Waatea 5th Estate Ep 2 – Auckland housing bubble, Unitary Plan & intergenerational friction with Penny Hulse, Auckland 2040 & Salvation Army


Join host Martyn Bradbury with panelists Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse, Auckland 2040 representative Richard Burton and Salvation Army policy analyst Alan Johnson to discuss the Auckland housing bubble, Unitary Plan & intergenerational friction.


  1. Auckland’s population’s been swelled by liars promoting a myth.

    People fled the neo liberal destruction of the rest of the country, exchanging affordable lifestyles for ever more debt cleverly disguised as income after being psychologically manipulated by advertisers and lobbyists beating a paddled track into our government.

    Move to Auckland, buy a house, have a family, borrow on the false economy that is the increase in capital value of ones home, then borrow on mortgage for educations for afore mentioned kids, and a nice car while we’re at it.

    The trap that was set by traitors who betrayed us to the banks is now snapping shut.

    The banks are grabbing land to on-sell to richer foreigners while trading in your debt on international money markets. Been there, seen that, you have learned nothing.

    You know someone who’s suicided at the spectre of losing everything? The Banks effectively murdered them and our complacency is aiding and abetting in that crime.

    To fix the ‘Auckland Situation’ you then need to purge NZ of the Banks, write off all mortgage debt then re nationalise our resources and infrastructure. Yes, it’s that serious.

    Everything else will fall in place and NZ will be the better for it.

    Or, you can continue to have latte fuelled pow wows to tut tut at the monster that’s threatening to drag the rest of NZ / Aotearoa down the shitter.
    You can continue down the jonky path and become the new slave class to Cantonese who’ve become billionaires manufacturing the tinsel and baubles you bought from The WareHouse for your plastic Christmas tree, or just say no.
    26 Thousand people clogged up The Myth ? How about that number’s doubled in Wellington to remove the politicians who’re doing this to us?

  2. ‘The Future of Auckland’

    Over a period of 50 years the various city councils, united council and regional council, in conjunction with a series of hopeless governments, have managed to create a totally unsustainable oil-dependent toxic mess in and around Auckland.

    We are not looking forward to the stampede out of Auckland that will come when global oil extraction begins to fall dramatically


    and the global consumption economy collapses over the period 2016 to 2020.

    A little further down the track rapid sea-level rise will cut the region north of Otahuhu off from the rest of the North Island.


    And with the global financial system having collapsed, whoever survives the economic meltdown and the collapse of the industrial food system will be back to the normality of the past 200,000 years, which means a hunter-gatherer existence……until planetary overheating renders what is left of the North Island uninhabitable and remnants of humanity linger on in the southernmost parts of the South Island that have not been inundated.

    These are the most ‘interesting’ of times, as every aspect of the mainstream narrative gets exposed as a delusion or a lie.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you TDB, Bomber et al!
    This programme is a most welcome innovation.
    Seeing and hearing people debating at length real issues. It’s an oasis in the parched desert of NZ so-called TV and media current affairs. How refreshing it is to see it and to not have the spin, bias, ego-stroking and naivety etc of the Hoskings/Garner shows.
    Great to see the church, at long last, in the form of the Salvos (Alan Johnson) are making themselves heard on behalf of the poor and unheard voices. Where’s the rest of them? Come on, Revs-all, clean out the money changers in the temple in the 21st century (read ‘forex dealers who rip millions off millions and then go into politics’).
    This programme is the most helpful sign – except perhaps for the John Campbell’s programmes – I’ve seen in all media for a very long time.
    Long may you continue!

    • Agreed, and golf course are for the well heeled. Remember Nick Smith wanted to put housing (particularly for the poor/low income), in cemeteries, parks and power sub stations, the example he was looking at had exploded not that long ago.

      All Nick Smith does is draw lines on maps and then makes big PR spin announcements, and that is as far as it goes. Why did John key drag Nick Smith back from the dead anyway? He should have stayed sacked.

    • Do people realize that golf courses for the rich like the ones John key goes to are government funded? Every year the government funds these golf courses for the rich with millions of tax payer dollars.

  4. One of the urgent steps that should be taken is not allowing any ‘non residents who are not NZ citizens’ from buying houses, property or land here. Simple. What is wrong with such a law?

  5. Half of NZ does not live in Auckland but we seem to be ignored on behalf of “growth” in Auckland. We are a country dependent upon primary produce exports yet we have allowed massive sucker city growth. We fuel this with immigration that we have never debated. Now NZ is two countries, Auckland and the rest. And Auckland is two communities, the house owning “rich” and thepoor rest.

  6. Excellent program Martyn.

    You kept the subject under the spotlight with the prowess of the late great Paul Homes or the Larry king of old, as you asked the questions that counted to get the debate fired up on all cylinders.

    “Long may your chimney smoke”the Scottish saying goes, and with the fire from the heart you have there for all to feel.

    Best channel mate pips John Campbell so you should ask John to come sometime to speak freely again as we feel he is hamstrung a bit on RNZ right now unlike you sir.

  7. Richard Burton needs to get off his high horse, it’s not about expectations, that excuse that people like him like to use is nothing more than a cop out. Interesting that he refused to answer where the “lessor quality areas” are.

  8. Finally, an actual discussion and debate like it should be. What a refreshing change. Didn’t realize how much I have missed it and felt sad as it reminded me of how much we have all lost in the 8 years of the Key National government.

    Thank you Martyn Bradbury.

  9. Brilliant Martyn. I haven’t been able to watch Live -not because I am watching the rubbish competition on MSM, just life being busy…. So really enjoyed being able to catch the programme the following day : )

  10. We are long overdue for the creation of an “Auckland Housing Authority” on par with “Auckland Transport Authority”.

    This authority must be charged with creating equitable, affordable housing for ALL Auckland residents, as an essential facility, like public transport. This authority will additionally support State Housing.

    This housing authority needs to be empowered to create a “Land Trust” similar to the Champlain Housing Trust (http://www.getahome.org/). Such a Land Trust would dramatically slash the cost of buying a first home, without reducing the quality of the housing.

    The market is NOT going to fix this. The sooner we accept that, the sooner this will be resolved.

    • @Mygeneration – you are deluded if you think forming an expensive body like Auckland Transport for Housing will do anything!

      Auckland Transport are incompetent expensive bullies! Do we have better transport under them, – nope.

      Likewise there are too many tax payer groups having meetings and being incompetent and actually slowing things down.

      We have the ministry of housing already – and the government is selling off the state houses. How would having another tax payer funded group help, two signatures on the deeds sold?

      You would be better to chain yourself to the nearest sold state house as a protest than rely on yet another government task force to help housing!

  11. The rich are changing the RMA and unitary plan to make themselves more money by putting in high value mansions and apartments and future slums, with intensification. There is no decent affordable housing being built in the city – it is a rout to get the left and the poor to endorse a way to make the city more unaffordable and ugly by pretending it will somehow help them.

    In Europe and the UK planning is very strict and they have enviable character in their developments. Care is applied to make new developments blend in, not take over the privacy of neighbours and so forth. They have transport links so that people do not need cars. The poor can afford to live in the city in flats. Try to do any sort of flat conversion like a granny flat in Auckland and the council are onto you like a on of bricks. Put up a yurt and you will face legal action. However a bunnings or a development over height everywhere and the council will approve it and take it to environment court at rate payer cost.

    Auckland planners and developers want to throw out regulation so that developers can develop as cheap and characterless as possible without preserving the natural environment or character of the area and avoid regulation of height and boundary.

    This has mean Nelson ST apartments – leaky buildings – ports of Auckland, Titrangi ancient trees destruction and massive costs for rate payers.

    Before the ‘left’ fight for this so called ‘intensification’ and join the developers, actually grow a brain and notice that the Auckland councils planning is meaning a lack of standards, cutting down of ancient trees, exploration of mining off the cost of Muriwai and zero public transport being included and massive hight to boundary infringements and more inequality due to litigation.

    Even before this goes through the Auckland council are making sure that 99.5% of resource consents goes through. There is literally zero standards and developers can do whatever they want.

    Bob jones had a funny piss take in the herald the other day highlighting what is going on. This involved asking for a massive Gareth Morgan statue over 75m of height to boundary and just sending it directly to the powers that be at the council, (to get their rubber stamp) this came with a environmental assessment report prepared by himself about the economic benefits. This is the current reality of the piss poor current regualation and the unitary plan which is being rushed through by the government with strict deadlines to councils. Submissions being put in by rich people’s lawyers to make money, while concerned residents are being denigrated as nimby’s.

    If you think intensification is working in Auckland then you are deluded and if your think the unitary plan pushed through by Auckland council and the government is for the poor and will help standards you need a lobotomy.

    Migration is the driver behind the lack of housing supply and that has not been addressed. It takes about 2 hours to drive out of Thailand, between the mansions and the slums and the high rises, and that is the vision for Auckland by the unitary plane.

    ‘Anything goes, profit before people and the more money you have the more money you can make’ is the name of the game.

  12. After watching that I would never vote Penny Hulse!

    Her smug demeanour and silver tongued words totally unwilling to listen to any other way forward reminds me of John Key! Auckland council has been working with the government and productivity council to have it all happen hip hip hooray sarc!

    As for the salvation army they have bought into the government and development dogma – push zoning through, don’t consult and ride rough shod over Auckland residents by pretending they support the ‘brown’ poor in South Auckland. Maybe the brown poor should be allowed to have a say in a democratic way just as those in central Auckland! Not have white old, Penny and Alan be their spokesperson.

    A lot was said about the 208,000 people too poor to live in Auckland, but Auckland council and the government is completely happy to push them out with 60,000 migrants coming in. No one asks the poor if that is fair, but Penny and Alan loved talking about the poor brown people of whom they are using to get through their own flawed ideology.

    As for the young not being able to afford Auckland, apparently a chinese migrant was gifted $200,000 as a wedding present to invest in property – so clearly some youth are able to afford Auckland – just not the current residents. It is a complicated issue that Penny and Alan don’t want to think about because they a flogging a personal opinion.

    If the left want more houses they need to identify what is causing the boom and they look stupid blaming baby boomers and nimbys.

    Homeowners pay the rates and should have a right to say how they are used. There is plenty of government land to build social housing and provide public transport instead of roads and selling off state houses. Nobody mentioned that in the debate!

    This was a stupid debate because minorities were not represented and a range of opinions and options were never laid out!

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