TPP pact signed amid huge protests – Asia Pacific Report

Photo: Del Abcede/Asia Pacific Report

David Robie also blogs at Cafe Pacific

The new website Asia Pacific Report – just one week old – provided extensive coverage of the democracy protest in Auckland.

Asia Pacific, published by AUT’s Pacific Media Centre, has a range of stories, pictures, video and comment.

Look for Del Abcede’s stunning pictures and other content here:

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Controversial TPP signed amid huge Auckland protests

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  1. More people turn up to any average supermarket in a small town in a day than turned up to protest what this blog misleadingly claims as majority support.

    As usual Martin you are wrong

    • You must have a pretty big supermarket to cram in 25 thousand.
      Just as well the protest wasn’t on a Saturday afternoon. There would be enough to turn up at your local supermarket and lift it up and carry it down the road with them – just for fun.

    • You must have a pretty big supermarket to cram in 25 thousand.
      Just as well the protest wasn’t on a Saturday afternoon. There would be enough to turn up at your local supermarket and lift it up and carry it down the road with them – just for fun.

    • Herb.. Maybe its time to cut back on the ‘herb’…….. and Andrew maybe its time to start……. couple of National Troll ass-clowns…!!!

    • So which supermarket in the country has over 11 or even 15 thousand customer rush through their aisles within an hour, please?Tell me, I was there, there were at least 10 to 11 thousand, probably still thousands more, protesting in Auckland yesterday, I know NO supermarket in NZ, in the world, where so many pass through in the short time of the march down Queen Street.

      You are talking through a hole in your head, as you just make ridiculous comments and were not there.

      So keep relying on useless MSM with their bought jonolists and lies, and follow the head ram John Key, the cliff is not far, off which the misled will drop once reality sets in.

    • Herb, one poll I saw had 75% of New Zealanders opposed to the TPP. So you can cut that Tory bullshit, you’re not convincing anyone.

  2. Agreed Herb

    The silent, educated majority are in favour of the TPPA and the childish grandstanding of the Loony Left will make not a jot of difference.

    • Spooked and running scared boys ? Just like Jonkey Donkey and his insane comment about ” rent-a-mob” — Sorry but you both are wrong and out of touch. When someone peacefully demonstrates or writes a letter, that represents many hundreds of those who could not attend or do not write letters. You both are in denial and uneducated about how much opposition this mostly non-trade pathetic corporate greedy TPPA agreement has garnished worldwide. It will not pass in two years because the U.S. and congress are waking up to the insanity and hypocrisy of this corporate controlled madness and corporate dominated governments who lie and have sold out.

      Perpetual war for profit and greedy criminal corporations days are numbered. The people are rising up and speaking out worldwide and what a fine show yesterday and congratulations to all of the peaceful demonstrators. JOB WELL DONE. United we are strong and again thanks to Martyn for covering this very important day in NZ history. Waitangi Day will be better off without the ” out of touch ” and unethical Natz and their lying leader there.

      • The silent and “educated” also voted for Hitler in Germany in 1932, I think, and in 1933. We know where that led to. So are you suggesting the silent and supposedly “educated” always get it right?

    • Andrew, I’ll repeat what I wrote in reply to Herb’s bullshit, polls show the majority of NZers opposed to the TPP. So you can stop with smoking that happy-weed, you’re not convincing anyone.

    • As a representative and founder of a venerable union supporting the beleaguered blowfly, we object to being linked with mindless NACT troll airheads.

  3. The educated and compassionate understand that this P.M. and his ” out of touch ” govt. are in bed with the greedy corporations/BANKSTERS and are being dictated to by them. Bought and sold – lobbyists spending huge bucks.

    Anyone who defends this govt. and its LYING AND UNETHICAL P.M. just shows how deep their heads are in the sand pits of denial and ignorance. Good job peaceful demonstrators for having the guts to stand up to greed and poor governing and military style police. We will keep up the pressure and always keep questioning authority. No one has the right to sell out our country to the highest corporate bidder. Bring down the criminal banksters as well.
    The Natz loving trolls are desperate and fearful about now and isn’t that just great ! ! ! We love to watch them squirm and rant with their lies & ignorance because their beloved P.M. is a massive liar and birds of a feather do flock together.

  4. Such events are healthy in a democracy. It clearly exhibits the strength and passion of the peoples’ opinion towards the issue of the day. So if we take a look at the numbers.
    Against TPPA – 25,000
    For the TPPA – 2
    But I think they were just using the ATM on Queen St
    So there you go everybody.
    Have a nice Waitangi Weekend

  5. Strangely ( not really ) NZ MSM neglects to show the other VERY LARGE protests in the other TPPA nations, against this agreement, and the protests in Europe, against their version of the TPP being pushed onto them. 250,000 Germans protested! Can all these protesters be rent-a-crowd? Can all these protesters be so angry and untrustworthy of their governments to sign such so-called wonderful agreements?
    Who really are the clowns? Perhaps it’s the ones who sit at home, mock the protesters, and do nothing.

    • Yes Kim and did you notice that our local Chan. 1 & 3 only showed pictures with a few demonstrators obviously and INTENTIONALLY trying to diminish the magnitude and numbers of peaceful demonstrators.
      Is anyone else getting sick and tired of Patrick Gower and his pro-John Key
      bias ?

      • I’m sick of Gower Blake. Paddy Gower used to be a political journo. He is described now as a “political pundit”. Now he’s as much of a muppet as See-More.

        Really, Gower is the chairman of the’ GHHG Media-Presenters-who-want-to-have-their-lips-surgically-attached-to-the-PM’s-gluteous-maximus’ club.

        Sycophantic remora like Gower, Hosking, Henry and Garner will suffer the same fate as other dictators’ propaganda ministers have. Good riddance.

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