i am..(i kid you not..she published it on her website..and i linked to is in my archives somewhere..)

        ..and that was a first for me..having a board game made up about me..

        ..i rolled around laffing @ that one..

        ..dunno what has happened to her..she seems to have drifted off..

        ..but back to main question..i also tired of the bully-boy-rages of the chief-moderator..(i’ve forgotten his name..)

        ..some days i glance over there..but not every day as i once did..

        ..and as for bothering to comment again..?

      • stephanie also got particularly incensed when i pointed out that as i have been doing whoar since 2005..and have been covering feminist issues as they were covered i the quality foreign part of what i do..

        ..i didn’t think there was a better outlet/coverage of feminist-issues on any other local website/whatever..

        ..and if there were any she knew of..could she point me at them..and i will link to/promote them..

        ..i dunno if that was the trigger that led to the boardgame..or not..

        • @ tim..

          re yr first question..

          i agree with the contention you that we can flail away on the sidelines all we like..

          ..that such change is inexorable…beyond any real influence..

          ..and even those cited as heroes of various causes often were just the trigger/flashpoint for changes already afoot in wider society..

          ..and i agree with yr pushing shit up hill analogy..

          ..that until that time has arrived..many efforts are just that..

          ..for me a potent example of this is the cannabis issue..

          ..i have been writing/reporting/advocating on this since day one @ whoar (2005)..

          ..but my efforts amount to nought against the giant leaps afforded this issue by the advocacy of first helen kelly..

          ..and then the revelations that national sporting hero martin crowe was forced onto the blackmarket to source cannabis-oil to ease his miseries in his final months..

          (but hey..! keeps me out of trouble..and fufills some need to articulate..this pushing of faecal-matter towards the top of promontories..)

          ..and as a small prediction..we will see changes on med-pot this year..

          ..the momemtum is fast reaching that aformentioned inexorable-point..

          ..with the duo of kelly and (involuntarily) crowe being the tipping/flash-point..

          ..key knows this change is inevitable..and will want to get it out of the way and all settled down by election-year..

          ..this is why change will happen..and soon..

  1. What happened to that Bradbury to Trotter response?
    Second thoughts are sometimes worthwhile before being tempted by the availability and immediacy that this platform provides before sounding off. We should leave all that to Mex, and Farrar, and Hoots, and various other trolls and mainstream jonolists (many of whom lay claim to membership of a 4th Estate).

    Martyn – did you have second thoughts? There are bigger battles to be won

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