I don’t hate Max Key because of who his dad is – I despise the privilege Max Key represents



There has been much debate over whether we can or should criticise the children of politicians. It’s an interesting situation. Helen Clark didn’t have children and John Key’s Prime Ministership comes at a time of massive social media growth explosion that puts his daughters private school Parisian ‘artistic’ qualities on display as  well as his son’s musical and modelling talents.

John Key uses social media and corporate radio to maximum effect. He loves commercial yuff radio because they have become depoliticised wastelands where instead of holding Key to account for appalling student debt or high levels of youth unemployment, the PM gets to bloke it up and joke about workplace bullying, gay marriage, domestic abuse and prison rape. The fractured social media landscape and free market corporate radio espouse the very anti-intellectual-beer-around- the-BBQ relaxed casual fascism that makes middle NuZilind love Key more than their own pets.

Into this media world Key’s own children have carved out niche markets. Stephie Key as created a soft porn alter-ego ‘Cherry Lazar’ to examine culture with and Max Key is a DJ and a model.

We can not hate on Stephie or Max for who their father is, that would be beneath the level of debate we on the Left try to keep when debating politics, but what we can loath is their privilege and the vacuous ‘celebrity’ NZ news that keeps Max in the headlines.

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While it is not their fault or responsibility who their father is, what they have done with that enormous amount of privilege IS their responsibility and we can criticise that.

Max Key is not volunteering his time to those less fortunate, he isn’t using his position to help give voice to those without voice and he hasn’t used his privilege for anyone else other than Max Key. That self-centred and shallow pursuit is made even less worthy when you consider many with far less are continuing to suffer and do far more in the country he lives in.

I have no time for Max Key, or his endeavours, not because of who his father is, but because he has used his privilege for himself. There’s nothing worthy or unique or special about being self-absorbed.




  1. Agree with everything in post, and further note my mouth tends to drop open a bit when I snooze on the plane, and I even dribble a bit perhaps.This perfectly POSED shot represents Max to the max

  2. Unfortunately the celebrity obsessed media has turned Max Key into a minor and unworthy celebrity so there will be a lot more of Max Key in the news, one hope he eventuality cause his father embarrassment. The young Key is clearly an attention seeker and a self absorbed narcissist .

    • “has turned Max Key into a minor and unworthy celebrity” particularly the NZ Herald/Stuff etc that are constantly running PR promotional articles, obviously WITH John key’s pushing approval. A number of photos/clips etc of Max key have been taken by his father, he wants his son to be a celebrity.

    • I doubt whether either John or Max Key are even capable of feeling embarrassment. In their minds, everything they do is perfect. That’s what narcissism is all about.

  3. The media have given Max Key a platform to get publicity because he is young and rich and has a NZ celebrity as a father
    The Keys behave like they are the un official kiwi Royal family and with that comes the arrogance we see everyday
    With all their vast wealth they seem to believe that NZ exisits only for them and the rest of the wealthy elite and real New Zealanders just get in the way and have no rights or legitimate citizenship unless we are wealthy like them
    The only contribution I have seen from Max Key apart from photo ops
    is his admission that he wants to be a Billionaire well he has a head start there and he has the right attributes
    Greed and self importance arrogance and no respect unless it has a dollar sign or as in his father’s case a ponytail

  4. “While it is not their fault or responsibility who their father is, what they have done with that enormous amount of privilege IS their responsibility and we can criticise that”

    Heard Max Key on George the other morning. Thane and Kara invited him on to read out all the hate tweets against him. Yep he was as arrogant and dismissive as his privileged upbringing has taught him.

    And George FM which is part of the Media Works stable of horse shit gave him air time to show how he exercises his responsibility and judgement. Daddy would have been proud of his little boy.

  5. “We can not hate on Stephie or Max for who their father is”
    Very true. Actually, you can’t hate *on* anyone – unless you want to sound like an ill-educated denizen of an American ghetto.

  6. [Dave, insulting your host on a forum is the surest way to earn a permanent ban. One more like that, and I will facilitate your permanent exit from this forum. – ScarletMod]

      • Oh, a ‘kids are off limits’ crusader who nearly gets banned for abuse. lol.

        Claiming the kids are off limits is conservative moralistic posturing. It’s as boring and predictable as Max’s career choice. The last two kids I care about is these two (although Stephie at least seems to have a personality).

        How about telling Key that poor kids are off limits? There’s a lot to be learned by considering Max’s career and life choices. That doesn’t mean we should insult them or abuse them, but we can talk about them.

        As soon as the Key family stop flaunting themselves in public, then they’re off limits.

      • Aren’t they both adults at this point? They may be John Key’s “kids”, but they’re not kids.

      • Except Max Key is 20, Stefie is 22, they are not children. Max in particular is a “celebrity” by nature of his “work” in the public eye, therefore fair game in the satirical sense like anyone else. He put himself in the spotlight willingly. As for Stefie’s soft porn art work, that just screams “look at me”.

      • Except they are hardly children are they Dave? Both adults in their early twenties, both seeking attention in their respective lives. The daughter indulging in soft porn “art,” with herself as the main subject matter in just about all her exhibitions. And then there’s the son … oh dear … sigh!

  7. One can feel sorry for Max in that the MSM constantly follows him around praying he will come up with some new kind of clown antic, now that his old man is becoming so predictable and boring. In such a scenario it is no surprise that he usually gives the MSM what they want. The MSM look at Max Key, but they don’t see Max, they see little John.
    You can understand why so many sons and daughters of celebrities want to go their own way and do their own thing so they can establish themselves on their own merits, rather than their parents.

    • Why feel sorry for Max? He’s happily riding the coats of his father, just like his daughter does. Max and his father PM John the Con want the msm following him around.

    • I get what you are saying Mike The Lefty, your empathy is very kind, but compare Max’s probable issues to the kids who will go to school in the morning, with no shoes or lunch, pale in comparison.

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