Partition is apartheid – reunify the Holy Land

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At first sight, for many well-meaning people, the two-states ‘solution’ would seem to be the most rational and just way of ending the humanitarian crisis in the Holy Land. To others, more committed to serving the economic and hegemonic interests of the great powers, the ‘two states’ proposition is a useful subterfuge.

The enterprise and purpose of annexation
Zionist expansionism is not confined to the West Bank. The Syrian Golan Heights are also militarily-Occupied by Israel, which has begun to claim sovereignty over them as well. Israel cites ‘security’ concerns when justifying the annexation, as it has done over every violation of international law and human rights it has committed, but the real motive behind the annexation was that Israel coveted the water and fertility. According to a BBC article, the Israeli-Occupied Syrian territory provides a third of Israel’s water supply, enabling the Zionist state to use the fertile, volcanic soil to “cultivate vineyards and orchards and to raise cattle”. Tourism is a thriving Israeli enterprise in the Syrian territory, which is now home to Israel’s only ski resort. As exemplified by its population control and armaments industries, when it comes to commerce and profit, Zionism’s hasbara screen lifts somewhat to reveal its true nature and purpose.

The Israeli Ministry of Tourism website, Goisrael, advertises the Syrian Golan Heights thus: “The Golan Heights, Israel’s mountainous northern region, is one of the most beautiful and most travelled parts of the country.” At the bottom of the page can be found the Ministry’s identification: “Copyright © Ministry of Tourism, Government of Israel. All Rights Reserved 2011”. In another instance of propaganda and profit from military Occupation, this official Israeli tourist website sells “The Cave of Machpelah in Hebron” to visitors as being “one of the holiest places in Israel”. It is extraordinary and preposterous that our politicians continue to have us believe that ‘negotiations’ with the Zionist regime, as part of the so-called peace process, can bring peace with justice for the Palestinian people. Israel has long ago decided that all the territory it governs militarily will remain under its rule. That Israel intends to continue its programme of creeping annexation is also abundantly clear.

Gaza – hiding the reality
Israel claims to have ‘withdrawn’ from Gaza although it continues to make military incursions into the blockaded territory, often with the aim of bulldozing crops and destroying agriculture. Palestinian fishing boats are under fire from Israeli warships almost every day. Not wanting the world to know the extent of its oppression of the Gaza Strip, on 9 February, Israel prevented a delegation from the European Parliament from entering Gaza. It was concerned that the delegation had intended both to assess the damage caused by the 2014 Israeli blitz on Gaza and investigate how much progress had been permitted with EU-funded reconstruction efforts. The head of the seven-member delegation, MEP Martina Anderson, commented, “the systematic denial by Israel of access to Gaza . . . raises questions: what does the Israeli government aim to hide . . .?” Israel has refused to allow European parliament access to Gaza since 2011 – so much for ‘withdrawal’! It claimed that its Operation Protective Edge blitz on Gaza, in July 2014, which killed at least 2,200 Palestinians, was carried out to stop rocket fire into Israel from Gaza. In reality, Israeli forces had actually been violating the ceasefire agreement in order to provoke the Palestinian Resistance. The same sad process continues right up to the present.

Gaza ceasefire violations
This year alone (up to and including 16 February) there have been 132 Gaza ceasefire violations – 1 Palestinian and 133 Israeli.

The lone Palestinian ceasefire violation, January 23: 11:30, Palestinian Resistance fighters opened fire on an Israeli military vehicle near al-Shuja’iya. Israeli forces returned fire. This was an armed attack by the Palestinian Resistance on an Israeli military target. All the Israeli ceasefire violations have been directed against civilians.

There are far too many Israeli ceasefire violations already this year to quote all of them here but half a dozen examples should suffice:

January 13
Air strike – death: Northern Gaza – 08:45, the Israeli Air Force launched air strikes on Beit Lahiya, killing one person: Musa Assad Abu Za’tar (31).

January 14
Israeli Navy hijacking – economic sabotage: Northern Gaza – 16:30, the Israeli Navy opened fire on Palestinian fishing boats off al-Sudaniya, hijacked a fishing boat and took prisoner two fishermen: Basam Abu Rayala and Mohammad Al-Najjar.

January 15
Israeli Army attack – 4 wounded: Gaza – 14:00, Israeli forces positioned behind the Green Line fired live ammunition and stun and tear gas grenades at protesters in al-Shija’iya, Beit Lahiya and Jabaliya, wounding four people. There were three tear gas casualties.
Israeli Army attack – 2 dead – 2 wounded: Central Gaza – 14:00, Israeli forces positioned behind the Green Line opened fire on the al-Bureij refugee camp, killing two residents, Mohammad Adel Abu Zied (18) and Mohammad Majdi Quiteh (26). In addition, two people were wounded and there were several tear gas casualties.

January 27
Israeli Navy attack – abduction – hijacking – economic sabotage: Northern Gaza – 11:30, the Israeli Navy opened fire on Palestinian fishing boats off al-Sudaniya, hijacked one of them and took prisoner four crew: Tariq Ala Zeid Bakr (17), Fahed Ziyad Hussein Bakr, Mohammad Saber Khader Bakr and Na’im Fahed Ziyad Bakr.

February 3
Israeli Navy attack – hijackings – economic sabotage: Northern Gaza – 07:00, the Israeli Navy opened fire on and hijacked two fishing boats off al-Sudaniya, and took prisoner four fishermen: Usayed Marwan Al-Sa’idi, Jihad Sid Sakakin, Mohammad Sa’id Al-Sa’di and Mahmoud Sa’id Al-Sa’di.

When Israel begins its next, almost inevitable, Gaza blitz it will, no doubt, be perpetrated following one of the occasional acts of retaliatory Palestinian Resistance, such as that of 23 January, cited above. The colossal and disproportionate weight of Israeli super-power armaments will once again descend upon the defenceless people of Gaza. Be sure that the Western news media will report that Israel is ‘responding’ and that it has a ‘right to defend itself’ – a right that Western governments and mainstream news media have never recognised as belonging also to the Palestinian people. Israeli ceasefire violations are seldom reported and the public will continue to be misled.

Palestinian refugees
The imposition of Zionist rule over Palestine has resulted in the longest-lasting and largest refugee crisis in history. Israel denies, both in principle and in practice, the UN-recognised Palestinian refugees’ right of return (Resolution 194, passed on 11 December 1948 and reaffirmed every year since 1948). Indigenous Palestinians, both Muslim and Christian, are denied the right to return to their homes yet, in denying this human right, the Zionist state insists on an ideologically contrived ‘right of return’ to the Palestinian homeland for Jews, born anywhere in the world.

UNWRA recognises the first wave of Palestinian refugees as “persons whose normal place of residence was Palestine during the period 1 June 1946 to 15 May 1948, and who lost both home and means of livelihood as a result of the 1948 conflict.” The number of Palestinian refugees has kept growing over the past 67 years and while, in 1950, the UN was recognising the needs of about 750,000 Palestinian refugees, today there are over 5 million Palestine refugees eligible for UNRWA services. This number amounts to 4 million 1948 refugees, plus another 1.5 million 1948 refugees not registered with the UN because they did not register or did not need assistance at the time they became refugees. The 1967 Israeli annexation of the West Bank and Gaza has resulted in a further 773,000 displaced persons and there are a further 263,000 of what are termed “internally displaced refugees”. This last category refers to the 32,000 Palestinians who left their homes but remained within the borders of what became Israel. These victims of Zionist racism have never been allowed to return to their homes and villages in Israel, even though they are Israeli citizens. Palestinian homes in Israel were, like the homes of other Palestinian refugees, either destroyed or given to Jews.

Following the 1948 violence and unilateral declaration of an Israeli state, more than 400 Palestinian villages and towns were destroyed or resettled by Jews in an attempt to erase any evidence of a non-Jewish history and culture in Palestine. Many of the Palestinian villages that had been destroyed were rebuilt, occupied by Jewish families and given Hebrew names.

The Israeli Army
Committed to Zionism, the Israeli Occupation Army is nevertheless undergoing change – that is, it is becoming more pro-settler. An article by Professor Padraig O’Malley of the University Massachusetts refers to the fact that the Israeli Army “. . . is increasingly a religious army, recruited from the settler community in the West Bank. The rate of settler recruitment to combat units in the IDF is 80 per cent higher than the rest of country. In 2011, two-thirds of draftees from West Bank settlements served in combat units, compared with 40 per cent from the rest of country.” The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports that “there are now entire units of religious combat soldiers, many of them based in West Bank settlements where an implicit alliance between some settler communities and the IDF are commonplace.” Whereas stone-throwing by young Palestinians often ends with the death or critical wounding of the youngster, Israeli settler fanatics who stone Palestinian pedestrians and property do so with the support of the Israeli Army.

Many people know of the Zionist massacre of Deir Yassin villagers but this was by no means an isolated incident. Racist ideologies such as Zionism generate fanaticism and followers can too easily suspend any sense of humanity when it comes to dealing with the selected ‘other’. On 5 February this year, details of another horrific Israeli Army war crime have emerged, published in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Printed in Hebrew, the article deals with the appalling, obscene, inhumanities perpetrated in 1948 in the Palestinian village of Al-Dawayima. An excerpt printed in English from the article makes for grim reading.

Any ideology that can lead to such inhumanities should be treated as it deserves and its proponents dealt with similarly. Palestinians living under Zionist military Occupation continue to face immense cruelty and injustice. In the West Bank and Jerusalem, the existence of cell-phone videos and watchful international human rights observers helps to place limits on the worst extremes that Zionism is capable of. But from time to time, for example in its intermittent Gaza blitzes, and in its cold-hearted relentless Gaza blockade, the ideology’s inhumanities reveal themselves for all the world to see.

A single state
Whatever the motive, the misleading and impractical two-state proposition has achieved nothing other than to play into the hands of Zionist expansionism. To wall Palestinians into a ‘state’ with no genuine sovereignty, particularly over borders, air space and defence, would plainly be entrapment. For decades, Zionism’s territorial ambitions have been realised in a process of gradual annexation and colonisation. For how long, therefore, could a Palestinian ‘state’ expect to be left unmolested to live in peace? So long as regimes dedicated to serving Zionist ideology remain in control of Israel, the Palestinian people will never have true sovereignty or security, let alone equality. On the Palestinian right of return a Christian refugee from Jerusalem, Tuma Hazou, now living in New Zealand, put it this way:

“If ever a Palestinian State gets established (and I doubt that) it will not be a truly sovereign one and Israel will most probably continue to occupy a buffer zone in the Jordan Valley of the West Bank, along the Jordan River. As such it would be a truncated mini-state especially if the Israeli settlement colonies’ blocks are annexed by Israel. Such an area could not house a large number of returning refugees. Mahmoud Abbas and others in the PA have declared that refugees in the ‘diaspora’ will be welcome to re-settle in the new state. There are some five million Palestinian refugees living beyond the West Bank and Gaza Strip. What percentage would be willing to resettle in the new state is anybody’s guess. Those most likely to be agreeable to settle in the new state are Palestinian refugees in the Lebanon and in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria. The majority of Palestinian refugees will never give up their right of return to their original towns and villages in historical Palestine from which they were driven out between 1947 and 1949. I certainly will never give up my inalienable right of return to Jerusalem and would not settle in any future so-called Palestinian State.”

Pandering to the rule of an inherently discriminatory ideology runs counter to the spirit and morality of the Fourth Geneva Convention. A just settlement and an end to military Occupation and segregation in Palestine require both a reunification of the land, so unjustly partitioned, and an end to discrimination. The declared equality of all citizens, regardless of their ethnicity or religion, would be a blessed relief for the tragically abandoned and long-suffering Palestinian people. For the rest of us, the triumph of reason and the passing of Zionism would be occasion for joy and affirmation of our shared humanity.

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About the author

Leslie Bravery

Leslie Bravery is a Londoner with vivid World War Two memories of the Nazi blitz on his home town. In 1947/1948 His father explained to him what was happening to the Palestinians thus: “Any ideology or political movement that creates refugees in the process of realising its ambitions must be inhuman and should be opposed and condemned as unacceptable.” What followed confirmed this assessment of the Zionist entity a hundredfold. Now a retired flamenco guitarist, with a lifelong interest in the tragedy of what happened to the Palestinian people, he tries to publicise their plight. Because the daily injustices they suffer barely get a mention in the mainstream news media, Leslie edits/compiles a daily newsletter, In Occupied Palestine, for the Palestine Human Rights Campaign. These days, to preserve his sanity, he enjoys taking part in a drama group whenever possible!


  1. Afewknowthetruth says:

    Most New Zealanders have no knowledge of, or interest in, anything beyond business-as-usual, house prices, overseas holiday destinations, eating, and sports teams.

    USS Liberty, 1967:

    Only when WW3 breaks out will the average New Zealander notice anything is wrong in the Middle East, and then they will believe whatever propaganda the government decides to put out.

    Russia will probably fix the Middle East eventually. But it will take a lot of time and a lot of blood.

    • i'm right says:

      When the Islamic fanatics stop firing rockets into Israel, then perhaps some peace talks could actually move forwards, until they put down their hardware Israel will, quite rightly, rule their area with an iron fist. It aint rocket science. Don’t keep poking a bear with a stick as the end outcome will not be in your best interests.

      • And when Israeli imperialists lift their blockade on Gaza; abandon their illegal settlements in the West Bank; and cease other acts of aggression, perhaps then will oppressed Palestinians cease their resistance.

        To paraphrase a certain former US president,

        “Mr Netanyahu, tear down that wall!!”

        • i'm right says:

          ‘When the Palestinians love their children more than they hate Israel then perhaps there will be peace”, ‘If the Palestinians put down their weapons tomorrow, there would be peace. If Israel put down their weapons tomorrow there would be no Israel’… She had the BEST, and truthful, one liners!

          I’m Finding hypocrisy stakes delicious lately that all you lefties are wetting yourselves over Bernie Saunders becoming the next US President, and would the FIRST Jewish POTUS….decisions, decisions. Mr Minto must be suffering terrible night sleeps?

          • It’s not whether people are Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, or Great Spaghetti Monster adherents, IR. It’s what our respective governments do in our name, that counts.

            The aggression of the Israeli government achieves only one conclusion; more violence. Get that through your head and you’ll begin to understand that human nature – whether shown by resistance fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto during WW2, or by Palestinian resistance fighters in Gaza – will never be crushed. The yearning to be free is not a muslim, jewish, catholic, etc, thing. It is a human thing.

          • Sam Sam says:

            I mean this is just a delusional person ranting. No real need to reply to Mr right is wrong

          • Andrew says:

            The Left has got itself into an awful mess and I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out how they managed to paint themselves into this corner.

            See if you can follow this bizarre socialist logic:

            1. Socialists supported the Soviet Union

            2. Israel was pro-west and an opponent of Soviet backed regimes surrounding it

            3. Therefore in socialist minds Arabs were ‘good’ and Israel ‘bad’

            4. The Arabs turned out to be feudal, misogynist fascists, so now the Left is dying in a ditch trying to defend the indefensible.

            It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad!

      • When the ‘bear’ is locked in a cage (Gaza blockade) Israel can continue with impunity. Ceasefire violations are overwhelmingly committed by Zionist regime. Of course, the police (the Security Council) could be called to arrest the culprit but unfortunately they are in league with the Zionists.

        • OneTrack says:

          Gaza should stop firing their rockets, meaning there would be no need for Israeli retaliation or the import inspections for war material. Peace is in the palestinians hands – why don’t they choose that option. I suggest they don’t want peace. They want to push the Israelites into the sea.

          • In other words, the oppressed should cease their resistance to their oppressors? Is that what you’re saying, Mr “One Track”?

            Well, wouldn’t that have just been dandy for liberation/independence/equality movements in India, South Africa, Eqypt, southern states of the US, and elsewhere in the world? I guess you also supported the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan? French and British imperialuism?

            And maybe, this lot should’ve stopped their resistance to their German overlords and their bombing campaign against the British;

            Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

            King David Hotel bombing

            I suspect though that your partisanship, to support the Israeli government, is made up of 9/10s prejudice and 1/10 double-standards.

          • Samwise says:

            Onetrack, so you support the aggression from the local bullies who are suppressing their weaker neighbour??

            Shame on you. Your lack of morals is disgusting.

  2. Lois Griffiths says:

    The ongoing cruel oppression of Palestinians continues to be ignored by the West, including Western media. Some say it is because of the powerful wealthy Israel lobby in all Western countries , some say it is fear of Israel’s nuclear weapons ie the Samson option, Jeff Halper in his latest book War Against the People argues that Israel remains important to the West’s powerful elite because they, the elite, rely on accessing Israel’s expertise (tested!) in population subjugation.
    Soon New Zealanders, and of course NZ media people, will have a chance to hear in person from Emad Burnat of the film 5 Broken Cameras and from two distinguished Palestinian journalists and authors: America-born Ali Abunimah of the website electronicintifada , author of The Battle for Justice in Palestine and Gaza-born Ramzy Baroud of the website palestinechronicle, author of My Father Was a Freedom Fighter.
    The Palestine cause is one of justice but we live in a world that is more and more unjust. Support for the Palestinian people will have to come from civil society.

    • im right says:

      “Support for the Palestinian people will have to come from civil society”, as opposed to other Arab nations in the ME you mean?, the only assistance they are giving Palestine it seems is arming Hamas and flooding it with ‘jihadi’ imports who just want to fight Israel. Until the main countries of the Middle East actually step up and HELP (real help, not just funding terrorism) the Palestinians then why on earth should the rest of the mainly western world (which is funnily enough full of non believers, infidels that they all want to kill after the Jews of course but most seem to multi task, and you feel sorry for the ‘Religion of Peace’).

      • Until the main countries of the Middle East actually step up and HELP (real help, not just funding terrorism) the Palestinians then why on earth should the rest of the mainly western world

        Oh, so now you’re shifting responsibility for Israeli aggression against Palestinians, onto other Middle East states?

        Well, at least as a right-winger, you’re true-to-form – blaming others instead of sheeting home responsibility onto the perpetrators of injustice and aggression. It’s everyone elses’ fault, never your own, right, IR?

        By this ‘logic’, when China invaded Tibet in the 1950s, it was the fault of Tibet’s neighbours?!

        If you think your warped views withstand scrutiny, you’re wrong.

  3. im right says:

    Palestine and it’s people will wither on the vine because all surrounding Arab states in the ME do not want the issue of Palestine ‘fixed’ for the simple reason they can fight a proxy war against Israel via Palestine, lets face it most other countries in the ME have tried one on one with the Israel Defense Force and ended up back in their holes licking their wounds, so it’s easier for them to attack via another country and unfortunately that is Palestine. Some would call it disingenuous to the Palestine people but it is a means to and end for the cult of Islam who live to hate…whether it’s Jews or the other Muslims that are wrong believers (sunni or Shi’ite take your pick), most would call it cowardly!

    • Sam Sam says:

      Oh boy. How long did it take you to google all that…..

      Please tell me you at least googled some articles before putting thought to keyboard……..

    • Samwise says:

      ImRight, so you’re another cheerleader for a bully who uses their military strength against a weaker neighbour?? How do you sleep at nights, I wonder.

  4. Nick says:

    The Israeli authorities and their military have absolutely no interest in making any kind of compromise peace with the Palestinians. Here’s why: after such a peace deal some Palestinians would no doubt continue the struggle against the occupying power, but the Israeli authorities would no longer be able to use the draconian security techniques they can use today to detect and suppress the dissidents. While they permit themselves to treat every Palestinian as a potential enemy and encourage a similar view among Jewish Israelis, they can perpetuate a security-through-suppression solution to perceived threats to the Jewish state.

    Any pretense on their part of a desire for some sort of political rapprochement is, to use a phrase from Justice Scalia’s lexicon “pure applesauce”.

  5. Andrew says:

    “but the real motive behind the annexation was that Israel coveted the water and fertility”

    Whilst this may be true, one must also bear in mind that before the Jews took over, that land was only fit for goats and flies.

  6. Klee Gluckman says:

    So you saying there would be no Israel or Palestine and that just have one state, functioning as a democracy one vote one person regardless of religion.

    Nice idea but not realistic as no one on either side wants that.

    The funny thing is that very few know the history.

    Palestine was created in 1917
    Jordan was created in 1922
    Israel was created in 1948.

    The left and right manipulate this for all its worth. Have three states its the only way it will work.

    • Lois Griffiths says:

      Klee Gluckman, Palestinian NGOs are calling for one secular democratic state based on humanitarian values. Israel is one state, and always has been. Of course it would work if the West demanded it.
      The question is what kind of state. And by the way, religion was not an issue before Zionism, a cruel political ideology that originated in Eastern Europe.

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