Waatea 5th Estate Ep 5 – wrapping the week


Wrapping the weeks political events with Local City Counsellor Efeso Collins, militant cyclist David Slack and former National Party MP, Claudette Hauiti

Auckland City Council u-turn, Judith Collins marching and Don Brash on Maori Privilege


  1. Boomers are paranoid about their property values, for most of them it’s their nest egg. But this artificial bubble they have created by creating a shortage of 200 000 homes is totally immoral and shameful. Successive governments have allowed the party to get out of hand, and now the market is not just rigged, it’s corrupted by all sorts of profiteers (banks, speculators, money launderers, and a crony capitalist government)

    • Efeso Collins was brilliant. The question is do we care more about his sort of community where only 20% own a home or the leafy suburbs paranoid about house values.

      Efeso’s constituents suffer from increasing rents -little money left for necessities, over crowding, short term rentals -changing GP, schools…. No sense of community, stability…..

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