TDB-Waatea Live Coverage of TPPA Protests



TDB and Waatea News will be live streaming protest actions on Thursday.

On the hour we will have live radio coverage and a scrolling twitter account using #TPPabuse as the hashtag.

The live screen with Waatea News will load on the front page of TDB and will start from the 9am blockade and cover the large demonstration at midday.


    • US citizens are predicted to lose the most jobs from this agreement – it is wealth transfer from the taxpayers to the worst least ethical corporates.

      Legalised robbery bought to you by our neoliberal governments who will sign anything a donor buts before them!

      NZ is predicted to lose 6000 jobs alone.

      In NZ case even clauses knocked out by other nations to protect them, were allowed by Groser in his zealous state to sign the worst trade deal ever! In a bad deal NZ is even worse off than other nations and more at risk under ISDS.

  1. Well Key was going to sign regardless of what people thought ,only one opinion HIS.
    No riot police,just NZ police .
    Quite a good crowd around Parliament in Wellington.
    Key might not go to Waitangi grounds,he dosnt care about maori concerns , thought he could go and talk and smile and win them over ,but Maori are angry, as are great deal of people in NZ.

    Winston Peters said he had something that would bring government down, is that still on the cards?If so bring it on.

    • ‘S T E N CH ‘ ….not ‘stanch ‘…

      You have now revealed yourself as a member of the lower ranks of the neo liberal sycophants… certainly if you learnt to spell like that and have the tardiness of not even using a spell check you are in dire need of reeducation…

      The education of Social Democracy whereby it wasn’t reliant on performance tests…to which you obviously fell between the cracks in the underfunded system of neo liberalism.

      And as an aside…it was also a childish , almost droll statement…are you intoxicated, perchance?

  2. A ceremonial ‘unsigning’ of the TPP at Waitangi perhaps? – just to show Key where the people of New Zealand stand on this one…

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