Pssst – there’s a new progressive current affairs show about to start 7pm weekdays to go up against Story and 7 Sharp



Pssst – TDB whanau – there’s a new progressive current affairs show about to start 7pm weekdays to go up against Story and 7 Sharp but it’s only going to succeed if you who want an alternative pass it around and share it on social media.

More details soon, but start the word now.


  1. Great idea. Looking forward to it. Make it interesting and informative. Be prepared for the attacks from the big media corporates, the right wing rogues and the RW blogs.

  2. Excellent Martyn.

    A big thumbs up for a courageous move to get the truth out there to the people. The beginning of the winds of change in visual media alternative news delivery. A definite positive.

    I will be spreading the word 🙂

  3. Its the only media work you can get Martyn, internet and your own show, TV/Radio dont want to know you as you represent a tiny minority of marxist far left subvertives. Im sure your new show will all be about Key=evil, National the same, and each episode TTP bad etc etc. Good luck though, as long as my tax dollar isnt giving you a platform, its all good.

    • No your tax dollars are going to Saudi businessman, Sky City, new flags, frigate weapon upgrades,MPs golden handshake pensions.
      So in your view all other forms of critical analysis come from a marxist perspective not from ordinary NZers who have had enough of being lied to and deceived?
      You keep listening to Hoskings and the Ministry of Truth fela as even though 99% of the time you think your right, your actually 100% of the time, wrong.

      • I’m interested to watch the show. I suspect it will lack balance and I am predicting it will be a hate forum for anything and everything that National does.

        However in response to the point above, the taxes we pay essentially prop up endless social policy. Mainly the policy platform that costs billions upon billions of dollars to prop up support for the Labour governments

        • What a load of rubbish Monty, and the msm we have in NZ lacks balance and truth and it’s sole purpose is to propagate the lies and spin of the highly secretive and deceitful Key National government. It would be a refreshing change indeed to have some counter to that.

      • Tax money to Charter Schools…Absolutely agree! a great result for the Maori and PI kids currently failing in ‘normal’ schools, long may they be built and long may they flourish. (or do you not like the fact that they are helping Maori & PI kids, are you racist Frank?) 🙂

        • But they are not helping, it’s a scam by the Key National government to put seemingly unlimited tax payer dollars into the private pockets of the already wealthy.

    • IR – Do some research … connect the dots … and then turn on your own light-bulb, my friend. Is everything really okay for you?

    • Mr Right, Martyn has stated ” there’s a new progressive current affairs show about to start 7pm weekdays to go up against Story and 7 Sharp”. I cant see how the principled Martyn would use a medium which uses expensive broadband (possibly too expensive for some of the demographic he represents ,and an industry that would benefit potentially from the TPP. Surely not.

      • No Dave, Martyn will be campaigning and protesting at all ISP’s that don’t give free broadband for half an hr each week day (7-7:30pm) as being racist and against the poor and supporting TPP…surely?

    • Piss off you ass clown………. the wheels are falling off your Neo Lib bullshit wagon. The people are waking up, go back to the panic room you came from and count your cash while you can.

      • Ahhh Tom, “the wheels are falling off your Neo Lib bullshit wagon. The people are waking up”, are these the same ones that were ‘waking up’ prior to the 2011 election, then again ‘waking up’ prior to 2014 election?, how has that worked out for you on the left so far? Has Matt McCarten (Labour Chief of Staff) paid back the money he stole from his employees to IRD yet?, I’m sure he must have paid it back, surely, as you lefties are terrible with other peoples money!

        • All ways the way with the greedy ass clowns ……. you can only push people so far then ..Boom…… they see you for what you are………. the TPPA was the Neo Libs push too far …Lets see how it pans out in the next 12 months…..!!!

        • Hey you’re wrong? look out your pants are on fire !! Obviously people are waking up, John Key and his National government lost their blue ribbon Northland seat after the general election. John Key couldn’t lie and bribe his way there. MaCarten didn’t steal and John key uses dirty politics to rig elections. Certainly looks like John key is going to be the most hated PM in this country’s history after the fiasco with the TPPA. You should read what people are saying, it’s not pretty. John Key certainly wasn’t used to a stadium of sporting fans booing him. Excellent. Much praise to those who booed.

      • You have misunderstood you name calling gentleman. I wish Martyn the best of luck and hope everyone can watch his show.

        • Opinion polls are easily manipulated, ask Key’s mate David Farrar. You would have to blind to not see that National’s wheels are most certainly falling off.

    • oh my….absolutely true about Key…and all his yes men in media. There needs to be a balance..looking forward to having a refreshing ‘other’ point of view. Hoping to keep New Zealand with its own culture instead of the infiltration of an “American” psychopathic one seaping into our living rooms.

  4. Great! We should also start boycotting products by these corporations forcing TPP on us.

    4 of the 6 corporations which control 90% of US media are known to be lobbying for the TPP.

    – COMCAST, “the parent company of NBC and MSNBC, has a team of at least ten lobbyists seeking to influence the TPP on ‘International IP Protection.’” MSNBC recently cancelled The Ed Show ostensibly for running anti-TPP commentary:

    – TIME WARNER INC., “the parent company of CNN, has at least four lobbyists working to influence the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. Disclosures show the TW lobbying team has attempted to influence both Congress and the U.S. Trade Representative office on the deal.”

    – TWENTY FIRST CENTURY FOX, “a subsidiary of News Corporation, the parent company of Fox News, has a team of three lobbyists working to influence the TPP.”

    – DISNEY CORPORATION, “parent company of ABC News and Fusion, is lobbying on the TPP regarding intellectual property enforcement.”

    Media Matters Report:

    These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America
    ‪#‎StopTPP‬ ‪#‎FlushtheTPP‬

    • 1000% SAVENZ,

      Boycott’s are a powerful tool that corporates are fearful of and as soon as the patronage of sales begins to drop due to a boycott affecting their bottom line the shareholders will put the blowtorch on them.’

      This is the best way to coerce the evil Corporate right wing radicals to heal to fairness or be burned at the state as in the French revolution in the 1880’s.

      • Oops CLEANGREEN, I accidentally gave you the thumbs down instead of the thumbs up! My humble apologies for my boo boo!

        A big thumbs up for your comment 🙂

      • We can tell by the down arrows Clean Green the corporates that want to control the media and Internet are getting worried by the fear of a boycott!

        Don’t forget Warners also got our employment laws changed for them and the NZ government paying for the bogus case against DotCom which should have been at their cost in a civil case!!!

        If you believe in a fair media boycott these companies behind the TPPA!

  5. I’m interested to see if your new current affairs programme will be Auckland-centric or Country-as-a-whole-centric ?

    • Don’t hold your breath. Remember that according to Bomber pretty much everyone south of the Bombay Hills sit around and twang banjos all day. It will still be better than Hosking though.

      • @ Nitrium. Indeed, I do remember. I do worry though that since hoskings sets a low lower than low, anything slightly above is still pretty fucking low.

  6. Hope this is going to be nourishing to NZs collective brain because it is in atrophy at the moment . Good luck and fingerscrossed

  7. AH grasshoppas ,

    Instead of watching the neolib muppets on Seven Blunt and No Story after the the 6pm TV News ,RNZ needs to have a plus 1 freeview channel 50 and beam the 5pm Radio ” Cambo Checkpoint “‘into our TV’S at 7 pm .Bingo.

    That was hard.

    Cambo needs to reclaim the 7 pm prime time slot to give some genuine political balance to current affairs.

    Hello , wouldn’t that be like a well balanced , proper investigative journalist BBC styled public broadcast TV with no distracting advertising.Lovin it.

    At last a genuine alternative to the MSM froth spin from Hoskings and Garner with the push of one button on my TV remote. Lovin it

    Oh my god ,a real spot light on the TPPA …… Lovin it .300,000 kiwis getting the other side of the story in prime time on a daily basis .Lovin it.

    .Smirky Chimp will be stoked with the return of Cambo to prime time ,as will his new Waitangi” dick-tator “Stephen Joyce and the Natzis cabinet .Lovin it.

    Cambo Live:” PM, would you say a less that trading our sovereignty for a 1% extra increase in GDP from TPP in 15 years time is a “true bonanza for the kiwi economy ? ”

    Lovin it.

  8. What platform are you going to use? If it’s a Sky channel we won’t be able to watch. If you put the episodes on You Tube that would be great as our family tends to watch a lot of our political vlogs through there and I can also get my family overseas to watch.

  9. Anything has got to better than the current pig swill New Zealand gets feed at the moment. Sadly even international news on New Zealand is more informative than our own sad performance. Nice one NZ MSM…

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