EXCLUSIVE: Death threats & Right wing extremists in NZ – Why aren’t the Police protecting activists?


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They are attacking environmentalists in NZ now…

70-year-old eco-warrior’s face smashed: ‘I was kicked in the mouth, kicked in the back’
A 70-year-old eco-warrior has been left bruised and battered after being beaten in a “cowardly” attack outside his Shannon home in the dead of night.

Shannon man Corny Andrews said he heard something outside his home about 11.30pm Saturday and went out to investigate to see two men standing beside his van.

The former professional wrestler and former trade unionist said before he knew it he was being attacked from behind with a “king hit”. He believes there were four men involved.

“I asked them what they were doing and then I heard a noise to my left and the next thing another guy smacked me in the face. I never saw it coming. The force knocked me down the steps. I was seeing stars,” he said.

But the attacked didn’t stop there.

Mr Andrews said as he tried to get up the attackers started kicking him about the head and body.

“I was kicked in the mouth and kicked in the back. As I tried to get up I was kicked in the wrist … It was a cowardly attack on a defenceless person in the middle of the night. I didn’t have a chance against them.”

… Andrews had just released video of contamination into the local river, and was given the bash for that.

At a time when the far right are organising in NZ, unemployment and lack of opportunity is slowing making parts of NZ society rot from the inside out and those daring to challenge these broken interests are getting beaten while the Police force turns a blind eye.

In Blenheim there is a group of locals who organise over the weekends to go into town and bash outsiders. The knuckle dragging nature of their toxic masculinity is a new rural fascism that is seeping into the every day.

But in the city this crypto-facism is at its most feral.

Matthew Blomfield was the bloke who had the courage to stand up to Cameron Slater after Slater had arranged a conspiracy with other Hell’s Pizza interests to destroy Blomfield. That opportunity arose after Blomfield’s computer was stolen and magically appeared in Cameron Slater’s possession. Slater started to spitefully leak personal emails online to destroy Blomfield, in a letter sent late last year to Amy Adams, the Privacy Commission and the Director of the Human Rights Commission, Blomfield lays out the past…

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…this is all already known, but the next part of Blomfield’s agony at the hands of this vile smear is not so well known…

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…why is the guy who had the courage to stand up to the bully not getting protection from the Police? Sources who have seen the case Police took against the man who shot at Blomfield 3 times in front of his family and threatened to kill him have said the Police investigation did not go beyond scooping up DNA from the crime scene. At no time did the NZ Police even investigate the ‘why’ this ‘random’ attack even took place.

Why are the Police not investigating death threats to Blomfield? Why aren’t the Police investigating threats to Blomfield’s family? Why are the Police turning a blind eye to this case?

Why is the case taking so long?

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Again, why is this case taking so long?

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It’s not Maori extremists, eco-terrorists, ‘Jihadi’ Brides or homegrown islamic lone wolf attacks we should be concerned about, it’s the far right and the seeming blind eye Police are turning to their violence and threats that we should be bloody concerned about.


  1. Definition

    Warrior: (especially in former times) a brave or experienced soldier or fighter.

    Well, it appears he got what he was looking for!

  2. Yes Martyn,

    It is so sad that we are witnessing the “silence of the lambs” today and using the police to stamp dissention out while the Government closes down any free press dissention at the same time.

    Waatea news show “Then peoples Voice” I like to call it is about to hit the air waves.

  3. I saw this old guy on last nights ‘ news ‘. Brave old bugger. Just when I think I can’t be more shocked and disappointed at our society, our ‘ society’ sinks deeper into despair.
    The cops are too busy writing out traffic tickets for RUC infringements for light diesel vehicles after our roads were handed to the heavy transport mafia after our railway was sold to the Americans so it’s not their fault they must sit on their arses getting cancer from their com’s systems and their speed detection equipment.

    You good cops reading? Your’e on the wrong side.

    • Yes to thst Country Boy my feeling entirely.

      I know some very good cops but it seems the ranks are filling up with NatZ stool pigeons day by day until we have another Natzi style party born again by design, maybe that’s the aim of this repressive Shonkey/Collins junta?

      Are we watching a repeat of history again? we hope not.

  4. The phenomenon of white supremacy emerges when unemployement is high.

    There just looking in all the wrong places for some one to blame

  5. Andrews had just released video of contamination into the local river, and was given the bash for that.

    How do you know that?

  6. Well… Im going to be cheeky and use this link which COUNTRYBOY supplied in a post by Martyn Bradbury’s article ‘ EXCLUSIVE : What really happened inside SERCO ?’


    I would strongly advise everyone to devote an hour of their time to watch this candid and to the point documentary about neo liberalism and the main driving forces behind so many thousands of tortured and murderd people in Bolivia, Chile and Nicaragua and the real story behind Venezuela and Chavez…

    I say this because you will soon see the direct relevance to NZ and also the type of people who make up the higher ranks of the neo liberal ideology.

    This also goes a long , long way in explaining just why this country has a Police force constantly seeming to be pro govt , a media that seems to be pro govt and the how and why’s and the methodology’s used to achieve this.

    Things such as the two examples above in this article and the reasons why they are now starting to happen here on a regular basis start to become very , very crystal clear when viewed against the South American examples.

    Also…I’m not so crash hot with links and such and so if you do see this COUNTRYBOY can you please provide the link for other people to view ?

    I think it is that important.

  7. How on earth can you seriously try to connect the far right, the bashing of an “eco-warrior”, a video of some river and Blomfield & Hell Pizza and make sense? You’re right, you can’t.

    Seems you’re just using these to draw the longest bow ever and are using the as of yet ‘not proven to be connected’ bashing simply to further your own agenda.

    You can and need to do better…

    • And while they may not be directly linked, the pattern of Police selectivity certainly is.

      And THAT ,……me dear Laddie , is the whole point.

      Oppose the current govt – you get a visit.

      Or in the cases above … you don’t.

      Thugs win.

  8. I fear this is just the beginning.

    I notice this every day, how much anger there is in many people’s minds and hearts, they just make huge efforts to hide it. Decades of divide and rule, a highly competitive, even ruthless socio economic system we now have, that is driving people against each other.

    Those that have vested interests and that goes into the millions of dollars, they do not like people disturbing their greedy activities.

    So any person interfering has to watch him- or herself, and the day will come that we will have Latin American kind of vigilante and other groups, taking people out, who do not do as they are expected to.

    New Zealand one of the “least corrupt countries”, that was the biggest joke I have ever come across. Only the ordinary, gullible still honest folk believe that, in business and politics the gloves come off regularly.

  9. It’s a sad day when the police go from protecting the people, to protecting the government..
    …they better watch out, they may have a revolution on their hands!

  10. Animal Farm, anatomy of a dictatorship says it best. The right-wing bastards who attacked Mr Andrews are no better than dogs:

    Four days later, in the late afternoon, Napoleon ordered all the animals to assemble in the yard. When they were all gathered together, Napoleon emerged from the farmhouse, wearing both his medals (for he had recently awarded himself ‘Animal Hero, First Class,’ and ‘Animal Hero, Second Class’), with his nine huge dogs frisking round him and uttering growls that sent shivers down all the animals’ spines. They all cowered silently in their places, seeming to know in advance that some terrible thing was about to happen.

    Napoleon stood sternly surveying his audience; then he uttered a high-pitched whimper. Immediately the dogs bounded forward, seized four of the pigs by the ear and dragged them, squealing with pain and terror, to Napoleon’s feet. The pigs’ ears were bleeding, the dogs had tasted blood, and for a few moments they appeared to go quite mad.”

    Cowardly right-wing bastards, no better than rabid dogs.

    • “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” ― Upton Sinclair

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