Generation Zero statement on Unitary Plan



Today Generation Zero spokesperson Dr Sudhvir Singh will speak at the Auckland Council’s extraordinary governing body meeting on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan. He will make the following comments.

“If the Council withdraw their submission, it is effectively pulling the ladder from both itself and the next generation for accessing an affordable place to live.” Dr Singh said.

“We can not allow any further delays to the implementation of this Plan as Auckland urgently needs more housing supply, particularly smaller housing choices close to public transport and town centres.”

“We hope that the councillors consider our current housing affordability crisis, our shortage of housing in inner suburbs, and the fact that groups like Auckland 2040 have had considerable input since this all started 4 years ago.”

Generation Zero have been advocates of the Unitary Plan since 2013, facilitating thousands of submissions in favour of density done well and housing choice.

Under the proposed Council submission, 78% of Auckland will remain zoned for ‘single housing’, with just 6% of the area outside the CBD zoned for apartments and terrace housing.

“Most young people can not engage in this process as they’re busy putting in extra hours to pay for their record high rents – money that’s often going to some of these homeowners so against new housing being provided in the suburbs they live in.”

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