The Daily Blog Open Mic – Sunday 7th February 2016




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  1. Refugee issues in Europe…clash of cultures, sovereignty, security, women’s rights…and who is responsible for destabilising the Middle East …are they taking responsibility for the chaos and humanitarian crisis they have created?…are they taking their fair share of refugees?

    ‘EU leaders turned a blind eye to immigrants’ problems for too long – Molenbeek mayor’

    ‘Dozens arrested as Pegida anti-migrant marches sweep across Europe (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)’

    ‘Waves of refugees’

    “When it comes to mass migration and the current refugee crisis hitting the EU, it is getting harder and harder to remain an idealist. The reality is that Europe not only must manage its external borders, but also internal ones. There are of course economic issues to deal with, but what about the importance of culture?

    CrossTalking with Marcus Papadopoulos, Matthew Goodwin and Alan Posener.”

  2. the tppa protest got 25 thousand i think affordable housing protest could double that if framed around disenfranchisement and tenants in our our land as it crosses more sectors of society

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