Clinton sweeps the south, but Sanders still has momentum in the north



After Hillary Clinton won so big in the South, Bernie Sanders faces an uphill struggle for the nomination.

But Sanders is still doing well in the north of America. In every contest outside the South he has either won (New Hampshire, Vermont, Oklahoma, Colorado and Minnesota) or almost dead-heated with Clinton (Iowa, Nevada and Massachusetts). Interestingly, in the contests Sanders won on Super Tuesday his result on the night was better than that shown in the opinion polls. For example, in Oklahoma Sanders’ weighted poll average rose in February from 14% to 29% to 42% (just before the vote). He gathered 52% (to Clinton’s 42%) on Super Tuesday. With focused campaigns (which will be easier after Super Tuesday) Sanders can still do well. Although Sanders still has a lot of ground to make up in the Black communities, he is making big inroads among Latinos. In Colorado he won the most densely populated Latino counties by big margins.

The Sanders campaign continues to have momentum, although this may be dampened somewhat by so many of the pundits arguing that he now has no chance. Sanders hasn’t many friends in the mainstream media, or in the Democratic Party machine – illustrated by the fact that Clinton has 452 Super-Delegates (elected Democrats and party officials) committed to her, compared with 19 to Bernie Sanders.

With so much stacked against it it is amazing how far the Sanders campaign has come. As Bernie repeatedly points out, it is not all about him. It’s a movement of people confronting the 1% who control the country. It’s a movement popularising a radical programme for free health and education and a more equal society. Sanders’ supporters around the world can take heart in what his campaign has achieved so far in politicising and mobilizing so many Americans. It’s an optimistic campaign. On the day before Super Tuesday, when everyone knew Sanders was going to be defeated heavily in the South, his campaign picked up $6 million in (mainly small) donations.

Keep “Feeling the Bern”. It’s not over yet.


  1. I hope for Americas sake and the worlds, that he gets in.
    It certainly is time for a change of direction. History shows time and time again that ‘the people’ can change things, if there is enough of them who want to change.
    Looking at the direction the 1% are taking our world, we all should be seeking change.

    • you are just repeating one of the many lies against bernie..yes..superdelegates may have committed to clinton at this stage..but that is not written in stone..and they are free to vote as they choose @ the convention..

      ..and the momentum is with bernie..with still 35 states to be decided..

      ..and if we see a clinton staggering into the convention sodden with scandals and federal-investigations (as is already the case..)

      ..and if polling shows bernie as the best to beat whatever rightwing-nutjob the republicans serve up..

      ..then you will see just how committed those superdelegate-votes are..

      • Yes, the Superdelegates will switch to Bernie later if he is winning – like they did with Obama in 2008.

  2. If we are interested in seeing some of Sander’s policies enacted in the States (providing a major counter to the advances of the Neo-liberal revolution), I doubt that we want to see him selected or elected.

    What we want is for him to put up such a good showing (but lose) that Hillary is pulled back to her more radical roots and forcing the Democrat machine to include many of his more egalitarian policies in the Clinton programme. (Sanders will also be able to exact the office of his choice in the new Administration in exchange for his support and the support of his more radical base. Remember she tried and failed to institute a version of single payer for healthcare when Bill was in power.

    If Bernie Sanders is elected, all that would happen is that the establishment powers (probably on both sides of the political spectrum, to be fair) would put up some version of the barriers that Obama has had to endure.

    Hillary Clinton is much more likely to bring enough coat-tail candidates into power than Bernie and thus free-up the deadlock in Congress. She is also more likely to be schooled in the subtleties of obtaining support on the Hill. (Skills that Barack Obama so clearly failed to marshal).

    The attitude we espouse all depends on whether we would prefer a glorious failure or a more measured victory. Our choice.

    • You are wrong Nick! Bernie is a different animal to Obama and as Bernie has repeatedly said “It’s not me but us!”

    • why don’t you and nitrium form a glee-club..? it the negativity-chorus..

      ..clinton is a hopelessy corrupt/ed figure..expecting anything from her is dreaming..

      ..and polling shows that she has much less chance of beating the right in the general election..than does bernie..

    • “If Bernie Sanders is elected, all that would happen is that the establishment powers (probably on both sides of the political spectrum, to be fair) would put up some version of the barriers that Obama has had to endure.”

      Yes and no. Bernie has highlighted this problem and says it is real. But to overcome this problem requires the first step: get Bernie in the White House. The second part is to replace GOP and Dems throughout Washington with new candidates (left wing Dems or independents). Bernie in the White House is not the solution, it’s the begining of what is needed. Bernie has been very clear about this.

      “The attitude we espouse all depends on whether we would prefer a glorious failure or a more measured victory. Our choice.”

      Clinton *is* the glorious failure. She’ll do nothing more than continue Obama’s third-way meandering to nowhere.

  3. Whether Bernie wins the nomination or not, he has succeeded in waking up the masses and exposing the banksters and corporate crims and showing how bigoted and biased the MSM is.

    It is a very sad day if or when the U.S. may have to decide between the 1% er ( criminal elite – Clinton / Bush families ) Hillary Clinton or the racist idiot Trump.

    Heard of the new book just out – ” Jeb and the Criminal Bush Family ” which also exposes Hillary and Bill Clinton for the lying jerks that they are.

  4. It’s miraculous that someone like Sanders has gotten as far as he has in the USA. Regardless of what transpires from here, he will leave an indelible mark for a long while.
    Shame he is 74 because if he misses this time, it’s reasonable to expect he won’t get another one. Consolation could be Senator Elizabeth Warren, just waiting in the wings, she could be the one.

    • Yes Rae, I agree and Elizabeth Warren would be a great president ! !
      If Bernie loses, he has done an amazing and mammoth job in laying out the groundwork for some awesome good changes to come in the future.
      No matter what the outcome, we all have a huge thank you to give to Bernie as he has been part of waking up the world to the horrors of the banks and their corporate criminal buddies. More big thank you’s to Ralph Nader ; Abby Martyn ; Glenn Greenwald ; Ken O’Keefe ; Jesse and Tyrel Ventura and Naomi Klein and many more as well.

      • you could temper the praise of nader by noting that by splitting the left vote he guaranteed the election of bush the second..

        ..and all that wrought..(we would have had gore..had nader not split that vote..)


  5. Hillary is being investigated and my bet is the evidence has already been compiled and waiting to be tabled, and, Trump’s background will be revealed that he is not an American citizen, but actually Dutch. Whoohoo.
    Anyway, the Republic of the United States of America under interim leadership of General Dunsford will be announced sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, funds have been pouring into the “new” Republic’s Federal Reserve from the Chinese bank, these funds being gold-backed FR Notes:
    I wonder how long it will be before we achieve a decent lifestyle free of cabal banking deception and new governance. Not long, I bet.

  6. With the worlds literal grounding in USAMO malevolence and its deeperState machinations, I blink in wonder that any of us would even think he – Sanders – has one. Chance.
    HOPE in Amercian[sic] democratic systems went into coma with the PNAC/NEOCON/BUSH crime family, reviving momentarily when the intelligence construct OBAMA was flown in from God knows where; only to then be entirely destroyed in a vicious drone attack about 6 months later, killing the entire family of HOPE.
    Try as I might, and I DO try; I cannot see Sanders having the divine wind enough to blow life into the corpse of truth and justice left rotting in USAMO’s sun.

    • go and read some history are sounding like the romanovs just before it all went pear-shaped for just one example of many..

      ..that’s why they are called ‘revolutions’…’cos they overturn what came before..

      ..and cannot be predicted by what came before..

      • Fair enough…watching this election running its course, I just HOPE there is enough revolution left in the system for the prediction to BE wrong. I HOPE I am, wrong. Out of all the contenders, it would be loverly [sic] indeed to see Bernie Sanders in the whitehouse.
        We sure got ‘Burned’ last time.

  7. Trump would be a better bet than Clinton who is the establishments choice,the corporations will be able to controll her,they own her already.
    Bernie Sanders would be brilliant but wouldnt be allowed to be president, they couldnt controll him,hes not been bought.
    Trump is not a racist he dosnt want terrorists or drug runners entering USA .
    Trump would be a scourge on the 1% ,the corporations, and New World Order. Trump and Sanders together would make a volatile team,but would get things done. Mitt Romney is having a group meeting to put him out of race,what a fool ,that means the republicans would alienenate a huge voting block.

    The Republicans must be really anxious about Trump,they would rather lose than let him win, the corporations really want Clinton to win, they controll Democrats and Republicans,and a lot of hints that Clintons win was rigged.

  8. Meh. Sanders schmanders.

    We’re witnessing the death throws of a gargantuan dinosaur. The USA, and soon to be China , Russia , India and Europe are sinking into a fiscal tar pit. The big economies are doomed to be consumed by their own gravity.

    The survivors will be the small, furry rodents like us scuffling about in the far corners of the Earth and band aids like Bernie will only distract us momentarily, from that inevitability. By contrast, the Orange Trumpenator and his intellectual pigmy followers will accelerate the process. The process, however, remains inexorable and onward moving. Fast or slow? Here it comes. They craved money and the power it afforded them ? Then this is what it bought them. Chaos and a country full of idiots adoring a sideshow act with a weapons grade comb-over.

    I’m taking the American primaries with a grain of salt. The filthy rich, ranting political rabble bores me and so do the idiotic masses who chow down on their double cheese burgers as they Walmart their way to the grave. Yay. Go Western Civilisation.

    We, on the other hand , are ok. We Kiwis will be ok. We have a great climate, great soils, plentiful fresh water, and there’s huge ol’ oceans keeping the nutters away. Well, the masses of poor nutters anyway. The rich nutters, the ones who’ve caused all this, are either here or are on their way.

    • Trouble is those dinosaurs will most likely have nuked the place to bits. Problem with your theory is, us scurrying little rodents are inhabiting the same piece of rock in the solar system

    • The problem is, Key has NZ tied to the rapidly collapsing US, and NZ has airports and harbours, so hordes of undesirables (American ‘elites’ = scumbags) will be arriving here. Probably US military too when things start to get really bad (in 2017?).

      And there’s only one global environment, which is being messed-up super fast. Atmospheric CO2 a new, record high of 406.46ppm, and is rising faster than ever.

  9. The thought of Clinton getting the top job is genuinely chilling. Personally I’d take Trump over her and thats saying something.

  10. Unfortunately events have shown that most of the rats that leave the sinking ships are rich and tending to the criminal side and they bring their lawlessness with them. We are destined, I can guess, to be the lifeboat for the wealthy undesirables of several exploding economies. As we always seem to have been. What’s new!

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