Lusk & Palino – something this way slithers



Can there be two more monstrous dirty politics operatives than Lusk and Palino?

News they are teaming up in Auckland for a run at the mayoralty should genuinely concern every New Zealander.

Let us remind everyone of the recent past of these two political sadists.



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Lusk’s weird love of destroying people that he shared with Slater is well documented in Hager’s Dirty Politics.  He has detailed that his political strategy is to inject venom into politics so that ordinary voters who can’t stand the sleaze don’t vote leaving the minority to win.

One of Slater’s primary collaborators is the political strategist Simon Lusk. Allegations:

  • Lusk and Slater charge aspiring National politicians to help them win candidate selection in National safe-seats by running attack campaigns against their opponents.
  • The book documents an extensive smear campaign in the Rodney electorate in 2011, in which Lusk and Slater successfully elected their client Mark Mitchell, who is now the MP for Rodney.
  • Lusk and Slater, and Jordan Williams routinely game the iPredict site, spending small amounts of money to move the prices around and then blogging about the movements.
  • Lusk was hired by Brash to help replace Rodney Hide as leader of the ACT Party. Lusk – evidently without Brash’s knowledge – found out from Jordan Williams that Rodney Hide had been sending ‘dodgy texts’ to a young woman. Slater published hints about this on his blog and Lusk proposed that they approach Hide quietly and ‘tell Hide that someone had the texts and will release them if he doesn’t resign by Friday’. Hide resigned.

Garner alleges that Lusk took money to bribe Maori voters to vote against Hone Harawira.

Later in Story last Monday, TV3 reporters quizzed several MPs in Parliament about their relationships with Simon Lusk. The discomfort of some was clear. Evidently the exposure of Dirty Politics hasn’t scared off all his political clients. Duncan Garner also revealed supporters of Labour’s Napier MP Stewart Nash paid Simon Lusk to canvas the option of a new political party, and that Simon Lusk had told him Labour MP Phil Twyford would be his next target.

Simon Lusk also claimed on Story he had been instrumental in unseating Mana Party co-leader Hone Harawira in the last election. Unnamed “businessmen” had paid thousands for that, he said. And in conversation with his co-host last Monday, Duncan Garner said money had been paid to get Maori electors to vote in Te Tai Tokerau.

Lusk is a political strategist who is so dangerous the National Party tried to formally push him and Slater away in 2013…

National turns on hard right advisor
Simon Lusk pushed to get rid of the “wet wing” and make sure MPs obeyed donors. Now a leaker has revealed his agenda in an attempt to discredit him
Leaked documents written by a political strategist who has trained National MPs set out a vision for taking the party to the right of the political spectrum, tripling donations to $6 million a year and using donations and government jobs as inducements to control MPs.

Which brings us to the candidate…


The Brown-Chuang-Palino rom-com became a cross between the Sopranos & the Clintons with more slimy details of this affair sinking it into another level of the sewer. Turns out after denying any knowledge of anything, Palino actually met with Chuang late night in a carpark two days before Slater announced the odious details on his toxic blog.

We all meet people we barely know late at night in carparks for chit chat n stuff eh?

Palino went from “I know nothing”, to “I know something” in the space of days.

We need to also believe that Slater mentioned nothing of this to his father, John Slater who was Palino’s campaign manager and that Luigi, a staff member for Palino, who went to Slater’s Candidate Camp, didn’t mention any of this to anyone. None of this nest of gossiping vipers spoke to anyone else about a goal they all seemed to be moving towards is something that requires large amounts of medical morphine to make convincing.

And what about Luigi Wewege?



What kind of person sleeps with a woman to use that relationship as leverage to pressure them into sleeping with the Mayor and record it? Why National Party wannabes, that’s who…

17/08/2013 09.21
Luigi Wewege: Morning babe … Probable going to have to go back to bed shortly. Wanna come over for a morning f***?

17/08/2013 09.23
Bev Lolibee: Baby I’m out to put up more hoardings, sorry. xox

28/08/2013 02.13
Luigi Wewege: Baby you get an incriminating text from Lenny.B and John said he would give me off every weekend until the election! [happy face]

Bev Lolibee: I can’t get anything from Len. Text, phone call, nothing. So please stop asking and giving me pressure.

28/08/2013 07.36
Bev Lolibee: And really very disappointed with you. All you cared about is how I can help you get incriminting evidence so John can win. You’ve never ever considered my feelings or my situations. Actions speak louder than words. My love for you is unconditional. And if you can’t do that, stop telling me you love me if you don’t.

29/08/2013 14.02
Luigi Wewege: Don’t worry you don’t have to see me on Saturday.

Luigi Wewege comes across like one of those cretinous social climbing slime balls that pollute the Young Nat landscape like metastasizing cancer tumors in a smoker’s lungs. His ingratiatingly greasy photo ops with anyone he thought could help him up the National Party hierarchy are as contemptuous as they are revolting. How this kind of carcnogenic arsehole can gain political traction is something the Surgeon General should be called upon to investigate. Luigi Wewege should come with some kind of health warning, ‘May cause you to read Whaleoil’.

So we have a political operative with all the business ethics of a drug cartel teaming up with a candidate so emerged in the Dirty Politics around using Len’s affair for political gain it is extraordinary that he has the gall to offer himself up for Auckland’s mayoralty again.

Expect to see a dirty campaign against Phil Goff the likes of which we have never seen.


  1. TVNZ’s Rebecxca Wright seems singularly unimpressed with Mr Palino;

    And National apparatchik and right-wing blogger, David Farrar, seemed equally disgusted by the carrying-on from the Palino camp.

    Farrar wrote about Wewege’s lies in denying his relationship with Bevan Chuang in his blogpost “Not in a relationship!” –

    Unfortunately, for Farrar’s own reasons, that blogpost has since been deleted/made inaccessible.

    I have a screen-shot of part of the blogpost:

    However, Farrar does have this blogpost, on the same topic; (And this time, I’m keeping a screen-shot of the page).

    • Ha yeah, I just loved it a couple of years ago when Rebecca Wright had Palino trapped outside his car, asking him questions. Man, he was squirming so much I’m surprised he didn’t pull a muscle.

  2. I think that the National Party hierarchy dislike Lusk because they have a better version of the nasty attack version of Dirty Politics.

    I think their preference is the Brownlee/Key version of closing down debate/refusing to discuss anything. I think they have perfected this in Christchurch. Turning an entire city -NZ’s second largest region -Canterbury -a former bastion of progressive causes -into a politics free zone.

    So instead of Dirty Politics -the preference of Key is a-politics, to create an absence of politics. To teach the public that nothing good can come from politics -it is pointless to waste your time even thinking about it……

  3. Didn’t Luigi Wewege slink back to the USA after being caught out ? …is he back in town?

    Does the guy know no shame and does Palino think NZ’ers have short memories or something?….

  4. Palino and Lusk back for a re-run? oh hilarious! Fasten your seatbelts, folks, it will be a great ride with lots of laughs. Remember the film, “The Cook, the Thief, his wife and her lover?” with Helen Mirren.They could make a movie with a similar title about Auckland mayoral politics… hmmm.. the film had a tragic ending, I think.

    • Maybe the film could be called ‘The crook, the other crook, his lover and her other lover”?

  5. Dirty Politics 2 we think, so this is the way that national are going to play the election next year also?

    Shameful state our country is in now, left for the dogs to devoir the carcass.

    Time for a strong morale leader we think.

    Winston looks good here as he was frequently the target of dirty politics in the past and wold rid the country of it when next in Government.

  6. I really found this so STRANGE, how the media did yesterday (see TVNZ One News and TV3 news on this topic) suddenly discover that there was something to do with “dirty politics” associated with Palino.

    Gosh, how come they remembered that, but never seem to notice or remember what our dear Leader Kim John Key has been up to, and apparently still is up to.

    That is really strange, how one foreign man, a migrant with US accent, does instantly get challenged and attacked for various questionable associations, but NOBODY except people here or on TS dare criticise our PM, who seems to be having extra layers of teflon protect him.

    Bizarre, bizarre, bizarre, that is.

    I observe that dirty politics never ceased to exist and operate!

  7. I think the next Auckland local body elections just got interesting. Now we just wait what new dirty politics is going to appear. With Lewis and Lusk involved, I’m putting money on a truckload of sleaze turning up.

  8. Regardless, if he can stop this council bleeding money, he’s got my vote.

    By sound of Goff’s promises, he would be Len MkII.

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