BREAKING : After massive show of Force – John Key too frightened to go to Waitangi Day



The Government have just been terrified.

25 000 people protesting in Auckland alone, shutting down the Harbour Bridge and major motorways for hours so that Auckland City was jammed solid…


…and what’s Key’s reaction? He’s done ANOTHER U-turn and has now decided not to go to Waitangi Day. Key, the Police and the Government did not expect the huge numbers today, they were hoping on a few hundred and were hoping to manufacture a violent reaction.

Police were initially going to stop the protestors at Federal street, but when the few hundred turned into 1500, they backed down and formed lines outside SkyCity entrance. Once they were taken care of, small groups of 300 set out to shut down intersections and the 25 000 who marched in the main protest sent a short sharp message to Key that NZers are utterly against the TPPA in numbers where he can’t pretend they don’t exist.

Police came looking for a fight with a small group of protestors and ended backing right off when they saw how many there were. They underestimated protestor numbers, protestor tactics and multiple protest groups.

Here’s your tax dollars being spent to protect a bloody Casino…

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John Key claims the protesters were just a ‘rent-a-mob’ – looks a tad bigger than that John…

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 6.22.50 pm


This is what Democracy looks like!

The huge turn out has spooked the Prime Minister from attending Waitangi Day. To try and rob NZers of our sovereignty 2 days before Waitangi and then refusing to turn up because you’re too frightened by the reaction is gutless and cowardly.

No violence, just well targeted attack on the infrastructure. Police didn’t see it coming, and were over whelmed. Congratulations to Jane for her tireless leadership, all the usual leaders and planners and the new leadership team who ran the blockade.

Brilliant work by everyone – we will show this Government that NZers will not just allow their sovereignty to slip quietly into the night. This signing was just one part of the next wave of protests.

Here is the step by step legislative process the Government need to undertake now Key has signed the TPPA…

Text and National Interest Analysis are tabled in Parliament

Text and National Interest Analysis are referred to Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade Committee

Executive can ratify TPPA after the select committee reports or 15 sitting days elapse, whichever is earlier.

If legislative change is required to comply with TPPA the Executive will not normally ratify until the legislation is passed

Select committee can elect to hear submissions on TPPA

Select committee reports to Parliament

Parliament may decide to debate the select committee report

Parliament may decide to vote on the TPPA

Executive must report its response to any select committee recommendations within 90 days

Any legislative changes required to bring NZ into compliance with TPPA are introduced in a Bill

The Bill follows standard parliamentary process, normally including submissions

Executive ratifies the Agreement at a time of its choosing, normally after the Bill is passed

NZ notifies the TPPA repository (NZ) that its domestic processes are complete

TPPA comes into force when required number of parties notify completion of domestic processes”

Comrades, brothers and sisters, we can fight this abomination every step of the way, and with 25 000 turning up in Auckland alone, we have the numbers to fight this and slow it down.


PS – Cameron – you predicted that I would be arrested for organising the protests today. I wasn’t, and you were wrong. But if we are making legal predictions about each other champ, I predict you have some terrible legal problems looming very soon. Let’s see whose prediction wins shall we?



        • I was actually there right near the woman that got brutally assaulted by that police officer. She was standing on top of the post on the side of the motorway and then was pulled by her hair and hit in the head with force multiple times with his police baton. It was the only brutality I saw or heard about, but even that’s too much

          • You may be a useful witness should she lay a complaint, perhaps you might take steps to be contactable by her should the occasion arise.

      • If I remember rightly, the linking by rope, it was a tactic that was used, in the 1981 springbok protest days.

      • Looks like he’s trying to drag her off the motorway with cars still going down it which causes far more risk to herself and everyone else around her. Stupid.

        And are you seriously suggesting that tiny female cop pushing a guy back constitutes brutality? lmao. Only in Nuu Zeelend.

        • Definitely not. Check out the video, traffic wasn’t moving in that lane when he grabbed her hair, and there were other cops in hi viz vests between her and traffic.

          I recall another protest where a cop in bike gear did a similar thing. It’s appears the police are using unidentifiable provocateurs, because there was absolutely no reason to use that degree of force on both occasions.

        • Jollo

          Dunedin anti-TPP protester Olive McRae said yesterday’s mass protests in Auckland had been “very positive”, and emphasised she did not want what happened to her to distract from the success of the overall protest.

          This was despite a badly swollen scalp, and bruising elsewhere on her body sustained during a day of protest, including an incident in which her hair was pulled by a police officer, during a motorway protest yesterday afternoon…

          Ms McRae emphasised she had been engaged in a peaceful protest, and she and fellow protesters had gone to great lengths to ensure no members of the public, including motorists, were injured or put at risk.

          She rejected suggestions the hair pulling was necessary to remove her from the highway for her own safety, and said police had used excessive force.

          The throat-seizing cop is certainly shorter than the man they were choking. I don’t see that it makes much difference whether they were female or not (and I couldn’t say for sure either way from their back). They are supposed to be trained officers of the law, and throat-holds are very dangerous no matter the relative size and strength.

          However, I should have said; “nonaggressive”, rather than; “nonresisting”, above. There is obviously passive resistance occurring. So thanks for the opportunity to correct that phrasing.

      • Yeah if dumb bitch got run over on motorway we would never hear the end of it we came round towards Cook st and all other cars had to stop because of this stupidity possibly best to give some of the ring leaders a labotomy and do country a favour l

      • +100…often it is the threat of violence that is used to intimidate and deter those who would stand up for democracy and principles…

        the threat by jonkey’s government was there

        …luckily most police are decent NZ citizens like the rest of us…and many would be concerned about the TPPA corporate take over of New Zealand ….without the voice and agreement and democracy and will of New Zealanders

        ….many police would be Labour supporters and NZF and Mana and Green

    • Where was all the glory and fanfare for the signing that Shonkey promised?
      Oh, that’s right! It went on behind closed doors in Sky City.
      A dodgy deal signed in a den of gambling – how appropriate!

  1. If Key was standing up for the people and leading a government for all, like he says. You would go to Waitangi happy in the knowledge that the TPP is good for all New Zealanders.

    Wouldn’t you? Insert sarcasm here?

    • @Sam – John Key is not going to Waitangi. The Maori party has served their purpose for the National Party and like ACT being spat out a shrivelled husk. That’s what happens to Natz ‘friends’. Use them and then Abuse them.

      Now spin doctors are obviously turning to plan B, the race card, Maori are troublemakers and don’t like TPPA.

      The Natz strategy is always division. Working against Unemployed, Poor against middle class, Homeowners against Renters, Maori against Pakeha, Maori party against Mana, Left Labour vs Right Labour, Goff and Shearer against Little etc etc

      Wake up, while all this division is being maintained and manufactured, the Natz are destroying our country!!!

      Unite – forget about small divisions and start concentrating of the source of all the problems – the Natz!

      Look at Northland, as soon as their is a united and clear choice away from the Natz, even conservative people want to take it.

      • Yes the division is so obvious, I watched Story last night and who exactly are they talking to? It is so pathetic and black and white, they are trying to divide up class also which is so gross, who do these idiots on the rightwing trolling media think they are? This is NZ! I have a physical revoltion to the way they talk down everything and everyone not in line with their plastic, corny, fake corporate world view.

        Industrial civilization is killing our living world, the TPPA will take us over the edge very fast.

        Real revolution needs to take this system down, anyone who can’t see how serious this is is deluded. The earth needs to be put first, not eaten alive for a quick buck by greedy, stupid, insane lunatic, thieves!

        Yesterday’s march was fantastic!!!!

  2. I expect Key and National to go up in the next polls.

    Mana will of course still be circling the plughole.

  3. Well done everyone in Auckland, I think the message was sent loud and clear. Will be at Waitangi tomorrow even if john ‘The Con’ is running scared.

    • +100…John Key is definitely running scared….gutless!

      …John Key cant even debate the issues at Waitangi

      …just as he would not debate them in Parliament

      …he runs from democracy and open debate

      • Well said Chooky. Key’s quite happy to debate the TPPA behind the Skycity walls. Then it’s off to a photo-op at the Auckland Nines.

        If the Warriors win, no doubt he’ll be in the dressing room as number 1 klinker cleaner.

        • Winston is playing a funny game…attacking the iwi and not jonkey

          …maybe Winston wanted a big confrontation at Waitangi with jonkey?!

          …or maybe Winston just doesnt like the Harawiras ?

          ( I certainly did not like the sexist way Helen Clark was treated at Waitangi …but this is not the case with jonkey Gollum…jonkey had an opportunity to speak but as part of a democratic debate….cowardly and gutless he declined…Helen Clark would have entered the debate!)

          … Really Winston must come out cracking against jonkey Gollum and in support of the TPPA protesters before he gets my vote !

          • Let’s not forget that Winston was originally a National MP and, after the first MMP election, he chose to give his support to the Nats.

  4. So Key has given a huge middle finger salute to New Zealanders and it didn’t go unnoticed by working class New Zealanders.

    Why not sign the PPTA in Wellington? It is the legislative capital and Parliament of New Zealand? Because that was a big “Up-yours” by Key and his cabal to say:

    We are untouchable!
    We are absolutely aligned with Big Business and money-classes, represented by Skycity.

    To all you left-wing, Campbell-Live supporting, tin-foil hat-wearing – feral, Maoris, stirrer-working people, mongrels and “left-wing scum” (as Whaleoil dubbed Christchurch East people) – GET STUFFED!

    Middle finger salute to New Zealanders to say “National don’t give a rat’s arse what New Zealanders think – we have Mum and Dad state-asset-sales and North-Shore Ex-Pat South Africans and Nouvelle-Chinese Aucklander voters, and whose Auckland houseouses have increased in value 101+%.

    We (National, Maori Party, ACT and Peter Dunne) are the moral majority, who have the support of middle majority voters that will agree around the BBQ that “TPPA is OK, see you at the Marae to “CONSULT” on Waitangi day to affirm our alliance with the Maori Party and that sovereignty is an over-rated archaic left-wing liberal, construct by disaffected tatooed, Maoris.’

    Middle finger salute to New Zealand.
    Oops, backfired.
    Maybe we’ll give Waitangi a miss this year and blame it on disorganized Maoris.

    Maybe we will even ‘ll postpone the election in 2017, dictatorship established

    • Yes you are right Winnie.

      Those that oppose the TPPA are the lowest of the low and deserve every piece of scorn cast upon you. The parallel universe that the TPPA offers the bulk of New Zealand, will be enacted, so just suck it up and get on with it.

      The greenie, unemployed minority that oppose the TPPA should just burn their treacherous signs and get back to work. I believe that many benefits will trickle down to New Zealanders and we should rally behind the new Lockwood flag and support the TPPA.

      • ‘David See Less’……… what a prick……. you have to one of the most arrogant assholes to every post ……… Well done dick head. Oh by the way I’m retired at 52 and have never claimed a penny from the state in my life.

      • Oh we are feeling a little prickly this evening aren’t we?
        Don’t like it much huh?
        What you have seen today sunshine is what real New Zealanders do when they are lied to and sold down the river.
        REAL New Zealanders, not sleepy hobbits or corporate witchdoctors.

      • You are lower than wormshit See-More. Ordinary Maori, Pakeha and multiethnic New Zealanders were those who exercised their democratic right to protest against an anti-sovereignty deal signed at Skycity.

        When the fuck has Skycity become the place where Government resides and passes laws (signs TPPA deals)?

        If it was a true democratic event, why wasn’t it signed in the Parliament Buildings in Wellington? But it wasn’t about democracy. It was another dicktator middle finger to democracy.

        Corporate deal, signed at the corporate capital with corporate backers of National Party and supported by its Media Mouthpieces whose surnames begin with “H”. BTW – supported by Maori Party, United Future and ACT’s Seeymore.

        ACT, United Future, Maori Party and National are destined for oblivion at the next election thanks to their backing of this anti-New Zealand people TPPA deal.

        Bye bye – good riddance corporate muppets.

        • Winnie – I agree with your sentiments – but just to make it clear – The Maori Party do not support the government on the TPPA The Maori Party are completely opposed to the TPPA and have said so on a number of occasions. Watch the Auckland Town Hall meeting of last thursday if you doubt me. I was there and Marama Fox was quite adamant the Maori Party are just as opposed to the TPPA as NZ First, The Greens, and now Labour.

          • While the Maori party say they are opposed to the TPPA they continue to prop up the National government. They should disassociate themselves from National, just like they did with Labour over the foreshore and seabed issue, but this time they won’t, obviously their personal bank accounts would be substantially altered if they did so. The maori Party have no mana.
            Words are cheap, and the Maori Party are not walking the talk.

            • Absolutely my sentiments Words.

              Speaking out at a Town Hall meeting is one thing, but walking out of the Coalition in protest is a better option to show dissent. Tariana Turei resigned after the Foreshore and Seabed debacle. Signing the TPPA will have way worse impacts on Maori. TPPA is WAY worse than Foreshore and Seabed legislation.

              When Key signs the TPPA without consulting Maori and he goes to the Auckland Nines, instead of Waitangi marae, that’s an up-yours to Maori. When he signs the TPPA at Skycity instead of Parliament.

              If TPPA was so beneficial to Maori, Key could have asked Nga Puhi if the TPPA could be signed at the Lower Marae, but NOT Skycity. Another up-yours to Maori and New Zealanders, showing that corporates are more important than Maori.

              Many have resigned on matters of principle. Time for the Maori Party to step up to the plate and resign en masse and force an early election.

        • @Winny The signing at SkyCity is symbolic of the loss of democracy – why bother with parliament – easier to sign where it belongs – gambling facility for corporates and money launderers, the traitors feel more at home there!

          In addition it was telling that those ‘officials’ signing did not want to show their faces, they know it is a croc! Only a simpleton could think it will benefit the people of NZ – there are 6000 jobs projected to be lost and we signed a deal for corporates to take NZ to court and sue us in Kangaroo courts for Corporates for billions!!!

          +100 “When the fuck has Skycity become the place where Government resides and passes laws (signs TPPA deals)?
          If it was a true democratic event, why wasn’t it signed in the Parliament Buildings in Wellington? But it wasn’t about democracy. It was another dicktator middle finger to democracy.”

      • Hey Tugmore.
        Perhaps you would like to meet some of the lowest of the low face to face? Explain sphincter face how me being a self employed electrician with a 3.5 year old daughter an amazing wife, worked since i was 15 ( 37 years) paying my taxes, makes me a low life, just because i oppose an enforced trade deal set up for corporations to fuck us over?

      • I believe that you have a notifiable disease that could be contagious.
        It appears to be SAARS. That is Self Absorbing Anal Retention Syndrome. Please see your nearest health professional to have it rectumfied!

      • Still living in the 80’s there mate. You lost all credibility the moment you mentioned “trickle down,”

    • Key’s arrogant expectation of being welcomed to Waitangi Marae after insulting the people of Aotearoa was another big middle finger to tangata whenua.

      If the Maori Party has a shred of dignity they will exit their coalition agreement with the sleazy NatCorp™ regime

    • he blamed it on “Mickey Mouse” organisation…he called Maori “Mickey Mouse”!

      …is this jonkey racism thinly veiled?

      …of course this is a typical response from a Pinocchio!..(in Disney vernacular)…

      • Maybe Susan Devoy, the Race Relations Conciliator will reprimand/censure the PM for his racism at calling Maori, Mickey Mouse?

        Then again maybe not.

    • Yep that’s what key did alright, he gave New Zealand the F you finger, with the added F you emphasis of hosting his betrayal of this country at National’s crony HQ Sky City. How about we give him the F you finger right back, and kick him out of office? Vote of no confidence, why wait on Key’s terms? Why wait until 2017?

    • Crosby and Textor prefer – and focus-groups have supported their wise counsel- that it be called a “centre right” finger.

    • I think it is referred to (once it’s been run through the Crosby-Textor PR filter) as a centre-right finger, Winnie.

  5. Kia kaha all the protesters and those against this corporate created sovereignty sell off. The media have been silenced by the trickery of national playing a major role in destabilising the media institutions in this country. Take a look at the coverage of this protest minimal and spun in favour of the government and their father knows best patronising rhetoric. Real Democracy is worth fighting for.

  6. So, so proud. Haven’t felt so proud of kiwis as I do today since we stood up against America and became nuclear free.

    The best way to rid ourselves of this treasonous madness is to kick John key and his National government out of office. Snap election anyone? Why wait until 2017?

    Labour’s SAY NO TO THE TPPA that Andrew Little is going to present to parliament has gained over 84,700 signatures!!!!

  7. Radio NZ reported blandly that “a few thousand” protestors had “turned up”
    There were obviously more than a few thousand and they didn’t just turn up, they turned it on!
    Mr Key, you are full of s…t!

    • Political pressure on RNZ is showing more with news propaganda direct from USA repeatedly and frequently
      A few stalwart Kiwis working there have a high profile and present open discussion and debate with enlisting of independent outside prospectives. They are now under attack as RNZ further slips into the propaganda game.

      Most protests are under reported.

      The public service is buckling under political direction.

      • The propaganda clips from state broadcaster TV One’s lying Seven Sharp and National government funded private broadcaster TV 3’s lying D. Garner and Barry Soper’s wife H. DuPlesiss-Allan, were clearly working in tandem, both having the exact same attack line, tried to ridicule and belittle the TPPA protesters, and they were particularly obnoxious, nasty and disgraceful.
        Not only did both lie about the huge numbers of protestors, both tried to claim that TPPA protesters didn’t know what they were protesting for, and implied that protesters were protesting just for the sake of it. And despite a purposely selected few that were asked, Tim Wilson and Julian Lee got egg on their faces, as the protesters showed that they did indeed know what they are fighting for, but clearly, traitors; Mike Hoskings, Toni Street, Duncan Garner, Helen Duplesiss-Allan, Tim Wilson and Julian Lee do not think that this country’s sovereignty and democratic rights are worth fighting for, and that really shows up these overpaid TV clowns, doesn’t it?

        • words well said, TV3s DG and H Du Plessis were extremely and disturbingly dismissive, inaccurate, irresponsible and inconsiderate. Kudos to all the TPPA protestors

        • words well said, DG and HDA et al muppets for the National Party were extremely dismissive, inaccurate, inconsiderate, mindless and just wrong, Kudos to all the TPPA protesters, organisers and spokespeople

        • I didn’t see TV3 but the TV1 news was pathetic. In their ‘true facts’ bit they pretended to give both sides of the argument which essentially were:

          1. It hasn’t happened before therefore it won’t happen in the future.
          2. The government will pay so you don’t have to.
          3. We should be pleased with it because we thought of it first.
          4. The treaty is set in stone and can never be changed.

          There was abolutely no substance to the response by the government to concerns expressed by protesters.

          I can only assume intelligent people no longer watch tv news.

          • no we watch online news, partly because the tv signal was cut off and the dish doesn’t work in rain or earth tremors, partly because of the dreadful biassed reporting

          • we do not watch tv news 1 it is biassed nonsense 2. our tv signal was switched off and dishes don’t work in rain or earth tremors

        • The problem is that most of these media celebrity buggers are earning several hundreds of thousands of dollars as their pay and are working for the big corporates! Fancy them being honest, factual, unafraid and balanced! Most of them simply aren’t! Easy to see!

        • Those MSM media clowns count themselves to the upper middle class, that are largely Key fans and Nat voters now. They love the TPPA, because they are already desperate to get their hands on more slave labour produced cheap goods and services made overseas, as they embrace consumerism and gentryism.

          They do not give a shit about workers who will have to compete with low paid workers in less regulated employment markets in less developed countries, to make a living. They are also happy with having Filipino rest home workers look after their elderly parents, and with migrants working for the minimum wage fill their bags at supermarkets and cater for them in cheap labour restaurants.

          That is the major problem in this country, a too large section of the middle class that do well in a speculative housing market and under Key’s rule, or those aspiring to join them. They have forgotten they are made of the same flesh and blood as all other mortals, and just want to swing the champaigne glass and drink their lattes during lunch breaks.

          As long as we have too many of these vote, and a near million that are sidelined not bother to vote, we will not get change. Crucial is reaching the missing million, and Labour better realise this, as they are the key to win in 2017!

      • When the chairman, Paul Thompson’s, idea about the reason for the drop off in listenership over the election period last year was because”…our core audience were over dirty politics. We just lost the connection there [with listeners]” is any of that a surprise?

        I’d say they are still at risk of switch-off for Morning Report while they still have Guyon and Susie Fergusson with their biased, lazy interviews.

    • Already this morning Radio New Zealand was trying to set the stage towards violence with suggestively mentioning just the word in combination with the TPPa protest.

      Something is wrong with Radio NZ.

      • I was surprised to hear them call it “unrest”. It makes it sound like the people demonstrating were doing something wrong rather than it being a lawful way in a democratic country for people to show their displeasure with their leaders.

        Key was just pissed his bone (the Hundertwasser funding) that he threw to Northland yesterday didn’t smooth things over for him. It was like he thought he could placate the middle class whites than they would bring Maori into line. Because buying off the rich in Auckland seems to work for him.

    • Well…this is rather interesting…. so when John Key was talking last election about New Zealand being on the cusp of an exciting future …what he really meant was ” I am on the cusp of an exciting future”…

      No wonder hes such an American /USA sycophant.

      What a dirty little sell out.

      Sells out our democracy , our sovereignty , our environment, our standard of living and wages, and shows contempt for Te Tiriti o Waitangi…

      What a dirty little prick.

      • Yes indeed. The justice department blocks any inquires on John key’s American citizenship. He couldn’t have worked in the industry and at the Fed without it.

        The media never talk of the fact that John key personally profits from the TPPA. If this had of been any other PM, the media would not have stopped crowing about it until that PM resigned.

  8. Farrars polling will have told the Nats that they will pick up votes by not going to Waitangi. It’s a circuit breaker move to divert away from what happened in Auckland today and most God-fearing white National folk will think Key a hero who showed up them unappreciative rude Maori. ZB will be full of it you see and as Gower so gleefully said, they will go up in the polls!

    The erratic behaviour and the indecision he has displayed that always marks Keys flip flops are as predictable as night following day, it says polling and focus group results aren’t clear, he doesn’t know what to do or say so they go with the best they can muster from their results and hope for the best.

    Let this be about the TPPA because National were shamed by it and worse they couldn’t stage manage it away. Let it not be what happens or did not happen with that schmuck in Northland.

  9. Hmmm… Whilst I’m a supporter of the TPPA the news media coverage of what was obviously a vigorous protest with numbers massively exceeding the 1000 reported was nothing short of atrocious.

    NZ deserves a better media than this.

  10. This is the propaganda Mike Hoskings puts out

    Repulsive. We pay taxes for this bile.

    Duncan Garner and Heather du Plessis also run a similar propaganda line.
    Boycott these tools.
    The bias just drips off them.

    Compare the edited mocking above by those corporate media tools with the respect shown by RNZ’s live streaming. Protesters are listened to, as opposed to hunted for sound bites that can be ridiculed.
    Garner, du Plessis, Street and Hoskings are part of the problem.

    • Couldn’t agree more – both Seven Sharp and Story were disgusting shillery. Tim Wilson’s piece in particular was just a piss-take, how he can call himself a journalist I don’t know – what a clown. The thing is most there had a grasp that they were being fucked over (and are being fucked over already and sick of it) – you don’t need to have all the detail to know that.

      By ridiculing protest such as this you actually open the door to violent protest – it becomes the only option.

  11. Today was a ” big day out ” for NZ and Auckland. The march was non-confrontational , a disappointment without doubt for the PM who thumbed his nose and wiggled his fingers to a cross section of our rationale society. Today I reflected with my son after the protest down Queen Street, and then up to ” gambling den ” how irresponsible I was by my silence over the Employment Contracts Act of 1991. Today I held a feeling of pride to be a New Zealander , to make a stand alongside many other thoughtful people and to in twenty years not regret ” being there”.
    Election Day minus 630 ( E-630 ) or JUST MAYBE earlier.

  12. This is the propaganda Mike Hoskings puts out

    Repulsive. We pay taxes for this bile.

    Duncan Garner and Heather du Plessis also run a similar propaganda line.
    Boycott these tools.
    The bias just drips off them.

    Compare the edited mocking above by those corporate media tools with the respect shown by RNZ’s live streaming. Protesters are listened to, as opposed to hunted for sound bites that can be ridiculed.
    Garner, du Plessis, Street and Hoskings are part of the problem.

    • Hosk: (verb) To blatantly spout transparent bullshit in a confident, cocky tone. Eg: “My! there sure is a lot of hosking in the media these days”.

  13. john key succeeded in bring the us all together if we could do the same on election day and kick the keyster and his cronies right out of this country

  14. I have watched both TV1 and TV3 news and on TV1 Kingi said he was pleased Key wasn’t coming and on TV3 he said he was pissed off he wasn’t coming. How can you take a guy like that seriously? Is he a nutter. Key, of course, by not going, Key knows he will have the bulk of the population behind him and is probably happy that this has blown up at the same time as the TPPA. The LEFT always seem to have trouble getting it RIGHT.

    • You are not even witty. You know that it is not just the left that are opposing the TPPA, don’t you? With over 80% of the country opposed, clearly John key does NOT have the bulk of the population behind him.

      John key looked like a total prat yesterday, he can no longer lie his way out, and by the look on his ugly face, he knows it too. That kind of arrogance will just put more people against him.

      Not a truer word spoken when Kingi Taurua called John key a bastard after John key said he wouldnt go, then he would go and then changed his cowardly mind for the third time and he wouldnt go. They never said John key couldn’t speak, so there is nothing to stop the pm from talking about our founding document and what it means, is there?

  15. I have watched both TV1 and TV3 news and on TV1 Kingi said he was pleased Key wasn’t coming and on TV3 he said he was pissed off he wasn’t coming. How can you take a guy like that seriously? Is he a nutter. Key, of course, by not going, Key knows he will have the bulk of the population behind him and is probably happy that this has blown up at the same time as the TPPA. The LEFT always seem to have trouble getting it RIGHT.

  16. I have watched both TV1 and TV3 news and on TV1 Kingi said he was pleased Key wasn’t coming and on TV3 he said he was pissed off he wasn’t coming. How can you take a guy like that seriously? Is he a nutter. Key, of course, by not going, Key knows he will have the bulk of the population behind him and is probably happy that this has blown up at the same time as the TPPA. The LEFT always seem to have trouble getting it RIGHT.

  17. I have watched both TV1 and TV3 news and on TV1 Kingi said he was pleased Key wasn’t coming and on TV3 he said he was pissed off he wasn’t coming. How can you take a guy like that seriously? Is he a nutter. Key, of course, by not going, Key knows he will have the bulk of the population behind him and is probably happy that this has blown up at the same time as the TPPA. The LEFT always seem to have trouble getting it RIGHT.

    • @ J.C minus 100

      Yep right on there (Sarc…)

      Guess what the most popular story in Herald online today –
      don’t even mention TPPA – apparently the big story is that some US tourists rented a van that had a radiator problem and they were so disgusted they flew back home!!

      Wait – breaking news – there is a mystery Pool pooper about to be disclosed!!!! Fuck it, I have to come back more for this piece!!!

      Yep more investigate journalism from our Granddady former business rag.

      I personally would not believe any polls – politicians have to start using their brains not their pollsters to work out policy!! You won’t get an idea what is going on in this country from the MSM – that is for sure!!!

    • Stop stuttering jc, we dont need your repetative ignorant comments,this Tppa is not about right or left its about everyones right to protest and the tv stations tell you want they think you want to hear.
      The right voters are so brain washed and stick to a liar like Key,its so low class.

  18. I marched in ’81 in Palmerston North. Peacefully as it turned out although we all had helmets and padding. We faced the Blue squad that day, and a prepared defense of shipping containers barricades and barbed wire.
    Had almost given up on seeing people prepared to march with passion and i must say with planning and determination fantastic sight.
    But don’t moan about police brutality if your hair gets pulled or your arm twisted as the police drag you away that comes with the territory.

    • I also marched in the anti Springbok Tours and was on Molesworth Street and was one line behind from those batoned….I was also in Palmerston North with my padded knees knocking and my mouth guarded teeth chattering ….and a terrified eye out for the nearest street exits should we be attacked by police or army….I fully thought people could be killed

      Nothing justifies police or army violence towards peaceful protests especially in a democracy

      …that said….there were police who pleaded with me and my sister not to go on that Molesworth Street march….and there were police at the side of the march who told me as I screamed at them to resign…that they did not want to be there! ( some did resign after that Molesworth Street batoning)

  19. I have watched both TV1 and TV3 news and on TV1 Kingi said he was pleased Key wasn’t coming and on TV3 he said he was pissed off he wasn’t coming. How can you take a guy like that seriously? Is he a nutter. Key, of course, by not going, Key knows he will have the bulk of the population behind him and is probably happy that this has blown up at the same time as the TPPA. The LEFT always seem to have trouble getting it RIGHT.

  20. Don’t blame Maori for inhibiting the PM from speaking.
    If just saved them from 1 hr of condescending fabricated bullshit from the treasonous liar.
    The only rent-a-mob there was John Key’s- paid for by us, complete with paddy wagons.

    • Well said Bruce and agree with you. Cowards are clearly obvious and his BS comment about the rent-a-mob just shows how scared and out of touch Donkey really is. What a condescending lying hypocrite corporate suck up John Key is.
      ==>> Waitangi Day celebrations will be better off without the Natz present.

  21. Felt like New Zealand again today – not some oppressed society
    – a community again! Great.
    @JC – polls, smolls – can they really be trusted either?

  22. From a south islander, thank you all for a sincere and truly kiwi protest. Peaceful, beautiful and impressive. We are so proud of you. Well done.thank you all again, especially the wonderful organisers. Perfect.

  23. […] Daily Blog February 4, 2016 The Government has just yessnews team were horrified. 25,000 people protest in Oakland alone, shutting down the Darling in addition to major highways for several hours, to ensure Oakland was packed solid. .. … , in addition to of which the reaction ki ?? He made another U-turn in addition to the product has currently decided not to go to Waitangi Day . The key, the police in addition to the government were not expecting huge numbers today, they were hoping for a few hundred, in addition to hoped to manufacture a violent reaction. Police initially going to stop the demonstrators inside the Federal Street, yet when a few hundred turned in 1500, they retreated in addition to formed a line at the entrance to SkyCity. Once they have been taken care of, the little? Group 300, set to close the crossings in addition to 25 000 which were mostly short protest sent a sharp message to the key of which NZers completely against the TPPA in numbers where he can not pretend they do not exist. police came looking for a fight that has a smaller group of protesters in addition to ended the reserve at once, when they saw how many there were. They underestimated the number of demonstrators, the tactics of the demonstrators in addition to several protest groups. of which is usually your tax dollars are being spent to protect a bloody casino … John Key demands of the protesters were just ‘rolled mob? “- Looks slightly larger than of which of John … of which is usually what democracy looks like! a huge turn out frightened to attend the premiere of Waitangi Day. To try to rob our sovereignty NZers 2 days before Waitangi, in addition to then refuse to turn up, because you’re too scared gutless in addition to cowardly reaction. no violence, just a well-targeted attack on the infrastructure. The police did not see the idea coming in addition to were over whelmed. Congratulations to Jane for her tireless leadership, all the usual leaders in addition to planners in addition to the brand new management team of which ran the blockade. Brilliant work by all – yessnews team show of which government of which NZers not only allow their sovereignty to slip quietly into the night. of which signing was a part of a brand new wave of protests. Here? step by step inside the legislative process ? the government needs to take currently a key signed TPPA … […]

    • Yes, the police clearly didn’t have a clue, and neither did John key, that’s why the police went door knocking, it wasn’t just to intimidate, it was to find out what was being planned. Well done anti TPPA movement !!

  24. Thanks Martin for the coverage for those of us who could not be there – really appreciate your efforts.
    TPPA IS FAR ! FAR ! FROM A DONE DEAL. IT WILL TAKE AT LEAST TWO YEARS BEFORE ANYTHING IS CERTAIN AND CONGRESS LOOKS LIKE IT MAY NOT GO FOR IT ANYWAY. If either the U.S. or Japan does not agree with it in about two years, it is all over as both have to support it in order for it to become law.

    Elizabeth Warren and Jane Kelsey etc. and all of these massive protests around the world are sending huge messages to all the govts. who regularly lie to the people. They lie about medicines costing more with TPPA. They lie about job losses and losses of sovereignty and loss of our legal rights. They lie about the fact that this mostly non-trade agreement is about corporate greed and corporate legal control. They lie about the negative impacts this TPPA mostly non-trade agreement will have on the environment and the quality of peoples lives. They lie about their wanting to sell out NZ right from under our feet. So many secrets and behind closed door deals and the people have had enough of this kind of unethical insanity. Most governments are in bed with these greedy criminal corporations and dictated to and mostly owned by them. Yesterday, at the signing at Skycity, we just wonder how many huge payoffs occurred, how much but kissing and ugliness really went on behind closed doors?
    Notice that the hypocrite and lying Jonkey Donkey was the only Prime Minister/President present at the signing.
    All the rest were trade ministers so what an false leader and glorifying idiot he continues to show himself to be. Piss poor leader on most levels.
    He represents and supports corporations first and foremost. The NZ people and their needs are so far down his list of priorities.

    Of course lying Jonkey Donkey and all his Natz ministers are opting out of attending Waitangi Day celebrations. The majority of the people, both Maori and non-Maori are slowly beginning to see where their alliances are and who they are in bed with and why. He wants to avoid cow pies thrown at him over his poor leadership and greedy ways. But of course, he will blame shift this all on someone else or the Maori’s, poor crying baby boy – take your toys and play elsewhere.

    Don’t read or trust the polls and avoid Channel 1 and Channel 3 news and Stuff and The Herald. Most all of their stories and most all of the journos are suck ups for the Natz lunnies and corporate/bankster criminals.
    For the latest and most up to date info on TPPA check out Thom Hartman’s show “THE BIG PICTURE” on and of course The Daily Blog and

    This new military style police comes from the U.S. and is part of the broader plan to control the masses that they know will speak out and rise up against the insanity of poorly run governments and unethical leaders. Problem – action – solution.

    It is our personal opinion that the TPPA has very little chance of succeeding in two years because by then, more and more will be waking up to the real reasons for ongoing corporate greed and perpetual war and poverty and oppression and neglect/inequality of the people of the world. Enough is enough and we surely united yesterday and I am glad for NZ. We succeeded and the world took notice.
    Donkey Jonkey and his “out of touch” govt. are running scared about now and good for that. Run run run and now listen to all their lies and defenses and ” rent a crowd ” insanity statements. Jonkey is an idiot and we deserve so much better.

  25. I find it interesting that Key said that the NZ public has had several (two , I think ) years to debate this TTPA …

    And it is also interesting that officials , academics and the general public only found out relatively recently the true intent and ramifications of the TTPA was because it was LEAKED !!!!

    That’s right , – LEAKED !!!!

    And if it hadn’t been LEAKED ,- we wouldn’t have found out about anything at all !!!! – barring the spin Keys propaganda machine chose to dress it up in for public consumption.

    Echos of the same sort of tactics of lies and denials surrounding the XKEYSCORE and Cortex mass surveillance software programs…

    And if as Key says this was such a great and glorious future for NZ,…dont you think he’d be the first one to come out with all its advantages in technicolor panoramic vistas ?

    Openly ???….

    But no. He didn’t. He and Groser hid behind a wall of secrecy and denial.

    And til this very day he STILL has not disclosed the text in public of parliamentary debate. We had to find out from other sources – and much of that from overseas.

    So this is the John Key version of democracy and open disclosure , is it?

    Pity help us all.

  26. Thanks for this Martyn. Saw you in Queen St yesterday talking with David Cunliffe, who other than Labour’s Sue Maroney, were the only two MPs I saw there. But it was a massive crowd, absolutely massive (hardly a rent-a-mob), so there might have been a few more MPs present. However their presence certainly wasn’t visible if they were part of the protest.

    Much to FJK’s disappointment, the Auckland march was colourful, forceful, extremely vocal and most of all peaceful. I was proud to be part of it.

    Wow an estimate of 25,000 protesters, all come together on a single issue, challenging the TPPA. AND on a week day too! Brilliant stuff Kiwis 🙂 This demonstrates the fire and fight is there and is building up, to the point it is enough to put the frighteners up FJK and his NatzKEY mob it seems, because I’ve also heard there won’t be any NatzKEY MPs attending Waitangi this weekend. Insipid lot – follow the leader!

    This move is likely to alienate him and his party with Maori, who might, just might take their support back to Labour.

    FJK the lying, deceitful arrogant PM who knocks the weak and vulnerable at every turn, has now had a taste of the fire in the bellies of ordinary Kiwis and it’s made him cringe. He’s been spooked.

    I hope the thought of the fact there is more of the same to come, gives him nightmares for the rest of his tenure of office!

    Now who is too weak and too lily livered to face the challenge of Waitangi? The smell of people power is intimidating for FJK, causing him to buckle at the knees.

    Hopefully this trend will continue and the TPPA will bring him down, to the point he has nowhere to turn, other than initiate a snap election. Or run away, which is more in keeping with his gutless demeanour!

    After this, now is the time for Labour and the rest of the opposition parties to come together as working team and prove they are able to form a strong coalition government. If they don’t use the opportunity which is evolving right in front of their faces now, with FJK beginning to bend under pressure, then they are an equal disgrace to NZ!

    Parliament starts again next Tuesday 9 Feb. I’m hoping opposition begins to perform as a credible alternative for government and keeps the pressure on FJK until he breaks. If they don’t, then WE will!

  27. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I can’t find any articles or photos of the protest in the Herald. In fact if I hadn’t read this article I would not have known how many protesters turned up, which I assume is what the Herald powers that be intend.
    In fact the only thing I can find is an article about a protester firebombing trolleys office.
    Very selective reporting on their part and to be expected at this stage I suppose.

    • The Herald is so far up Donkey Jonkeys bottom, we are surprised they can even see the light of day. They are likely the most pronounced mouthpiece for the Natz govt. in NZ and naturally they would downplay the TPPA peaceful protest. No surprises there and any thinking person should spend their precious time and energy with media worth reading and not the biased and bought and govt. owned Herald. Shameful media and sounding and looking more like Fox News every day and that ain’t a compliment.

    • The Herald reported a LITTLE BIT on the TPP protests, but a video on their website only shows how our ‘Esteemed Leader’ speaks at the signing ceremony in front of his foreign guests. He also spoke out a thank you to Len Brown, so we know what side Len seems to be on.

      Large protests like the one we had do not seem to have priority to the Herald editors. It may not offer the click bait they prefer.

      Here are links to three bits of reports from yesterday:

      There is no truly independent media to be found in NZ these days, they are all mindful of their bosses and who pays them advertising, and the latter do want the TPP, as they want more business, no matter whether this means little or no improvements to the ordinary workers in NZ.

    • +1 Carlos – yep don’t bother thinking Herald will give you any news on whats going on in the country. Most people are clearly going to other sites for news, political and world events as their most popular story when I looked was about a US tourist with a radiator problem in his rental van, and fifth most popular was about a mystery pool pooper.

      The herald is pretty much anti news these days and just a propaganda vehicle for the Natz.

  28. Good 1 Martin. Great to finally see an accurate article with better estimates of huge numbers out in force.
    Lame stream media downplayed the 99% & Rising.
    Shame on the ashkeNazi Jew World Order!
    The real Isrealites were black

  29. what a great day it was.What a great disciplined demo.We did ourselves proud.To Jane Kelsey,to all the leaders & organizers,to everyone who turned up to march,thank you ,thank you,thank you.

  30. If the TPPA turns out to be a bad thing, we can then withdraw from the agreement. But if it is a good thing, then we want to be a part of it.

    So what is the big problem with signing up?

  31. I was there for most of the day, outside Sky City, I passed a few occupied intersections, but did not take part in that action, and I took part in the main march down Queen Street. It was indeed a massive out-turn not seen in Auckland for many years, but to be honest the total crowd marching down Queen Street would more likely have numbered 11,000 to perhaps 16,000, I guess close to 15,000. There were between 1,000 and 2,000 in Federal Street outside the Convention Centre, at times fewer, depending on the time of day. In the end there were still a few hundred during late in the afternoon, until it eventually all wound up.

    What annoys me is how this has been reported on by media around the world. I read reports in a leading Japanese media website saying that up to 2,000 protested against the TPPA signing in Auckland, and the Bangkok Post in Thailand must have had the same “source” also stating 2,000. In other reports in US and European media there was mention of only a few hundred protesters, and even in India the reporting was less than convincing.

    Mainstream media simply does not seem to report the truth, either because their news staff sit in air-conditioned offices and studios and get their “news” information from the two main news reports gatherers and producers, and thus rely on poorly gathered and unchecked data, or they do intentionally not tell the whole story, because their commercial or state funded bosses do not want the whole truth to come out.

    And as long as we have this absolutely undemocratic, and misinforming reality, we will not achieve the change that is needed. Unfortunately Key and his government are part of the elite run system that controls most of the affairs on this globe, certainly in economic and social terms.

    They spread misinformation and poor information so the vast majority that does not attend protest actions never gets the true info about what really happened.

    So we are tasked to get better, to spread the truth more aggressively and widely, and share it via blogs, social media and so forth, so that the MSM and their masters lose their powers.

    It is that loss of power and control that is already evident by so many having come out and protested, from all over the city and wider country, because they no longer rely on MSM reporting (based often on reading out press releases by government and business bosses).

    It is time to take more action re the TPPA and many other issues, that means, keep fighting, keep going to protests, attend meetings, gather your own information, make contacts, build networks, until we have the number and influence that can no longer be denied and ignored.

    Thanks to all who made it and took to the streets, in whatever form.

    Worrying was the filming, photographing and note taking by many police officers, obviously tasked to gather info on protesters to feed to SIS and GCSB also. Take photos of them and make your own notes of them, who they look like, ask for their ID and challenge them.

  32. Congratulations Aotearoa NZ. The nation has spoken and it feels good. Many thanks to all the organisers not only for Auckland but around the region. You guys rock. Now lets see if Jon boy changes his bully tactics…and really…who cares if he doesn’t, we have a united voice.

  33. Today like every other …………….. johns a moron

    Did the bent key tell you the world was flat?? …….. Well over 75% of new zealanders think he dishonest ……….. rising up to 94% who don’t believe what he says on issues regarding Nicky Hagars revelations and information.

    So basically we have John Key who is clearly seen as dishonest by the vast bulk of people …………….. and he’s telling us he got this 6000 page corporate lawyer written document that is supposedly about ‘free trade’…………

    The TPPA is an economic means of war against national sovereignty, the environment and many other things ………….. including China.

    I am the only one wondering if the Chinese are helping drop milk prices through the floor?………. as a reminder tying our flag to the u.s.a mast could cost us dearly

    And when the indebted farmers start going bankrupt who will be there to buy the farms?????

    Most likely the Chinese taking advantage of the “For Sale” signs that the Nats stuck over almost every part of our country for overseas buyers.

    Does China have a equivalent company to Serco??? …. maybe they could tender to run our prisons or Cyf’s …… or whatever the nats are privatizing next.

    Govt Privatization is also part of the TPPA …………….how else are those corporations going to get their hands on our Government budget and tax money for education, health , prisons etc etc etc

  34. The massive protest in Auckland, other places in NZ and around the world in the 12 countries to potentially be affected by the TPPA have given me hope that people are not as sleepy and brainwashed as I feared.

    I believe this is a turning point in history and in time will be seen as such. The arrogance of the corporate/elite and their contempt for the people who produce the real wealth has backfired.

    We are collectively awakening at last to the reality of the times we live in and the urgent need to act now before its too late in every sense of the wordway imaginable. We have so much to lose and so much to gain.

    Heartfelt appreciation to all those who have spoken out and organised a powerful resistance to this culture of greed and ignorance of true values.

  35. TV One’s Corin Dann says “US trade representative insists there is nothing to fear” but when he asks the US trade representative “What do you say to protesters and those who oppose this deal some of those are outside today who fear this will give too much power to US corporations that they may be able to sue governments like NZ, wha… what is your message to them?

    US trade representative replies; “My message is that this is an historic agreement and that’s why this agreement goes further than any agreement before in terms of raising the standards adding additional procedural and substantive safeguards closing loopholes….”

    The US trade representative didn’t answer the question. The US trade representative shows that those who oppose the TPPA, (protesters and those who oppose the TPPA are one and the same, and are not a separate entity like Corin Dann was implying), are completely right and justified in their stance to oppose it.

  36. ohn Fucking key wont even care I fear as he is the most arrogant animal that walks this planet.

    We as part of a community group sent 105 emails to John Key over four years and never even received a solitary letter back from him to even acknowledge that he had received one of them asking for him to meet and discuss our community concerns, so we under OIA requested from the Prime ministers office from Wayne Eagleson confirmation that all 105 emails had been received by their office and after 28 days we received from Wayne Eagleson confirmation all 105 emails had indeed been received by the Prime minister over four years.

    But as Key was so arrogant like Joyce also is, he saw fit we were not worthy of even acknowledgement or to regarded as worthy of any replies so Maori go hard this man is a monster.

  37. To Getting On: we do not watch tv news 1 it is biassed nonsense 2. our tv signal was switched off and dishes don’t work in rain or earth tremors

    • LOL, I’m always amused that in today’s so-called modern society that we lose our tv if it rains. Never happened in the old days.

      I use internet tv now, which is more reliable. I also access overseas news channels and other sources.

  38. He sells out our country to foreigners yet speaks at services for those who fort and died to to protect it. Now he signs away our sovereignty.
    What word describes such a person ?
    We need to be rid of him our current PM John Key

  39. I just came back from there. It was, without him, peaceful, beautiful, respectful, and powerful.
    Glad he stayed away. Coward, evangelist, propagandist, traitor.

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