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  1. (from something i linked to this morn..)

    ‘Sanders’s kicker reminded me of a quote from Tommy Douglas – who achieved for Canada what Sanders is trying to achieve for the U.S. – a single-payer health care system:

    ‘Courage, my friends; ’tis not too late to build a better world’.

  2. At the rabid TPPA signing at Sky City on Thursday, I’ll be interested to see how the police are attired, dressed ready to do battle with legitimate peaceful protesters, or in normal uniform!

    I fear though it will be the former, on instruction from FJK et al, to threaten, intimidate and to lash out as often as possible, doing his dirty work on his behalf!

    Regardless, this 69 year old bird will be there to demonstrate respectfully and peacefully, as I know will be the purpose of the majority of protesters who will be present.

    See you there my TDB friends.

  3. Heard today from a reliable source that Manu Paul presented a bill to parliament a while ago saying the TPPA is unconstitutional. I hadn’t heard of it,.but any bill that has the means to thwart John Key will be buried or put so far down the list it will be to late to do anything about signing of TPPA,ANYONE ELSE AWARE OF THIS BILL?

  4. In Australia its said a tax group is challenging the IRD that the tax laws are illegal. In NZ some people are challenging banks by saying they don’t have to pay mortgage or any debt to the banks, there is a lot of evidence put forward to state its a legal challenge .
    The flag if changed mean the constitution can be changed,ie to suit the corporations and to change law to stop challenges.
    Not only must we fight the TPPA we must make sure the flag change isn’t rigged , we must keep the old flag whatever the circumstances .
    The TPPA and the Flag change are intertwined ,and totally against what is best for NZ .John Key and the corporations have planned this very carefully ,so devious.

    • Seems john key and his cronies in the corporation encouraged Ireland to buy government bonds when they knew they were going to
      collapse, Key has a lot to answer for,hes made a lot of money out of ruining others are we going to be next

  5. People keep sending me emails about John Key, he was apparently in on the ruining of Ireland.seems he is well known around the world for being a nasty.
    He is not just controlled by cabal he is part of it.

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