Shearer’s apology accepted – Labour Party



Opposition Leader Andrew Little has instructed David Shearer to apologise to the caucus after accepting his remorse for comments he made to media about the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

“I have spoken with David and he has agreed his comments were careless and did not represent the decision made by the caucus.

“I instructed him to apologise to his colleagues, and he has done so.

“He has assured me that he will now abide by the caucus position.

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“I believe David Shearer will make a fantastic Foreign Minister in our government and I want to see him in that role. However every caucus member knows collective responsibility is a requirement of the party.”


  1. Yes Andrew needs to show clear leadership here and should have sacked Goff for his reckless behaviour as he is a loose cannon that cost us the 2011 election and is responsible for the virus of loose lips to extend to other MP’s notably Shearer and others presumably.

    Andrew has done well here.

  2. Hmmm, not sure I trust Labour yet despite Little’s leadership. Neoliberals are still infecting the party, always ready to stir up a hornets nest. Get rid of them!

  3. Can’t help but think the horse has bolted , given Goff got a free pass to cross the floor. The dispensation is a slap in the face for the left.

    Goff is a neo-liberal. Fullstop. At some point, the Labour Party need to purge these politicians from the party. Otherwise, they run the risk of ground hog day with the likes Goff, doing this again. Not to mention watering down the ideology of what was essentially, a party for the poor.

    And gracious knows why that Josie Pagani is even allowed party membership, let alone be the left spokesperson on TV shows. She is absolutely damaging the party’s image.

    Be courageous and don’t let saboteurs like Goff & Shearer, a sniff at the corridors of power.

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