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    • Although it was a rule within media that politician’s kids were off limits, John key has obviously waived this rule and given approval for mainstream media attention of his son. The NZ Herald/Stuff etc are always running PR promotional articles on Max Key, and that does make him fair game, even for caption competitions like this.

    • He has chosen to put himself out there. He is now just Max Key. Not Max Key son of….. He has to take the flak like everybody else.

      • Except this is a political blog and the only reason he is featured is that he is the son of John Key not beacuse he is just Max Key. Are other Djs featured here?

        • Lol are you suggesting Max Key is a DJ?
          look, whenever he featured in the paper it is as, “Prime Minister Jon key’s son, Max Key. Not Wanna be Dj Max Key

          • My point exactly. He may be a gigantic born to rule fucktard and he certainly comes across as that but if he wasn’t the son of John Key he wouldn’t be targeted on this blog. As for his DJ’ing skills I have never heard him nor do I want to but in that he is employed to do that then yes that does make him a DJ. Patrick Gower in my opinion is nothing more than a national party stooge but he is still employed as a journalist so quite rightly can call himself that.

      • really..?..isn’t he just doing what most his age are doing..?..growing up/learning..?..exploring..?

        ..that key is his father is an accident of is his being born into wealth..wealth/contacts he is now making use of..who can blame him..?

        ..i mean.aside from anything else…who the fuck would like to be judged on how they were/what they were brainless 21 yr olds..?

        ..for me..i was going:..’this heroin seems a bit of an all right’..

        ..and some of you reading this thought ‘friends’ was the bees-knees..

        ..what the fuck did you/we know?

  1. Dam that peasant who texted george fm calling me John Key’s cumstain. It has totally put me off my next facial appointment.. sigh.. dam poor people.. ruining my life.

  2. Ahh bless … the insipid fruit of FJK’s foul loins is lost in slumber, while travelling on Papa J’s aircraft, after a hard few days living it up to the “max” in OZ.

    Sickening to the “max!”

      • With respect for your opinion Phillip, Max Key is an adult and has made himself a public figure, through promoting his activities, using his father’s high profile political position. Like father, the son wants to be out there in the public domain, seeking attention and possible adoration! As is the case with most public figures, some bricbats as well as bouquets are to be expected. It goes with the territory.

        FJK, I’m sure is attempting to put his presence and that of his family, on a par with the Kennedy’s, who despite a few indiscretions, had (still have) far more class than the whole collective Key clan!

        That said, it seems to me Bronagh deliberately keeps out of the picture as much as she possibly can, while the offspring enjoy hogging the limelight, much like daddy. Must be genetic!

  3. “One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin.” – Kafka

  4. More nasty personal stuff that we have come to expect from the hater and wrecker left. And now you have moved on from attacking the PM to attacking his family? Well done. Is Bronagh next on the hit list?


      Behaviour patterns change, often following the style of the “alpha”.

      Shipley spawned power-dressing types. Helen had figures who were aspiring to power-bullying starting every sentence with “Aw, look!”

      John Key has attacked more people on a personal level than any MP that I can remember. (do you want a list?)

      He has shifted the acceptable level to such an extent that he and his self-promoting son are now receiving doses of their own medicine.

  5. Next stop Ponsonby. I just felt like some takeaways.

    I think the comment about Key’s progeny being off-limits for satire at best and sledging at worst is fair. But, how old is Max now? Did he just hop aboard the tax-payer funded government aeroplane to catch a lift to the Gold Coast? Isn’t he 21, or something? So, who paid for that? And when do the taxpayer funded kickbacks stop? Can anyone in any PM’s family just “catch a ride”?
    Perhaps a line between cashing in on Dad’s job as the PM and cashing in on Dad’s private wealth should be drawn, but, perhaps that’s not so clear as without the PM job, who would know Max Key?
    What do we expect of him and is it fair or realistic?
    I’m sure there are many people of diverse political stripe who have connections they can make the most of, and financial resources, too, while championing social justice. Does that make them less valid campaigners?
    So he’s presumably living off Mum and Dad and pursuing a life of “artistic endeavour” while remaining publicly politically neutral – good luck, how many people are going to take him seriously? How welcome would he be at the Green Party conference, anyway?
    He’s of his generation, all the instagram garbage is their thing, he’s playing up to the spoilt rich boy image because perhaps part of him knows he’ll never be anything else in NZ, anyway. What an awful profile to have at 21.
    I remember seeing him and his mother on tele when, to my disgust, National won whenever it was that they defeated Clarke. This shy looking, wide eyed boy on stage, with his mother standing behind him, her hand on his shoulder. And he was a boy, a child. He looked like a sensitive, nice kid.
    He doesn’t seem like a born materialist to me, and I don’t think we should judge the child by the father – is that permissible in other circumstances? So when does he get to an age where it’s permissible to judge him on his own actions, and will they be worthy of bothering with?
    Having said that, gloating about a ride on the taxpayer dollar is nauseating, gloating about Dad’s squillions, well, that’s their social culture. Just don’t click the link. Barf.

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