The Daily Blog Open Mic – Friday 5th February 2016




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  1. Can someone teach the media to count?
    And learn to use aerial photos to make an accurate estimate of a crowd.
    RNZ peddled misinformation this morning, saying 5000 at march.

  2. Of course now that National MPs and the party are trying to find a hole to creep into, now we have the manufactured “attacks on National MPs offices by TPPA activists.
    National Party set up! Just because someone painted TPPA doesn’t mean it WAS TPPA protestors. It was more likely National Party stooges trying to smear others, not for the first time either.
    National and Key particularly have been made to look like complete d…..s on this. They are confused, angry and looking for revenge and suitable scapegoats (beneficiaries will wear it the next few weeks)
    You reap what you sow, people!

  3. Must all be getting a bit much ‘the Crosby Textor – National machine’… “Surely the people aren’t seeing through us – how can they have become so angry, throwing sex toys at us, protesting in such numbers and not wanting us at Waitangi. We even tried to make them look bad by attacking one of our own offices and getting our media to blame them….and still they won’t be silent. Time to cut benefits again!”

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