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  1. (most on-the-money comment on clinton..from feminist writer/thinker camille paglia..)

    ‘Democrats face a stark choice this year.

    A vote for the scandal-plagued Hillary is a resounding ratification of business as usual–the corrupt marriage of big money and machine politics – practiced by the Clintons with the zest of Boss Tweed – the gluttonous czar of New York’s ruthless Tammany Hall in the 1870s.

    What you also get with Hillary is a confused hawkish interventionism that has already dangerously destabilized North Africa and the Mideast.

    This is someone who declared her candidacy on April 12 2015 via an email and slick video and then dragged her feet on making a formal statement of her presidential policies and goals until her pollsters had slapped together a crib list of what would push the right buttons.

    This isn’t leadership – it’s pandering.

    Thanks to several years of the Democratic party establishment strong-arming younger candidates off the field for Hillary the only agent for fundamental change remains Bernie Sanders – an honest and vanity-free man who has been faithful to his core progressive principles for his entire career.

    It is absolutely phenomenal that Sanders has made such progress nationally against his near total blackout over the past year by the major media – including the New York Times.

    That he has inspired the hope and enthusiasm of an immense number of millennial women is very encouraging.

    Feminists who support Hillary for provincial gender reasons are guilty of a reactionary reflex sexism – betraying that larger vision required for the ballot so hard-won by the suffrage movement’..

    • I read an opinion somewhere that if Trump vs Clinton happens, he will use that dirt to shred her, but Sanders could pretty much just ignore him, and concentrate on the Issues.

  2. “The American presidential contest is heating up, but the new book about Democratic co-frontrunner Hillary Clinton may have some wide consequences. It alleges that the Clinton family has been involved in abuse, rape and fraud, not having any qualms with using the privileged position and money to shut the mouths of victims. What’s the basis of these claims? Can it change the flow of the election campaign?

    We speak to the author of the book, a former advisor to Nixon and Reagan. Roger Stone is on Sophie&Co today.”

  3. RIP Ranginui Walker

    In 1980, as a new-to-NZ Pakeha, I worked for the Students Association at ATI, and Ranginui Walker was enormously helpful to me in clarifying the issues and challenges that faced us. He was perceptive and wise and I have not had subsequent cause to change my assessment of him.

  4. My autistic daughter absconded this afternoon. We couldn’t find her for nearly an hour, she wasn’t at the normal places she would go. A massive thank you to Dargaville Police and a new female officer I won’t name without her permission. Thank you from the bottom of our heart. We need more ladies, sisters and mothers looking out for our community. Thank you also for treating me with decency and respect. Take care sweet heart xxx.

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