Hooton, Key & corporate media line up to attack Little for fighting TPPA



The ever brilliant Dita DeBoni highlights the way the Key Government has gone to smear and attack anyone who dares t0 challenge the ludicrous assertions he and his Government has made to sell the TPPA…

The smear campaign against people who oppose the TPPA – or see much to question in it – has almost completely stifled proper debate about this game-changing deal. 

Doubters have been called ‘children’, hippies, dirty lefties, communists, ‘anti-trade’, and much worse. 

Even if they are respected economists, doctors, business leaders or even revered rugby players, they are in for a drubbing for questioning the TPPA.

…this follows Key calling Nicky Hager a communist conspirator, attacking journalists, calling Glenn Greenwald a henchman, attacking J0n Stephenson and creating an environment where TV Executives killed off their  critical media so as t0 n0t ann0y the Government.

Hooton has jumped in…

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…seeing as Hoots gave Odgers Nicky’s home address in the hope gangster clients of hers would assassinate Nicky, I’m not sure where the fuck he gets the moral high ground to denounce others.

Any0ne wh0 questions this Government gets buried in abuse, and anyone who threatens the corporate influence in our economy gets twice as much abuse, and here is that torrent of negative corporate media bias attacking Andrew Little for having enough strength in his own Caucus to force through a Labour position that was against the TPPA…

Andrew Little and Labour make a hash of selling party’s TPPA stance

Duncan Garner: Flexible principles help Key, while Labour continues to flounder

Audrey Young: Labour leader gambles in opposing trade deal

Fran O’Sullivan: TPP is too important for Little’s partisan political football

What Little has done by refusing to back the TPPA is show NZ he is running the Labour Party, not the old neoliberal factions, him and him alone. Phil will quite down once he needs Labour and Union activists to get elected as Mayor and David Shearer gambled and got smacked down when none of the other right wing MPs backed him. The move is s show of strength by Little yet it gets ripped to pieces by the corporate pundits.

There is a plethora of information now that shreds the Governments case for the TPPA – it is not a free trade deal it is a forced trade deal that creates a de facto upper house to our Parliament for the benefit of US corporations.

This nasty co-ordinated attack on Little is a reminder of why progressives so badly need an alternative media to these corporate hacks.

More on that this week.


  1. There is one thing that puzzles me. If the TPPA is so much for the benefit of US corporations, why is the USA the one country that appears to oppose the TPPA as being against is national interests?

    There seems to be doubt that either house would ratify this which is odd if it is so beneficial to these nameless US Corporates.

    • The people oppose it, not the corporations.
      The Joe Blogs’ of the TPPA nations get nothing. It’s not just Kiwi’s that are getting duped, it’s everyone that doesn’t have corporate interests

    • They’ll just be holding out for more money.
      The U.S. Congress is very professional.
      The electorate in the U.S. is very against the TPPA and the TTIP, as they have worked out what the score is, knowing they get very little from it and, as with everywhere else, only the corporate demographic make anything from it, as they were the only ones with access to the initial negotiations, and the setting of terms.

      So, the national and State administrations will cant toward the electorate point of view, and when deals are done, will suddenly see the light and all become John Key imitators, selling out their electorate trust factor.

  2. I read Fran O’Sullivans opinion piece and a lazy piece of so-called journalism it was. Fran thinks we “muppets”, (as Key likes to call anyone who either disagrees or is of no financial gain to him), should just accept Keys word on this and the likes his Nat millionaire clones and wannabe millionaires like Groser and just suck it up, be proud of the TPP signing and shut the fuck up whingeing and even worse daring to question these con men!

    Get a life Fran!

    This deal absolutely reeks of someone close to corporate US making him/themselves a tidy little nest egg by committing us to this murky dodgy deal whilst the rest of us are cannon fodder. With their inside knowledge the sky is the limit. But the TPPA is so full of twists and turns it defies thought processes and it’s meant to. And why, because its hiding something very unpalatable to the citizens of this country if they learned the truth. And who could trust John Key ever ever to tell the truth?

    I see Hooton in the Standard running around with his hair on fire stating the Little has gone “Extreme Left”. For fuck sake Matthew, Little opposing this shitter means he has gone all Kim Jong-un on us? Look out world North Korea has nothing on NZ Labour!!!

    Dita DeBoni was absolutely right the smear campaign season is underway, John Keys office grown disgraceful filthy Dirty Politics machine is back in action!

    • Yes Fran OS’s argument basically boils down to “this is so important there cannot be dissent”. That of course mirrors the very anti-democratic bias of the TPPA itself and of Key.

  3. “This nasty co-ordinated attack on Little is a reminder of why progressives so badly need an alternative media to these corporate hacks”. So very true but the corporate media owned by the elite and wealthy who are part of the National Party and who don’t want the script changed, are happy the way things are.

    We also need a Radio Hauraki pirate type broadcast from outside coastal limits to bypass the wealthy and elites fortune required to get a broadcast licence in this country, so we can also hear and see an alternative to their corrupt bullshit.

    • hi xray, great idea re the dissenting broadcaster.

      nowadays with the net does it need to be broadcast from out of coastal limits?
      couldn’t it be broadcast from aotearoa, then run thru a few proxies(scuse my ignorance, i have enough knowledge to get into a lot of trouble) to cover it’s tracks?

      • I’m almost certain internet radio (especially if it isn’t hosted from NZ – as in NZ isn’t the source of the net address) has any controls on it whatsoever. So you could use, for example, SoundCloud (which I believe is free) or whatever and say whatever you want with global reach and no restrictions.

  4. I think it will be more than simply a smear campaign.
    Next will come the police intimidation, spying and fake threats of violence engineered by National Party stooges planted into the anti-TPPA lobby.
    Key is getting desperate, the TPPA is starting to show that in reality it has the substance of a piece of toilet paper that will be worth jacks…t to 99% of New Zealanders.
    It reminds me of an old proverb: You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.
    Key appears to have only recently realized this, and man does it hurt!

  5. Martyn,

    “What Little has done by refusing to back the TPPA is show NZ he is running the Labour Party, not the old neoliberal factions, him and him alone”

    Yes he has good for him.

    Corporate greed is out to own NZ outright. We must stand up for NZ

  6. All Labour has shown is that it has failed to learn from its last election loss by pandering to a leftish echo chamber full of people who like to prognosticate on fairness/sovereignty and don’t know the first thing about how to create wealth.

    The vast majority of NZ’ers recognise that as a tiny inconsequential economy we rely on the outside world to make a living. If we refuse to play by the rules (however unfair that may seem) we will get sidelined and excluded and another country that is prepared to play by these rules takes our place.

    Labour, since you’ve decided that trade isn’t the road to growth what’s the plan now? I don’t think you’ve got one but the rest of country wants to know.

    • Do people like this not know their history?….


      And I suppose before Maggie and Ronnies neo liberalism there was no wealth creation under Keynesian economics… oh wait !!!

      Let me rephrase that : There was not ENOUGH wealth creation under that system for the 1% .

      Nor was there enough political clout with their lobby groups at that time to enable them to reappropriate the commons wealth into their bank accounts and subvert democracy for the multi-corporate’s.

      And I suppose the sight of all those prospering and egalitarian Kiwis from the 1940’s to the 1970’s became such a point of envy that it HAD to change.

      To those with massive egos and a huge sense of entitlement to other peoples money , aka neo liberals. The Milton Friedman / Mont Pelerin society kids.

      Oh yes, according to people like you THERE WAS NO TRADE pre 1984. We were all living in corrugated iron shacks in slums. Oh wait again, …we actually have people doing that now under neo liberal govts…with 300,000 kids in poverty.

      What we actually need to do is dismantle neo liberal monetarist policy’s and reinstate Social Democracy based on Keynesian economics to keep subversive ideology’s such as neo liberalism firmly where they belong – relegated to the dustbin as a sad and ugly reminder of what this country has had to endure for the last 32 years.

      And we can start by rejecting the TTPA and other such anti democratic and sovereignty wrecking devices conceived by the 1%.

      • History repeats itself, Charles the 1st instigated ” secret treaties with foreign powers “to crush his people and destroy democracy (with war)
        While the situation is a little different the principal is IMO the same
        The parliament of the day convicted him of treason against the state and chopped his head off

      • History repeats itself, Charles the 1st instigated ” secret treaties with foreign powers “to crush his people and destroy democracy (with war)
        While the situation is a little different the principal is IMO the same
        The parliament of the day convicted him of treason against the state and chopped his head off

    • “All Labour has shown is that it has failed to learn from its last election loss by pandering to a leftish echo chamber full of people who like to prognosticate on fairness/sovereignty and don’t know the first thing about how to create wealth.”

      Maybe now, after having seen the light, Little and Labour are not interested in creating wealth for the rich elite, but for all people?

      You seem to believe in creating wealth for the ones at the top that benefit the most, so the workers will have to continue begging for their share, for morsels to drop over the edge of the plate and table, and sign up to slave labour to “earn” it.

      What fricking wealth are you talking about, you make no sense at all.

  7. Hooton’s tweets of late have been extremely nasty regarding the TPPA. Fully running the party line, slamming the ‘loony left’, abuse & name-calling towards anyone who dares to argue…..

    Nasty business from a man who is obviously running to an agenda but putting up no facts or even counter-arguments when they are asked for.

    Its pathetic.

    • L0L !!!……NAH…..just typical.

      Not to be afraid however,…. as this , as Key well knows , is actually his Kryptonite.

      We are witnessing the beginning of the demise of the Key led govt in action as we speak.

      Its over.

      • Agree totally with both of you. Keys days are numbered because all that lying and citizen abuse is going to explode in his face soon. He is a joke and his owned and dictated to government are all about corporate gain and greedy dirty money based on dirty politics.

        They may sign TPPA but it has about another year and lots of Congressional wrangling to go through before it is implemented.
        Hillary is being exposed everyday for here criminal past and present and things are changed rapidly in the states so TPPA is far from a done deal even if our half-wit PM glories in its signature.
        Just hope there is no violence on the day of the signing. Non violent civil disobedience is our right and joining together to affirm our disgust over TPPA is a good thing. The military police can take a big chill pill on the day and just hoping everyone there has their smart phone cameras ready to capture any nastiness from them.

  8. Congratulations Andrew Little. Once the (bullshit)dust clears this will be seen as a smart move politically and with respect to NZ’s wellbeing.

  9. I see Charles Finny in the Herald in support of the TPPA today. You have to hand it to National, a go to boy on speed dial to go into bat for them when the going gets tough through any corporate media source they desire. The kind of remote name who no one has heard of all that much who National can go to when taking Keys word or any other National member is needed on a subject but of course is laughable.

    I don’t know Finny but what I do know is he was, as of August last year, reappointed on the NZ Trade and Enterprises Board by none other than Stephen Joyce. And stone me if Mr Finny doesn’t just drop in from Mars or Planet Key and grace us with his musings on the TPPA.

    So then is Finny objective, not really!

    Does he have a conflict of interest, it certainly has that appearance!

    Does Mr Finny know better than most the meaning of Quid pro quo, kind of looks that way, don’t it?

    5 years ago National I might have fallen for it, but 1 x dirty politics book later and 7 years of this deception and it no longer flies!

    • Agreed. It’s a relentless carousel of back-scratching, favour exchanging and “put in a good word for us on this won’t you, old boy”. Quid pro quo indeed.

  10. Re: The TPPA

    The West Is Reduced To Looting Itself — Paul Craig Roberts
    January 30, 2016

    ” Not content with their supremacy over “democratic peoples,” the One Percent has come forward with the Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific partnerships. Allegedly these are “free trade deals” that will benefit everyone. In truth, these are carefully hidden, secret, deals that give private businesses control over the laws of sovereign governments.

    For example, it has come to light that under the Trans-Atlantic partnership the National Health Service in the UK could be ruled in the private tribunals set up under the partnership as an impediment to private medical insurance and sued for damages by private firms and even forced into abolishment.

    The corrupt UK government under Washington’s vassal David Cameron has blocked access to legal documents that show the impact of the Trans-Atlantic partnership on Britain’s National Health Service. http://www.globalresearch.ca/cameron-desperate-to-stop-scandal-as-secret-plans-to-sell-the-national-health-service-are-discovered/5504306

    For any citizen of any Western country who is so stupid or brainwashed as not to have caught on, the entire thrust of “their” government’s policy is to turn every aspect of their lives over to grasping private interests. ” That goes here in NZ too under Shonkey’s corporate tyranny.


    • Thanks Jay1 the last link Paul Craig Roberts hit the nail on the head big time. I like his last sentence.

      Accountable government in the West is history. Nothing but failure and collapse awaits Western civilization.

  11. The neo liberal rats want to feed on whats left of our economy, and if their is a problem we the taxpayer will again pick up the tab.

  12. How interesting you call it a”smear campaign” when people from all sides of politics support the TPPA and most of Andrew Little’s comments have been shown to be disingenuous at best or an outright misinformation. It’s that your position is crumbling rapidly as people can see that the anti-TPPA have zero credibility, no facts, mistruths & outright lies is what makes you cling to claiming “smears”. Give it up Martyn, your on the wrong side of history on the TPPA.

    • Oh Dear Michael, and you are the sort of shortsighted person with such unoriginal thinking who would’ve called Springbok tour protesters violent loonies, or the anti-nuclear movement, or any number of other movements that drove change we take for granted today.

      You don’t have the intellectual capability to argue your point, you can only achieve ad-hominem. Pathetic!

    • Most people that includes all sides of politics OPPOSE the TPPA. it is National, their media friends and supporters like you who are lying, being disingenuous and misleading.

      In the face of facts, it’s the pro TPPA supports that have zero credibility, and it’s John key and his National government’s position that is crumbling rapidly.

      Martin is on the correct side, it is you and blind followers like you, who are on the wrong side of history on the TPPA.

  13. This is the final coup de grace for the neo liberal rats?

    A free trade agreement that isn’t a free trade agreement – false advertising and deception – 6000 pages of legal fish hooks?

  14. John Campbell interviewed Todd McClay today.
    We found out the following:

    Powhiri has been organised
    More information being provided tomorrow.
    Won’t reveal if US representative is here.
    Todd McClay dodged answering whether the US was still pressurising NZ over biologics. Which means they are.
    Todd McClay dodged answering whether Congress would want more from the TPPA.
    Todd McClay is not worried that Pharmac costs would be greater.
    Todd McClay dodged answering about if New Zealand is vulnerable to Investor State Dispute settlements.
    Todd McClay dodged answering about why Europeans have rejected State Dispute settlements.
    Todd McClay dodged answering whether there is an appeal process to the Investor State Dispute settlements.

    So we found out the government has got a lot to hide.


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