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  1. ‘Human tidal wave’

    “Europe’s migration/refugee crisis is expected to match or even exceed last year’s record numbers. Much of the discussion on what to do centers on the cost of resettlement and whether EU member countries should accept quotas. But why are so many migrants and/or refugees leaving their home countries? And what about the question of culture?

    CrossTalking with Chris Bambery, Sukant Chandan, and Catherine Shakdam.”

    ‘EU ‘cannot handle’ another year of refugees pouring into Europe – Danish PM’

  2. Inland Revenue cracked down on overseas business trips that included weekends. The two days between the working week were not eligible for tax concessions.

    Seeing JK and his plane load of buddies flitting across to Australia for the weekend at the taxpayers expense looks like more National Party troughing.

    I can understand the urgent need for minders to get the PM out of the public view for a few days after so many stumbles, but couldn’t he have used some of his own money for a weekend away?

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