January 2016 Political Blog Rankings



Blog rankings are out for January 2016 and The Daily Blog is the largest left wing blog.

1: Whaleoil* – 1120747 visits

2: Kiwiblog – 251338 visits

3: The Daily Blog – 212819 visits 

4: The Standard – 177430 visits 

5: New Zeal – 110507 visits 



*Please note there is much debate about Cameron’s blog stats

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  1. Truth is rarely measured by counting the number of people who accept it. Indeed, in the present culture denying the truth is the norm.

    Therefore, a lot of poorly informed people trapped in’ The Matrix’, who cannot see what is right in front of them, are in for a very nasty shock, quite soon.

    Keep presenting truth, TDB.

  2. Well done to TDB and all contributers
    Now if you will just stop insulting your southern audience with idiotic banjo references you might be able to keep them

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