BLOGWATCH: Hey Cam – you were wrong about me last time as well mate

Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater is interviewed by Jonathan Milne for an Insight feature. 18th February 2014 Herald on Sunday photograph by Doug Sherring WGP 24Jun14 - WAG 24Jun14 - RGP 24Jun14 - BTG 24Jun14 - HBG 24Jun14 - NAG 24Jun14 -


Cam has claimed in a blog posted yesterday that my new 7pm current affairs show won’t last very long. It’s funny because only last month Cam was predicting that I would be arrested by the Police for my role in the shut down of Auckland during the TPPA protest.

Well, here I am Cam, still walking around a free man, so I’ll take your new prediction that our new TV show will be short lived with the usual spade full of salt.

YOU however Cammy look like you are going to have a very bad March in the Courts. I’ll make a prediction about you champ, you’ll have that begging bowl of yours out begging your deluded readers to donate more money to help pay more legal costs. I can’t imagine the legal costs of a media company are cheap.

You aren’t the champ you once were champ. You have become so radioactive no one keeps you in the loop any longer and the hypocrisy Cam, it’s just so overwhelming. The dirty filthy things you were prepared to do in Dirty Politics means you have no moral high ground to bitch about people posting unsavory comments on the RNZ Campbell facebook page, and as for your constant wailing about name suppression (cough, cough) you and I both know how jaw dropping your audacity in that is.

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The despicable manner in which you went after Matthew Blomfield, the crass comments you made about Colin Craig and the (cough, cough) other issues are all coming home to roost Cammy, and no one deserves the karma payout you’ll be on the recieving end in March quite as much as you.


      • No Adrian. No one wants to bunk with Slatter.

        Or describe Slatter in any sentence involving spitting.

        Just have Slatter fill my Cell Wallet. The guys got so much room in there

  1. I think the word ‘chump’ not champ is more appropriate.
    Yep Slater is in for a severe hiding!!
    There is no doubt he is green with envy about the brilliant Waatea 5th Estate.
    Let us see him front his own TV show!!
    His first guests could be Judith Collins, Matthew Hooton ,Michelle Boag and John Key, and they could discuss the benefits of being a kind empathetic person and how they see themselves in that role taking into account the dog eat dog society they have helped to create.
    Compulsory viewing!!

  2. Slater is the face of more than 30 years of neo liberalism. A snarling, threatening bully without the teeth. A pudgy fake just like them all. A Gollum spreading disease where ever his feet fall, a petri dish growing dirt on the innocent to protect the guilty, greedy and worthless. He’s the poster boy for everything jonky and the jonky-ites before him. He’s the face of suicides, murders, dysfunction and hardship. The creep has more blood on his hands than an abattoir worker. The spiteful Haters will love him. Watch them out themselves here because they just can’t help it. The pleasure they get from the misery they unleash upon others is truly unsettling though hardly surprising.

  3. Hey Bomberino, we could make a fortune out of this chump.
    Get him to predict the winners and losers at the local race track.
    He always backs the wrong horse so we know where to put our money…

    Anyway don’t worry about Camo’s support. I imagine, for example, a Police Minister makes plenty of money, and when they are actively linked to corrupt business practices as well they have plenty of spare change to help their poor beleaguered half-wit…

  4. [There must be something in the air, as this is the second nasty post I’ve deleted from a right-wing commentator. “Higherstandard”, you should consider following your own pseudonym. One more comment like what I deleted and I will ban you instantly. – ScarletMod]

  5. Sometimes bad things happen to bad people…..

    But err shouldn’t you be a bit careful with the whole court thing, especially if name suppression is still in place…

  6. This is what I will never understand about Slater. Capitalism totally screwed him over via his mental health insurance claim, which he is clearly in need of, at least according to his wife who would know him better than anyone. His family have lost their home under the current profits-before-people regime.

    Yet, he still sings the praises of John Key and National Party policy, even though John would cross the street to avoid Slater, from fear of being associated with him.

    Classic Stockholm syndrome. I actually pity him.

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